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Susan Lloyd-Porter
Susan Lloyd Porter
Name Susan Lloyd-Porter
Gender Female
Country New York, USA
Amsterdam, Holland
Rome, Italy
Sydney, Australia
Occupation Lawyer
Spouse Brian Porter
Child Walt Lloyd
Episode(s) Special, Adrift
Played By Tamara Taylor

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Susan Lloyd was previously living in New York City dating Michael Dawson. While Susan was attending Law School, She and Michael conceived a child together. While shopping for necessities for their soon to be born child, Michael convinces Susan to name their child “Walt” after Michael’s father, to which Susan replies ”Walter Lloyd”; Michael and Susan did not marry as Susan believed marriage to be too prosaic. When Walt was a few months old, Susan informed Michael that she had been offered a position at a Law Firm in Amsterdam, when Michael protested and offered to attend counseling with Susan, however; unbeknownst to Michael, Susan had already accepted the position and would later leave with Walt.

While in Amsterdam, Susan began dating her boss Brian Porter. When Walt was 24 months old, while talking to Michael on the phone, Michael discovered their relationship and stated that he was coming to Amsterdam to get his son back. Susan would not hear from Michael for two months and would later hear from Michael’s friend that he had been in a car accident. Susan traveled to New York to visit Michael in the hospital and informed him that she was covering all of his medical expenses. Susan then informed him that she and Brian would be getting married and moving to Italy where he would take over the firm’s offices in Rome; it was then that she revealed that Brian wanted to adopt Walt. Susan reasoned with Michael that the best thing for Walt would be to be under Brian’s care.

In order for Brian to proceed with the adoption of Walt, Susan sent paperwork to Michael to relinquish his rights as Walt's father. When Michael refuses the request, Susan hires an attorney to represent her when Michael files an injunction to prevent her from leaving the country with Walt. When Susan recognized that Michael had a very good chance of winning the trial, she pleads with Michael that in Rome she would be a senior partner at the firm and that she would be able to provide for him. Michael would eventually agree, and Michael would say his goodbyes to Susan and Walt in the park for the last time.

Susan would continue to collect and save the letters Michael wrote to Walt, but would withhold them from her son. After moving to Sydney, Australia several years later; Susan developed a blood disorder and passed away.

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