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Season 6
Episode 6
Air Date March 2, 2010
Writer(s) Paul Zbyszewski & Graham Roland
Director Bobby Roth
Flash-Sideways Sayid

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"Sundown" is the sixth episode of Season 6. The episode aired on March 2, 2010 in the United States. The episode focuses on Sayid Jarrah, who is sent on a deadly task by Dogan. The task is foiled by Locke who sends Sayid back to the Temple with a message. In the alternate timeline, Sayid is unwillingly drawn into dealing with a loanshark who is harrassing his brother, Omer.

Alternate Timeline - 2004Edit

Sayid arrives at his brother's home for a visit, bringing with him a bouquet of yellow roses for his sister-in-law, Nadia. Sayid is happily greeted by the family, including Omer, Nadia and their two children, Sam and Eva. His brother, Omer, makes an only half-joking comment to Sayid about bringing flowers to his wife. The family settles in for dinner, after which Sayid informs the children he has gifts from Australia for them in his bag. Omer receives a business phone call and excuses himself, leaving Sayid and Nadia alone. Nadia and Sayid discuss the fact that she had sent him letters, for which she never received replies. Before he can answer her question why, the children loudly return to the table, waving the boomerangs that Sayid had gotten for them. They had also retrieved a picture of Nadia from Sayid's bag which triggers an awkward moment between Sayid and his brother who had returned to the room just in time to see the picture.

That night, Sayid is awakened by Omer who asks for Sayid's help. Omer had taken a loan from a loanshark, and although Omer has paid him off, he is being threatened to continue paying him, as the business he helped "build" is still open. Sayid offers Omer some money, but Omer indicates that's not the kind of help that he needs. He needs Sayid to use force to convince the shark and his henchmen to leave Omer alone. Sayid refuses, telling his brother that "I am not that man anymore."

The next day he is met by Nadia who tells him that Omer has been injured and is at the hospital. At the hospital, they find out that Omer was mugged, and has suffered a punctured lung. Sayid immediately realized that the mugging was not random, and prepares to help his brother in the way he asked the previous night. Nadia asks Sayid not to do this. She asks him instead to babysit the children that evening. When she later returns from the hospital, Sayid is repairing a vase that the children broke with their new boomerangs. Nadia tells Sayid that Omer will be fine, and he is recovering from surgery. Then, talking about the past, she asks why Sayid pushed her at his brother when it was clear that he still has strong feelings for her. Sayid explains that because of the things his did for the Republican Guard, he is a bad person, and does not deserve Nadia.

The next day, Sayid is approached by a black SUV, and the occupants subtly imply a threat toward the children if Sayid does not go with them. Sayid complies, and finds himself in a restaurant kitchen where Martin Keamy is frying eggs. He offers Sayid some breakfast, but Sayid turns the offer down, leaving Keamy to eat alone. As he eats, Keamy offers mock sympathy for Sayid's brother and the unfortunate "mugging". He adds that it was good, however, that Omer was still around to take care of his family. He asks if Sayid also wants to take care of his family. Sayid nods, and Keamy tells Sayid about Omer's debt, insisting that he still owes him money. Sayid reminds Keamy that the debt was paid in full. Keamy disagrees. At this point, Sayid bluntly asks if it was Keamy who put his brother in the hospital. Keamy replies that he did not. Sayid, not believing this, grabs Keamy's henchman, taking his gun and using him as a human shield. When Keamy is the only one remaining, Sayid points the gun at him, and Keamy tries to talk his way out of the situation, by telling Sayid that the debt is settled. Sayid, not believing this would be the end of it, shoots Keamy, apparently leaving him for dead.

Sayid then hears noises coming from a walk-in freezer, where Jin-Soo Kwon is tied to a chair and has duct tape over his mouth. Sayid removes the tape, and Jin begins speaking frantically in Korean. When Sayid asks "Who are you?" Jin replies, "No English".

This meeting and its outcome are revisited in a later episode. (The Package)

Original Timeline - 2007Edit


At The Temple Sayid confronts Dogen about torturing and trying to kill him. Dogen explains that the torture machine they had on Sayid was a device to measure the amount of good or evil in a man's soul. Sayid was discovered to tip the scales "the wrong way", and Dogen informs Sayid that it would probably be better for everyone if Sayid were no longer alive. Sayid disputes this assessment by claiming that he is a good person. Dogen disagrees, and the two engage in an extended fight. Dogen ultimately defeats Sayid, but Sayid is a Candidate (The Substitute) whom Dogen is prohibited from harming (Lighthouse), and rather than killing him, he banishes him from the Temple, and forbids him to return.

Outside the perimeter of the Temple, marked by a circle of ash, The Man in Black in the form of John Locke sends Claire Littleton inside with a message calling for a meeting between he and Dogen. Claire asks if he plans to hurt anyone and he responds by saying "Only the ones who don't listen", hinting that he has a choice to offer The Others in the temple. After delivering this message, Claire is imprisoned and Dogen refuses to meet with The Man in Black. Instead, he offers Sayid the opportunity to prove his claim that he's a good person. He gives Sayid a large ceremonial dagger, and instructs him to confront "evil incarnate" who will appear to him as someone whom he knows and has recently died. He must plunge the knife into this person's heart. He also indicates that if that person manages to speak before Sayid strikes, it will already be too late.

Sayid accepts and goes to meet The Man in Black. On his way out, he encounters Kate, who is still searching for Claire.

Immediately upon seeing Sayid, Locke greets him, indicating that it's already too late. Sayid stabs Locke in the chest, but the only reaction from Locke is disappointment. Locke removes the dagger from his chest, and returns it to Sayid. Sayid tells Locke that The Others believe him to be evil incarnate. Locke responds by suggesting that Dogen knew he could not be killed, and that sending Sayid out here was simply an attempt to get him killed. Sayid recalls Dogen tried to get Jack to kill him with a poison pill (What Kate Does). Locke asks Sayid to join him and to deliver a message. He also hints that he may be able to reunite Sayid with Nadia, who died in his arms (The Incident).

Sayid returns to the Temple grounds, ignoring Dogen who wants to know if The Man in Black is dead. Sayid announces that Jacob is dead, and nobody needs to remain in the Temple. Further, if anyone chooses to join Locke, they should do so before sundown. Anybody remaining at the Temple after that will be killed.

Inside the Temple, Kate continues to look for Claire. She encounters Lennon who directs her to Claire, but only allows them to speak for two minutes. When Kate finds Claire, it takes Claire a moment to recognize her. She tells Kate that she's locked up because the Others took Aaron. Kate admits that she is the one who took Aaron. She explains that after Claire wandered off, they couldn't find her, so they took Aaron off the island. She also explains that the reason she came back to the island at all was to rescue Claire so she and Aaron could be reunited. Claire, visibly disturbed by this information, then tells Kate, "He is coming, and they can't stop him."

As many of The Others are preparing to join Locke after the offer/threat, Sayid returns inside the Temple's pool room, and meets Dogen, and asks why he would try to have Sayid killed rather than killing him, himself. Dogen responds by telling Sayid how he met Jacob. When he received a promotion at the bank he worked for, he was taken out by his friends for celebration. After drinking too much, Dogen leaved to pick up his son from a baseball game. Dogen was uninjured, but his son was badly hurt - or killed - when he was approached by Jacob who made him an offer. If Dogen returned with Jacob to the Island, never to see his son again, his son would be saved. Dogen obviously agreed to this condition, and Sayid agreed that Jacob, indeed, drives a hard bargain. Sayid then murders Dogen by drowning him in the pool. Lennon arrives and chides Sayid for killing Dogen. Sayid slashes Lennon's throat and tosses him into the pool as well.

This allows The Man in Black to enter the Temple perimeter, and in the form of Black Smoke attacks all remaining Others inside the Temple. Fleeing the smoke, Kate returns to Claire's cell and waits for the attack to pass.

Flight 316 GroupEdit

Ilana, Sun, Frank and Ben arrive at the Temple shortly after the attack begins, searching for the remaining Candidates. Breaking off from the group, against the advice of Ilana, Ben goes in search of Sayid. He finds him at the pool, and after a very brief and very disturbing conversation between the two men, Ben retreats. Miles is located by Ilana, and he joins their group. Kate and Claire find Sayid and the three join The Man in Black's group.

Locke, somewhat surprised to see Kate, leads his group away.

Timeline DifferencesEdit

  • In the alternate timeline, Nadia is married to Sayid's brother Omer.
  • In the alternate timeline, Martin Keamy is still alive. And he's a loanshark to whom Omer owes a debt. He is also revealed later to be a hitman in the episode (The Package).
  • In the alternate timeline, Jin has never learned to speak English.
  • In the alternate timeline, the accident that Dogan describes to Sayid appears to have never taken place. Or at least didn't serve to separate the two. In the episode Lighthouse, Dogan's son is playing at the same piano recital as Jack's son, David.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Now what did you go and do that for?
-- Locke, after being stabbed in the chest by Sayid.

Background InformationEdit

  • Jack appears in Sayid's flash-sideways, but does not speak. He is walking down the hall reading a chart as Omer is being rushed to emergency surgery.
  • Keamy's men take Sayid the same restaurant kitchen that Naomi had taken Miles, in the episide Some Like It Hoth .

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