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The Barracks
Name The Barracks
Introduced In A Tale of Two Cities
Last Seen In What They Died For

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Though not shown, the Barracks were first mentioned in "?" in The Pearl Orientation Video. People stationed at the Pearl were taken to the Barracks every three weeks.

The Others were revealed in "A Tale of Two Cities" to be living in a suburban-like village of houses, complete with furniture and electricity. The location of this town is around an hour's run from the shore in which the tail section crash-landed. It is hidden behind a row of mountains forming a crater surrounded by jungle.

In "Par Avion" Locke, Sayid, Kate, and Rousseau discover a security system bordering the village. When they reach the village they find Jack tossing a football around with Tom.

Prior to this the Others appeared to live in yurts on a beach in the northern part of the island. A significant landmark is a rock wall with a large hole that is on the top of a nearby hill, and is visible from sea. In the camp, guards were protecting what appeared to be the entrance to a DHARMA Initiative station. Days later, Sayid discovered that the camp had been abandoned and the DHARMA station was a mere façade. The fake village is referred to as "yurtville" by the producers of the show.

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