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The Candidate
Season 6
Episode 14
Air Date May 4, 2010
Writer(s) Elizabeth Sarnoff & Jim Galasso
Director Jack Bender
Flash-Sideways Various

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"The Candidate" is the 14th episode of season 6 and 117th episode overall. The episode aired on May 4, 2010 in the United States. The Man in Black drives the candidates toward the Ajira Plane with the help of Jack and Sayid. The Man in Black betrays everyone by tricking them onto the submarine with a ticking C-4 bomb.


Alternate Timeline - 2004Edit

After recovering from surgery, John Locke wakes up to see Jack Shephard welcoming him back. Locke recognizes Jack who confirms that they met previously after Oceanic Flight 815. Locke asks if he's going to be OK, and Jack assures him that he will. He continues by telling Locke that he examined the previous spinal injury and Locke is a candidate for an experimental surgery that will return feeling to his legs, and may even allow him to walk again. Locke turns down the offer. Helen Norwood arrives and is overjoyed that Locke is OK. She hugs Jack in gratitude as Locke watches with a smile.

Jack, having done some searching, discovers that Locke had previously had emergency oral surgery and asks the dentist Dr. Bernard Nadler about the nature of Locke's injury. When asked by Nadler why he's interested in Locke, Jack tells him that he met Locke on their flight from Sydney. Nadler tells Jack that he was on the same flight, and good-naturedly teases Jack about flirting with his wife while he was in the bathroom. Jack seems unsettled about meeting yet another passenger from Flight 815. Citing Doctor/Patient confidentiality, Bernard indicates that he can't go into details about the medical history of John Locke, but he can give him the name of someone who was with the same accident. He hands Jack a piece of paper with the name Anthony Cooper on it and wishes him luck.

At the receptionist desk of Sun Palms Nursing Home, Jack is trying to get in to see Anthony Cooper, but the nurse at that station appears reluctant to allow him in, since he's not a family member. Helen appears holding a flower arrangement. She greets Jack and asks him what he's doing there. He tells her that he's there to see Anthony, and she asks him why, and he tells her that he wants to talk to him about the accident he was in with John. She pulls him aside and tells him that he should go. At Jack's insistence, she introduces him to Anthony who appears to be in a persistant vegatitive state. She wipes some drool from his chin, and informs Jack that he's John's father.

Jack is back at Locke's bedside. Locke is mumbling in his sleep, and he says "Push the Button", an obvious reference to a previous objective in the original timeline, and "I wish you had believed me", another obvious reference to Locke's suicide note from the original timeline, first given to Jack by Eloise Hawking at The Lamp Post, as shown in the episode "316". Jack stares at Locke with an unreadable expression that could be a mixture of confusion and recognition. At this point Jack hears Claire's voice outside Locke's room, and he approaches her. She had been looking for him and asks if they can talk.

In a nearby lounge, Jack and Claire begin an awkward conversation, but Claire pulls out a jewelry box which their father had especially wanted Claire to have. She asks Jack if he knows the significance of this box, but Jack doesn't know. Claire asks how Christian died. Jack tells her the circumstances around his death and informs her that was he was in Sydney collecting his remains. Claire tells him that she had also flew in from Sydney recently. Jack asks if she was on Oceanic Flight 815, and she confirms. Jack, appears momentarily dumbstruck, and appears to be realizing that there is something significant about that flight. The two open the box and stare at the mirror inlaid into the top door of the box. Jack then invites Claire to stay with him. She indicates that they're strangers, but Jack responds that they're not strangers, they're family. Claire accepts.

Some time later, Jack approaches Locke who is being discharged from the hospital. Jack tells Locke that he went to see his father. Initially disgusted by this breach of privacy, Locke informs Jack that the accident which paralyzed him was a plane crash. He had gotten his private pilot's license, and he begged his father to be his first official passenger. Moments after they took off, the plane went down, although Locke cannot figure out what he did wrong. Jack then realizes that Locke is punishing himself for putting his father in his current state. Jack informs Locke that his father was "gone" and however Locke punishes himself, he's never going to bring him back, and Locke should let go. Locke says goodbye to Jack, signifying refusal, and begins wheeling himself down the hallway.

Jack calls after Locke saying that he can help Locke and "I wish you had believed me". As Jack says this, Locke pauses, in apparent recognition of that phrase. After a moment, he leaves.

Original Timeline - 2007Edit

Jack awakens on an outrigger, and Sayid welcomes him to Hydra Island.

The other candidates are being marched at gunpoint past a sonic fence being erected. They arrive at the polar bear cages where Sawyer and Kate were locked in previously. (A Tale of Two Cities). Sawyer indicates that he will not be locked in those cages again, and quickly snatches the gun from Seamus. Without hesitation, Charles Widmore points a gun at Kate's head. Sawyer believing Widmore to be bluffing tries to call his bluff. Widmore indicates that he has a list, and although Sawyer, Sun, Jin and Hurley are on it, Kate is not, and her life holds no value for him. Sawyer returns to the gun to Seamus, who punishes Sawyer with a punch to the stomach and herds them into the cages.

Widmore tells Sawyer that although he may not believe it Widmore is locking them up for their own good. Sawyer confirms that he does not believe him. Widmore asks his crew if the fence is completed and they indicate that it will be another hour. Widmore rushes them adding that "he is coming".

Jack asks Sayid what happened, and Sayid tells him about the mortar attack on the beach of the Main Island (The Last Recruit), adding that Locke saved him. Jack asks Sayid about the the rest of Locke's group. Sayid answeres that those who weren't killed scattered into the jungle. Then Jack asks Sayid why they were on Hydra Island, but The Man in Black, in the form of John Locke answered, explaining that the other candidates got themselves captured by Charles Widmore and he planned to rescue them. When further questioned by Jack, Locke forestalls further inquiry. He adds that after the others were rescued, they were going to go to The Ajira Plane and leave the Island. Jack indicates that he has no intention of leaving the Island. Locke then tells Jack that his friends do want to leave the Island, and he hopes that Jack can help convince them that they can trust him. Jack indicates that he doesn't trust Locke himself, and Locke responds that although he can kill Jack and his friends any time he wants, he's trying to help them. Jack considers this for a moment.

Back in the cages, we see that the site has fallen into a state of worse disrepair than previously seen, overgrown with plants and vines. Sawyer is remembering the events surrounding their previous captivity. Kate tells Sawyer that Widmore would not have shot her, but Sawyer tells her that in the cave he visited, (The Substitute) that Kate's name was written on the wall, but was crossed out, and that Widmore really did not need Kate. Kate is visibly disturbed by this revelation.

Sun and Jin are discussing the current whereabouts of their daughter Ji Yeon. Sun asks Jin how he could have seen pictures of their daughter. Jin tells her that Widmore had found Sun's camera on the Ajira Plane and brought it to Jin. Sun tells Jin that she has his wedding ring, which he had given to Locke, and was later given to her by Ben Linus, (This Place is Death). She places it on his finger.

The power goes off, and all the captives look around wondering what happened. Widmore's team becomes very alert and scramble around the cage area to see if the sonic fences still work. Seamus orders the team to go down to the generator and get the power back on immediately. We then hear the howling mechanical sounds of the Smoke Monster approaching quickly. The team turns towards the surrounding brush which is moving prepared to confront the monster. The Smoke bursts into the clearing around the caves. Widmore's team fires their weapons at the smoke with no apparent results. The smoke floods the area for a few moments, slamming Seamus into the cage exterior, killing him, and then disappears in the opposite direction from which it came chasing the team members who fled. Seamus's body lands in front of Sawyer's cave, bleeding. Sawyer and Kate spot a key on his belt and try to get it, but it's just out of reach.

The prisoners express fear that when it's done with Widmore's team, it will be back to kill them. Frank begins to kick the cage gate and Kate continues to try to reach the key. As she does, Jack appears out of nowhere, and grabs the key, and opens the lock. Kate asks what Jack is doing there. Motioning toward the black smoke, Jack says, "I'm with him". Kate stares at Jack in disbelief, but Jack rushes everyone out of the cages.

At some point later, Jack's group is marching through the woods following Frank to the Ajira plane. Kate asks if Jack is escaping with them, but Jack tells her that he'll take them to the plane, but he's not leaving. After a sound from the woods, everyone aims their gun toward the sound, where Sayid appears. Jack tells everyone that Sayid is with him, and in fact, he's the one who turned off the generators that facilitated their escape. Everyone lowers their weapons, and Sayid hurries everyone along.

"Locke" approaches the Ajira plane, and is confronted by two of Widmore's men who open fire on him. The bullets have no effect and Locke and he breaks one of the assailant's neck, and uses his rifle to fire on the other. Locke spots a watch on one of the bodies and takes it. He then boards the Ajira plane using the makeshift staircase that leads up to the door. Locke surveys the airplane and it appears to be in good condition, despite the mess in the aisles. Locke spots electrical wiring and upon inspection discoveres that the plane is rigged with C-4.

Outside, Jack's group arrives and prepares to board the plane. They become alert when they discover the bodies of the men Locke just killed. Locke deboards the plane and indicates that the bodies are his work, and that they were only guarding the plane "for show". He then explains that he found the plane is rigged to explode, and that they're going to have to escape on the submarine. Sawyer appears initially distraught, since he was planning on escaping in the sub without Locke, but indicates that since Locke has saved them twice, and perhaps he was wrong about Locke. Locke expresses appreciation for this revelation. Jack indicates that he will continue helping everyone, but ultimately plans to stay on the island. The group heads toward the submarine. Claire neverously approaches Locke, but he assures her that he has no hard feelings against her for leaving him.

Sawyer approaches Jack and informs him that despite what he said, he doesn't trust "that thing", and asks Jack to prevent it from getting on the sub.

The group approaches the pier where the submarine is currently docked. They survey the area, and Sawyer expresses that although there's no guns on the dock, there probably will be on the submarine. Sawyer asks Frank, Hurley, Sun and Jin to charge the sub with him, and for the others to wait 30 seconds and join. He asks if Jack and Locke will watch their backs and Jack agrees. The five rush the sub, and Sawyer opens the hatch and descends into the sub followed immediately by Frank. Barging into the warroom, Sawyer demand that a crewman take them to the captain. Reaching the control room, Sawyer points a gun at the captain and hijacks the sub. Frank holds the captain while Sawyer goes back for the others. Outside, Kate leads the remaining escapees to the hatch. Jack and Locke take the tail position, covering them. As they make their way down the pier, Locke makes a final attempt to convince Jack to leave with them, saying that whoever told Jack he needed to stay didn't know what they were talking about. Facing "Locke", Jack informs him that it was the real John Locke that told him, and then pushes "Locke" over the side of the pier into the water.

Kate, rushes back to find out what is happening and is shot in the shoulder by one of Widmore's men in a sniper position behind a tree. Jack opens fire on their attackers.Running out of ammunition, Jack grabs Kate and rushes her toward the sub. As the fire fight continues, Sayid, Jack and Kate end up on the sub with Claire and Locke the only ones remaining outside. Locke rushes up the pier taking out the rest of Widmore's team. Inside the sub, Jack is trying to reach Kate to care for her wound and Sawyer ascends to the hatch to get Claire. As he calls her, Locke turns on Sawyer and, having killed the last of Widmore's men, rushes toward the sub. Sawyer seals the hatch, leaving Claire and Locke outside and tells Frank to dive immediately. Claire screams toward the sub, distraught that they had abandoned her once more. Locke comforts her and indicates that she doesn't want to be on the sub, and stares after the sub in satisfaction.

Administering first aid to Kate, Jack asks for his bag. Jin gives Jack his bag, and he discovers the bomb which Locke had planted there, with roughly 4 minutes remaining on the timer, and the group realizes they've been double-crossed, and Jack comes to the realization that Locke can't leave the Island if they're all together, he can only leave the Island if they're all dead, and this was his plan all along.

Frank tells the captain to cease their dive and return to the surface. With only 3 minutes left on the timer, Frank indicates it will take at least 5 minutes to get to the surface. Sayid analyzes the bomb trying to figures out how to disarm it, although it's dangerous to do so. Sawyer immediately reaches toward the bomb to do it, but Jack stops him asking everyone to believe that the bomb will not detonate, as the Candidates cannot be harmed by a direct action of Locke's. After a heated discussion, Sawyer informs Jack that he doesn't buy it, and pulls the wires out of the C-4. The clock momentarily stops, but resumes counting at an accelerated speed. Sayid tells Jack that Desmond is in a well, and since Locke wants him dead he must be important. Then Sayid grabs the bomb and before anyone can react, he runs down the hallway and runs toward a remote chamber on the sub. The bomb detonates rocking the submarine, which immedately begins to fill with water. Frank, descending from the control room is hit by a hatch door and is knocked unconscious.

As the water rises, Jin discovers Sun pinned to the wall by a piece of submarine equipment. Hurley takes Kate off the sub as Sawyer and Jack try to help Jin free Sun. They remove the equipment only find that Sun wasn't pinned by the equipment, she was pinned by wall braces and pipes which have bent around her, and she has no chance of escaping. The submarine rocks again, injuring Sawyer. Jin sends Jack away to save Sawyer indicating that he will remain with Sun. Sun protests telling Jin to save himself, but he refuses telling her that he will never leave her again. As the submarine fills with water the two express love for each other and they succumb to drowning.

Jack and Sawyer wash up on the beach, and Sawyer, with little difficulty, begins breathing. Kate and Hurley rush over to them. Jack tells them about Jin and Sun, and they cry for a moment. Jack wades in the water alone where he also cries at the loss.

Locke, still on the pier where the sub left is gazing over the water, coming to the realization that the Candidates are not dead, as he is still unable to go. He tells Claire that they're not all dead, and indicates that he's going after the survivors.

Memorable QuotesEdit

It's going to be you, Jack.
- Sayid
Oh, hell.
- Frank, before being hit by an airlock door
I wish you had believed me.
- John Locke, said in his sleep
I wish you had believed me.
- Jack, to John Locke

Background InformationEdit

  • In the alternate timeline, both John Locke and Jack Shephard speak the phrase "I wish you had believed me", which happens to be the entire contents of Locke's Suicide Note in the original timeline.
  • Three main characters die in this episode, Jin, Sun and Sayid. This is the most main characters to die in a single episode; a record previously held by "Exposé", in which Paulo and Nikki both died.
  • At the end of this episode, only 3 candidates are alive: Jack, Sawyer and Hurley. Kate is no longer a candidate, for unknown reasons.
  • Jack offers Claire an "Apollo" candy bar. The same brand of candy bar that Jacob gave to Jack in the episode The Incident.
  • There was no "Previously on LOST" segment in this episode.

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