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The Beechcraft
Name The Beechcraft
Introduced In Deus Ex Machina
Last Seen In Because You Left

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A Beechcraft originating from Nigeria, that was later flown to the island and crashed approx 2–8 years before the Crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

Yemi and GoldieEdit

The Beechcraft was a plane full of heroin that was flown out of Nigeria by Goldie and Yemi that crashed on the island and became lodged in the tree canopy. When the plane made its descent, Goldie bailed out of the plane by parachute and was killed when he was snagged by a tree. Yemi was either killed by the gunshot he received in Nigeria prior to takeoff, or by the impact of the crash.

Nikki and PauloEdit

Shown in a flashback, Nikki and Paulo are seen to have found the Beechcraft and the Pearl Station before any of the other survivors."Exposé"

Boone and LockeEdit

Years later, while on the island, Locke had a dream about the Beechcraft crashing and he and Boone set out the next day to locate it as Locke was adamant that the contents inside would be give them what they needed to gain entry into the hatch. When they arrived at the plane, Boone climbed up to the canopy as Locke had temporarily lost the use of his legs. While inside, Boone discovered maps of Nigeria, the remains of Yemi, and that the plane was actually used to smuggle heroin inside of Virgin Mary statues. After Boone made contact over the plane’s radio, his weight made the plane shift, and it crashed into the ground, with him inside. Locke would carry the bloody injured Boone back to the camp on his back.

Sayid and LockeEdit

After Boone died, Sayid set out to discover the truth about what happened. He demanded that Locke take him to the plane in the jungle. Once he did so, Sayid attempted to salvage what he could from the plane. And while there, he discovered that Locke was concealing the gun that he had lifted from Goldie's body. Locke then revealed to Sayid that when he had been attempting to triangulate the French signal, it was him that struck him from behind and destroyed his equipment. Sayid became infuriated and inquired as to "the Hatch" which Boone had mentioned before he died.

Charlie and EkoEdit

When Sayid and Charlie made their way across the island, they stopped to rest at the Beechcraft, and it was there that Charlie took one of the Virgin Mary statues out of temptation. When Eko discovered this days later, he demanded Charlie bring him to the plane. Once there Eko found his brother’s body, and the necklace which he had worn as a child, Eko and Charlie then set the plane ablaze, and Eko recited Psalm: 23 for a memorial for his brother.

Locke and EkoEdit

After following a dream he had which contained a message from Ana Lucia and Yemi informing him that he had to help John, the two set out to find the mysterious question mark. When the two arrived at the fallen Beechcraft, they made camp for the night. That night, Locke had a dream which featured Eko following Yemi to the top of the cliff, and then falling to his death. Once Eko climbed to the top of the cliff, he stated that he didn't see anything, but then noticed that the ground had been salted in order to form a question mark on the ground. Eko determined that whatever they were looking for was buried directly under the Beechcraft, when they removed it from their path, they discovered the entrance to the Pearl Station.

Locke, Sayid, Desmond, Nikki, Paulo and EkoEdit

When an injured Eko wandered off from the camp in search of his brother after a vision he had. Locke knew that the place he was going to, was the exact place that he was planning on going with Desmond and Sayid to - The Pearl Station, which the Beechcraft containing Eko's brother sat atop. Once meeting up with Eko, Locke returned Eko's cross which he had found in the jungle. Locke and his party descended down into the Pearl, and Eko remained outside, and began searching for his brother again. After following his brother, to a spot of open field, Yemi revealed that he was not actually Eko's brother, when Eko demanded Yemi reveal himself, Eko was then grabbed by the Monster and killed in the process.

Locke, Ethan, and RichardEdit

After Ben turned the Wheel and the island inhabitants started jumping through time, Locke witnesses the original crash of the Beechcraft, and is shot by Ethan Rom while trying to climb up to it. Before Ethan executes Locke, Locke jumps to the future, where Richard Alpert dresses his wound and gives him a compass to give to a past version of himself (Richard) so that he would believe Locke's story of time-jumping.