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Tabula Rasa
Season 1
Episode 3
Air Date October 6, 2004
Writer(s) Damon Lindelof
Director Jack Bender
Flashback Kate Austen

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Kate's experiences in Australia before the crash are revealed. And the Marshal takes a turn for the worse.


In a makeshift infirmary tent, Jack is tending to the Marshal who mutters the same thing over and over through his pain: "Don't trust her…She's dangerous." When Jack asks him who "She" is, the Marshal tells him to look in his Jacket pocket. What he finds there is a mug shot of Kate.

The Signal Party is working their way back down the mountain. It's getting dark and some of them want to make camp for the night. Sawyer wants to press on through the jungle at night, but the group warns him it isn't a very good idea and he is convinced to stay. Sitting around the fire, they discuss what they should tell the others about the French transmission. Due to the distressing nature of the transmission they decide not to tell the others anything in order to preserve hope.

Back in the tent Jack is trying to save the Marshal. Hurley enters, stumbles across Kate's mug shot and asks the question: "What do you think she did?"

There is a flashback of Kate, being prodded by a shotgun held by a farmer (Ray) who wants to know what she is doing sleeping in his barn. After a frank exchange, the two find that they can be of service to each other. He needs some help on the farm, she needs a job and a place to stay. She says her name is "Annie."

Back at the Signal Party, Boone lifts the gun from Sawyer and the clip from Sayid as they sleep. They wake up and an argument ensues over who should have the gun, but they can't agree on a trustworthy candidate — until they arrive at Kate. She reluctantly agrees to keep it.

The next morning, Hurley arrives at the infirmary tent to tell Jack the Signal Party has returned. Kate pulls Jack aside and says she has something she wants to tell him…in private. Jack is relieved, assuming that she is going to confide in him. Instead however Kate reveals to Jack about the French transmission. He asks if there is anything else she'd like to tell him. She asks if the Marshal has regained consciousness. When Jack tells her he did briefly during the surgery, Kate asks if he said anything to Jack. Jack considers the question for a moment before answering, "No."

The Marshal has taken a turn for the worse. If they don't find some stronger antibiotics, he's not going to make it. Hurley tells him he's looked everywhere…except the fuselage — but that's full of bodies "and they're all…dead."

Jack enters the wreckage and does his best to avoid disturbing the bodies as he makes a desperate search for anything that will help the Marshal. Hearing something rustling behind him, he finds Sawyer combing the fuselage doing a little personal shopping. Jack berates him for disrespecting the dead, but Sawyer tells Jack to get with the program. Jack still thinks they are back in civilization while Sawyer realizes they are "in the wild."

At one end of the beach, Charlie is helping Claire collect luggage using a wheelchair from the plane and they begin to form a bond. Meanwhile, Sun presents a suitcase to Jin, but after closer inspection Jin determines it is the wrong one and tells Sun to keep looking. But before she does, he tells her to go and clean up her face, she is embarrassing him. As she turns to leave, he tells her he loves her.

Hurley bumps into Kate at the infirmary tent and tries to play it cool about knowing her secret and in the process notices the gun in her waistband. He is not a smooth liar.

We see another flashback to Kate, who decides it's time to move on from the Australian farm by sneaking out at night. She's interrupted by Ray, who offers a ride from the train station that she reluctantly accepts. On the drive the next day, she notices Ray glancing into the rear-view mirror. Ray explains that he is planning to turn her in to the authorities. He saw her picture at the post office and he really needs the $23,000 reward money. Kate looks in the side mirror to see the Marshal, hot on her heels. In a desperate attempt to get away, Kate jerks the wheel and crashes the truck off the road. She saves Ray by dragging him away from the burning truck. Her act of selflessness costs her a chance to escape and she is captured by the Marshal.

Back in real time, while Kate is leaning over the Marshal's body, the Marshal wakes up and lunges at Kate's throat, choking her. Jack has to pull him off of her, but the sudden exertion takes it's toll on the Marshal.

Michael struggles to forge bond with Walt — wants to know what the bald man told him yesterday. Walt says it's a secret, but when Michael presses the issue, Walt reveals that Locke told him "a miracle happened." Michael wants him to stay away from Locke.

Michael searches for the Walt's dog in jungle. He hears something in the tall grass; something dangerous. He runs as fast as he can to get away from it and runs smack into Sun, who is topless and washing herself. There is an awkward moment between them.

Back on the beach, the Marshal is dying, loudly. His screams are taking a physical toll on the rest of the group. Sayid asks Jack if anything can be done. Jack says he is doing all he can. The Marshal tells Jack he wants to speak to Kate…alone. While she is in the tent, the Marshal asks when she's going to "do it." Meanwhile, Hurley tells Jack about the gun he saw in her pants, causing Jack to race back to the infirmary tent. He finds Kate walking away from the opposite side. Suddenly, a gunshot rings out from the tent, presumably from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Out of the tent walks Sawyer. He "did what had to be done" - what Jack couldn't or wouldn't do. Horrible groans and gurgling come from the tent again. It turns out that the Marshal still isn't dead; Sawyer shot him in the chest, missing his heart. It will take hours for him to bleed out and he will suffer horribly. Jack throws an extremely shaken Sawyer out of the tent. And a few moments later…the moans stop for good. Jack emerges and walks past Sawyer without a word.

The next morning Locke uses a whistle he carved to find Walt's dog. He walks over and tells Michael that he has the dog tethered to a tree. Locke then tells Michael he should bring the dog back to his son because he is the father. Kate talks with Jack on the beach. Jack tells her he doesn't want to know what she did and their past life should be left behind.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"You're trying to save a guy who last time I checked had a piece of metal the size of my head sticking out of his bread basket."

- Sawyer


- Sawyer

"It doesn't matter Kate. Who we were, what we did before this, before the crash... it dosen't really...
Three days ago we all died. We should all be able to start over."
- Jack

Background InformationEdit

  • The Title of this episode is a reference to 17th-Century philosopher John Locke who expressed the idea that humans are born with a blank slate.
  • The scenes in Australia were actually shot in Hawaii.
  • In attempt to depict the Australian right-hand-drive vehicles, driving on the left side of the road, the driving shots were reversed. This is most noticeable by observing the blacked-out "GMC" grille badge on the Marshal's vehicle. The horizontal ends of the "C" can be seen on the left side.
  • The song playing in the truck as Ray and Kate are driving is Patsy Cline's "Leavin' On Your Mind".
  • The song featured during the end sequence is Joe Purdy's "Wash Away".

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