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The Beach Wire
Name The Beach Wire
Introduced In Solitary
Last Seen In Greatest Hits

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The wire on the beach is very mysterious in nature, as it was buried under sand and proceeds in two opposite directions; one way out to sea, and the other way into the jungle.

Sayid's DiscoveryEdit

When Sayid discovered the wire on the beach in "Solitary", he followed it out of curiosity. While traveling through the jungle after it, he halted his trip after discovering a trip wire in front of him. As he carefully and discreetly traveled over the trip wire, he was snagged by a fail-safe trap, and was elevated upward by a rope trap. It was then that he discovered the elusive Rousseau who had originally set the trap.

Hurley's Venture to the WireEdit

After Hurley discovered Rousseau’s notes in "Numbers", which were in Sayid’s possession which have a connection to his past, Hurley ventures down the beach to the wire in search of answers. Once there, Hurley follows the same wire into the jungle, and he too steps on a trap, however; the only reason it does not launch, is that it is connected to Hurley keeping his weight on the item, when he jumped out of the way, it was released. As Sayid, Jack, Hurley and Charlie follow the wire further into the jungle, they discover that it disappears when it stops and goes underground.

Mikhail's Explanation of the WireEdit

When Sayid, Kate, Locke, and Rousseau discovered the Flame Station in "Enter 77", an Other known as Mikhail Bakunin, posing as a DHARMA Initiative employee, explained that the Flame Station was connected to all the other stations via underground cables. Sayid then asked if any of these cables led into the ocean. Mikhail confirmed this, explaining that it led to an underwater beacon that the Initiative used to guide submarines in to the island.

Trek to the WireEdit

When Desmond had a premonition of Hurley lifting the wire out of the sand in "Catch-22", he convinced Hurley, Charlie, and Jin to travel to the wire with him. Jin was actually the one that rediscovered the wire as he stepped on it near the spot Hurley recognized.


In "Greatest Hits", we discover from Juliet that there is an underwater DHARMA station called The Looking Glass somewhere off the coast of the island that is being used to block radio transmissions. Juliet claims that she doesn't have any idea where it is, but fortunately, Sayid puts 2 and 2 together and realized that the beach wire is most likely a cable connecting to The Looking Glass. Desmond and Charlie then set out to attempt to disable the transmission jammer.

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