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Name Survivor
Mentioned In Born to Run
Genre Reality, Game Show
Created by Charlie Parsons
Mark Burnett (American Version)
Seasons 16
Running Time 60 minutes
Channel CBS
Original Run May 31, 2000 - Present
Starring Jeff Probst

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Survivor is an American reality and game show based off the Swedish television show Expedition Robinson created by Charlie Parsons, and is a part of the worldwide brand of Survivor reality shows. The American version of the series, produced by Mark Burnett has been, and continues to be, incredibly successful, as it usually places in the top ten of American television ratings. The show itself is widely considered to be the originator of American reality television, due to its continued success in terms of profitability and high ratings.


The premise of Survivor is based on stranding a group of strangers, divided into two or more tribes, on a remote island or location, where they must fend for themselves in acquiring food, shelter, water and other living requirements. The survivors also compete in physical and mental challenges to earn rewards or immunity from the progressive elimination that the show's progress is based on. Each episode ends in a "tribal council", where remaining survivors cast votes to eliminate, or "vote off", a member of the tribe. The winner of the immunity challenge for that episode will be immune from being eliminated, and henceforth cannot be voted off for that episode. Once the votes have been casted, host Jeff Probst will collect and read off the votes, and then announce the next survivor to be eliminated. The survivors are eliminated one by one until only two remain, and the winning decision is made in a season finale episode. The finale differs from previous eliminations in that previous survivors who were eliminated return to cast votes on the remaining survivors. These votes do not decide who loses, but rather, are votes for which survivor should win. The survivor with the most votes in the finale is announced the winner of that season, and is awarded a $1, 000, 000 prize, as well as other material goods. Various changes have been made to the format of Survivor over the years, such as the change in the number of tribes used in the show, or other methods given to survivors to obtain immunity, but the basic principle of survivors having to "outwit, outplay, and outlast" the other competitors remains the same.


In Born to Run, after Michael had just been poisoned, placing the raft completion and launch in jeopardy, Michael questions whether he should allow Sawyer to accompany him and others on the raft. Sawyer responds with, "You gonna vote me off, Mickey?". The concept of voting a survivor off is a key element to the game of Survivor, and is also one of the show's greatest contributions to the popular culture lexicon.

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