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The Beginning of the End
The Beginning of the End
Season 4
Episode 1
Air Date January 31, 2008
Writer(s) Damon Lindelof
Carlton Cuse
Director Jack Bender
Flashforward Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

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As the survivors make contact with the freighter, they learn of Charlie's final message, and are split into two factions with Jack and Locke leading each side. Flashforwards give insight to Hurley's life after rescue.



Desmond rejoins the survivors on the beach, bearing Charlie’s final message that the freighter offshore is not Penny’s boat. Sawyer is about to warn Jack over the radio but Sayid advises against this, saying the newcomers will be monitoring their communications; Hurley ends the debate by grabbing the walkie-talkie and throwing it into the ocean. The people on the beach then set out to rendezvous with Jack’s party.

Meanwhile, the mortally wounded Naomi has crawled away into the jungle and Jack is hesitant to reveal this information to the people on the freighter. He tells Kate that he intends to kill John Locke, then sends the group back to the beach, while he and Danielle go off to find Naomi. They take Ben along, with Jack saying he doesn’t trust him out of his sight. The trail dead-ends; Naomi tricked them, setting up a second trail. Meanwhile, Kate refused to go with the other survivors, stole the satellite phone from Jack and went off to track the wounded woman on her own. Naomi ambushes her pursuer and puts a knife to her throat, demanding to know why she was attacked; Kate tries to explain that Locke is no longer part of the group. Naomi contacts the freighter and explains her absence by claiming she suffered a wound sustained from parachuting in. She gives her love to her sister, then dies.

Hurley lags behind as the survivors leave the beach, gets separated and finds a mysterious cabin, presumably the same one in which Locke previously met Jacob. He looks in the window and sees a figure in a rocking chair, then someone else steps right up to the glass. Hurley runs away, but moments later finds himself standing in front of the same cabin. He squeezes his eyes shut; when he opens them, the building is gone. A moment later, he is found by John Locke.

Soon the scattered survivors are reunited in a single group. Hurley tells Claire that Charlie has died; Jack knocks Locke to the ground and takes his gun. As Locke insists Jack won’t shoot him, Jack pulls the trigger, but the gun isn’t loaded. Locke tells the assembled castaways that they are in great danger, and suggests they go to the Barracks for shelter. Jack dismisses this idea as insane, but Hurley speaks up, telling them about Charlie’s warning. Hurley, Claire, Aaron, Danielle, Ben, Alex, Karl and Sawyer all opt to join Locke and leave. Soon after, Jack and Kate hear a helicopter and see a man parachute down. They run to the location of the parachute and find the man stumbling to his feet, as he takes off his helmet he turns to Jack and Kate. He looks at Jack and asks "are you Jack?" The episode ends.


In the first flashforward, a red Camaro is racing through the streets of Los Angeles, plowing through a display of papayas in a farmer’s market, pursued by numerous squad cars. Cut to a scene of someone pouring himself a drink; the camera pans up to reveal a slightly haggard Jack, watching the chase on television and shaking his head. Cut back to the chase; the car crashes. Officers order the driver out of the car. Hurley steps out, then breaks into a run. He is quickly caught and pinned against a wall, where he begins shouting that he is one of the Oceanic Six.

Later, Hurley is being interrogated by detective Mike Walton, the former partner of Ana-Lucia Cortez. He asks Hurley if he met her on the plane; Hurley says no. Walton then shows him a tape from a convenience store which shows Hurley panicking for no apparent reason, which prompted the car chase. He demands to know who Hurley saw in the store, but receives no reply. The detective exits and an observation window suddenly displays an underwater scene and a diver with "They need you" written on his hand. The window shatters, water floods in and Hurley yells for help. The room returns to normal as soon as Walton re-enters the room. He threatens to lock Hurley in a mental institution, a suggestion he eagerly accepts.

Soon after, Hurley is playing Connect Four with another patient. He has a visitor, a man in a suit named Matthew Abaddon who claims to be from Oceanic Airlines, offering to move Hurley to a better institution. Hurley suspects something and asks for a business card, which the man claims to have forgotten. The man then asks about “them” and Hurley panics, yelling the man is out to get him. When people turn to look, the man has already left.

Later still, another mental patient points out someone is watching Hurley; he looks up and sees Charlie, who tries to calm his friend, who is understandably upset at the appearance of a dead man. They have a brief talk, in which Charlie confirms that he knew he was going to die but didn’t tell Hurley because he wanted to spare his feelings. Then Charlie pleads with Hurley, saying, "They need you." Hurley does not want to hear this and closes his eyes and counts to five, while his deceased friend sighs; at five, he opens his eyes. Charlie has vanished.

In the final flashforward, Hurley is playing basketball when Jack comes to visit, claiming he just wanted to check up on him, also mentioning he’s thinking about growing a beard. Hurley accuses Jack of ulterior motives; he's checking to make certain Hurley doesn’t tell. He says he's sorry he went with Locke, then suggests that they need to go back to the island. Jack emphatically says no and leaves.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Are You Jack?!"

- Daniel

"Can we just talk? Don't freak out like you did in the gas station."

-Charlie Pace

"I'm trying to buy some Jerky and a Slushy and suddenly you're standing there by the Ho-Hos!! You're dead! What do you expect me to do?"


Background InformationEdit

  • This is the first episode to open a season which does not feature Jack as the focus in flashbacks.
  • The Camaro that Hurley is seen driving in the opening scene, is the same that he and his father were previously seen fixing when he was a child.

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