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The Caves
The Caves
Name The Caves
Introduced In White Rabbit
Last Seen In Adrift

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The Caves were the secondary location of living for the Fuselage survivors, and was chosen as a suitable living environment due to it’s proximity to fresh water and its shade provided by the tree canopy overhead created enjoyable temperatures.

Moving InEdit

Jack was the discoverer of the caves, and was in charge of convincing the survivors to join him in vacating the beach. Joining him were Locke, Charlie, Jin and Sun and countless others. Survivors became wary of the caves when Claire was attacked in her sleep, and claimed someone was trying to harm her child.

Medical TreatmentEdit

The caves would also serve as the location of the camp’s infirmary which was moved there, this proved vital when Jack attempted to save Boone from his injuries.


When a threat from the “The Others” was presented by Rousseau, Jack organized the camp to move from the beach to the caves to await their return as a group left to gather dynamite to blow open the hatch.


The survivors who once lived at the caves, seem to have migrated back to the beach to rejoin the other survivors. This may be because of the availability of water at the hatch. The caves are seldom spoken of, and have only been mentioned thrice in "What Kate Did", "Dave" and "One of Us"

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