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i think this page should collect all the nicknames he gave people... 19:39, June 3, 2010 (UTC)

  • Sayid: Falafel Capitan, Mohamed, The Red Barret (Thee Minutes)
  • Sun: Tokyo Rose, Sunshine
  • Hurley: Jabba, Rerun (?) (One of them), Babar, Mungo, Waldo, Deep Dish, Big Foot. (Dave)
  • Jin: Chewy
  • Kate: Freckles, Pippi Long-Stockings (Thee Minutes)
  • Anna Lucia: Hot Lips
  • Locke: Mr Clean
  • Libby: Moon Beam (Dave)
  • Jack: Doc, Doctor Giggles
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You know what might be a good idea? Making a page of all of Sawyer's nicknames for people. Not just Sawyer, but I think most characters gave other character's a nickname - Sawyer is just the most prolific. But I think a bunch of characters called Jack "Doc", and Desmond called everyone "Brotha" - and he called Penny "Pen"... stuff like that. It might make an interesting compilation. After my current burst of busy-ness clears up, I may take on this challenge this myself - or join someone who's already on it, if anyone wants to get started.

Toxick 13:48, June 11, 2010 (UTC)