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Sunda Trench

A map showing the Sunda Trench

The Sunda Trench, also called Java Trench, located in the northeastern Indian Ocean, with a length of 2,600 km and a maximum depth of 7,725 meters (at 10°19'S, 109°58'E, about 320 km south of Yogyakarta), was long thought to be the deepest trench of the Indian Ocean, but it is in fact second to the Diamantina Trench in the South East Indian Basin.

The trench is a seam of tectonic plates, the Burma and Sunda on the east, and the India Plate on the west. Deformation along the plate boundary, or subduction zone, resulted in the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and the ensuing deadly tsunami on December 26, 2004.

Naomi Dorrit mentioned that the entire Flight 815 wreckage was found of the coast of Bali in an ocean trench four miles deep. Naomi also reveals that they sent down cameras in small robots to survey the wreck, and that the bodies were all there. Anthony Cooper also mentioned that they had found the plane at the bottom of the ocean. The Sunda Trench is a likely location for the presumed wreckage to be found. (The Brig)

Chapter One of Find 815Edit

The Sunda Trench was a clue given in the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game. Appearing on Sam's notebook computer in the web browser at, Sam is given the following information:


The Sunda Trench is an oceanic trench located the Indian Ocean off the island of Sumatra. Numerous aircraft and vessels have gone missing in the region of the trench over the year, giving it a somewhat mysterious reputation akin to the Bermuda Triangle's

The Sunda Trench is certainly situated in one of the most geologically violent spots in the world: it is near the collision point for several tectonic plates, there are large numbers of active volcanoes in the area and earthquakes are frequent. Some of the devastating natural disasters that have occurred in the Sunda Trench region include:

-The 1815 volcanic eruption of Tombora on Sumbawa Island, thought to be the most massive in recorded history.

-The 1883 volcanic eruption on Krakatoa Island, an explosion so violent it was heard 5'000 km away.

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