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Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear
Name Teddy Bear
Introduced In ...And Found
Last Seen In Stranger in a Strange Land
Owned By Zack and Emma

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After the Tail Section of Oceanic Flight 815 landed in the water, Zack and Emma were in possession of the teddy bear. (The Other 48 Days)

While looking for Michael out in the jungle, Jin and Eko hid in the bushes while several members of the "Others" walked past them. The last member to walk by them was in possession of the teddy bear. This may or may not be the same bear. (...And Found)

The teddy bear is seen once again outside of the Hydra Station, once again in the possession of Zack and Emma, who were outside of Jack's cage at the time. Late in that same episode, Karl mentions to Sawyer that he and Alex would make up names for the constellations, one in particular was not yet visible, but was named "Ursa Theodorus" or "The Teddy Bear". (Stranger in a Strange Land)