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Kwon Sun-Hwa
Name Kwon Sun-Hwa
Gender Female
Country Seoul, South Korea
Occupation Unknown; has a degree in Art History
Family Father - Mr. Paik
Mother - Mrs. Paik
Husband - Jin-Soo Kwon
Daughter - Ji Yeon Kwon
Father-In-Law - Mr. Kwon
Mother-In-Law - Older Woman
Flashback(s) House of the Rising Sun, ...And Found, The Whole Truth, The Glass Ballerina, D.O.C.
Flashforward(s) Ji Yeon
Played By Yunjin Kim (adult)
Sophie Kim (child)

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Sun-Hwa Kwon (née Paik) (Korean name: Paik Sun-hwa; Hangul: 백선화; Hanja: 白善華), was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 after accompanying her husband to Sydney on business. While there, she attempted to escape from her husband but backed out at the last second after she realized how much she loved her husband.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Sun Paik attended Seoul National University, majoring in Art History, but to her mother's dismay, does not return with a husband. One potential suitor, Jae Lee, seems sincere but already has a commitment to an American woman. Shortly after learning this from him, she quite literally bumps into Jin-Soo Kwon, her future husband.

Their marriage begins with great promise, as Jin manages to convince her wealthy father, Mr. Paik, of his intentions. Unbeknownst to Jin, however, his mother comes to Sun and blackmails her to get money or else she will shame Jin with the fact that he is the son of a prostitute. Sun must go to her father for the money. She promises to continue pretending she does not know what he really does in exchange for the money. He tells her that he will give her the money but it will be Jin that pays the price. Her father will proceed to put a significant burden on Jin by demanding he come work for him. Over time, Jin becomes distant, and Sun, seeking to escape her failing marriage, begins taking English lessons in secret with Jae, who has returned from America after his relationship ended. Although it first seems that they were merely friends, it soon becomes known that she had an moment of weakness. Eventually, Sun is discovered by her father when he walks in on her and Jae who are in the midst of an intimate moment.

  • The fact that she was still lightly clothed and in bed with someone whom we know she had feelings for, doesn't mean that she went forward with the act of infidelity. Jae sits up in bed and asks Sun what is wrong. She says she is married. He says, "Oh, that," in a playful way and kisses her. She says "I can't. I'm sorry." We can safely say that, if she had sexual caontact with Jae, the act of kissing would not not have been an issue or supprise and to state she is married now would be poor not logical . She is clearly still uncomfortable with the situation.

Sun's marriage to Jin is further strained due to their trouble with conceiving a child. When Sun and Jin go to a doctor, he explains Sun has excess scar tissue blocking her fallopian tubes, making it impossible for her to become pregnant, even with surgery. This leaves Jin furious, believing that Sun knew about her condition all along. Later on, however, the doctor tracks Sun down and explains that Sun is perfectly healthy; it is Jin who is sterile. He was afraid to tell them this originally because Jin is an enforcer for Sun's father and may have reacted violently.

Jae dies soon afterward, having committed suicide after being beaten by Jin, who was ordered by Sun's father to kill him for having slept with his daughter (although he does not tell Jin this). Luckily for Sun, her father decides never to tell Jin about the affair, for it is not his place.

Finally, with the help of a friend, Sun is given a chance to escape her husband while at the Sydney airport. A single moment of tenderness from Jin while waiting in the check-in line reminds her of her love for him and she decides not to leave him at the last minute.

On-Island LifeEdit

Sun is initially suppressed by Jin by Korean traditions and customs, who feels it is his job to protect the two of them from the other survivors.

Sun's knowledge of herbal medicine made from plants and wildlife found throughout the island proves very valuable in a number of instances. Sun saves Shannon's life when Shannon's asthma problem gets vitally serious when they run out of the medicine; she prepares a mixture made from eucalyptus that helps Shannon breathe normally. She and Kate grow a vegetable garden with some of the herbs that she has found useful for curing common ailments. She also proves to be an able medical assistant to Jack, including recommending the use of sea urchin quills to pierce Jack's skin in order to transfuse his blood into Boone, and serves as a voice of calm and reason when some people begin to go too far. Unfortunately, her freedom has come at a price: when Jin finds out that she has been keeping her English language knowledge a secret, he refuses to speak to her.

On Kate's advice, the day before the second raft is scheduled to leave the island, Sun poisons Jin's water bottle to keep him from leaving the island. However, Michael drinks the water instead and falls ill. Only Jack knows that Sun is responsible for the poisoning.

Prior to Jin's departure on the raft, he and Sun reconcile.

When the bottle of messages that was taken on board the raft is found by Claire, implying the raft's apparent demise and leading to the assumption that its occupants are gone as well, it is given to Sun, who decides to bury it.

Unknown to Sun and everyone else, everyone on the raft makes it safely back to the island; though Sawyer has been shot in the shoulder and Michael's son Walt has been abducted by "The Others." They meet up with survivors from the tail-section of the plane.

Later, Sun misplaces her wedding band.Sun frantically searches through the beach and her garden looking for it. Eventually sun's wedding band is found in the location of the buried message bottle. It is not until a few days later, when the rest of the tail-end survivors led by those who were on the raft arrive at the beach where the mid-section survivors' camp is, that Sun is finally reunited with Jin.

When Jin starts packing all of a sudden after hearing that Michael has run after Walt again, Sun starts asking why he is leaving. Jin tells her that Michael is his friend, but she reminds him that she is his wife, and they later both agree that they don't like being told what to do.

When Sun is working in her garden she is assaulted by Charlie Pace. Sawyer and Kate hear her and find her unconscious on the ground. They bring her back to camp and Jack treats her. She eventually recovers and she says that she was working in her garden and Vincent came to her. Then she said that it was raining and she was grabbed. She never saw who did this to her and escaped, but she fell on the ground and was knocked unconscious.

Not long after, Jin destroys Sun's garden when she refuses to stay near him on the beach, even though he is only concerned for her safety. Instead of following him to their tent, she takes off, only to be found by Rose and Bernard, who witness Sun in a brief spell of uncharacteristic sickness. Concerned, they offer her water and company, but she dismisses them to find Sawyer, in hopes of procuring a pregnancy test. Despite Jin's sterility, Sun's pregnancy test results came back positive, and was confirmed by Jack. Sun tells Jin the whole truth - about her pregnancy and his sterility. She swears to him that she has never slept with another man. Jin considers it a miracle, and the two are overjoyed.

In the second season finale "Live Together, Die Alone", Sayid needs Jin's help to sail Desmond's boat to the Others' camp. Sun translates for Sayid, and when Jin is informed of what Sayid wants he refuses to do so, not wanting to leave his wife again. However, Sun wants Jin to help Michael, so she decides to come along, despite Sayid's objections. Sun and Jin remained on the boat when Sayid went into the Others' camp, and all three are on the boat as the white light caused by the activation of the fail-safe mechanism in the hatch engulfs the island.

In "The Glass Ballerina" Sun travels with Sayid and Jin in their boat to the "Others" dock and learns from Sayid that he plans an ambush for the Others' tracking party. She lies to Jin about the plan, but he reveals that he "understands English better than she thinks." Jin tells her to stay in the boat until it's over and Sayid tells her of a gun in the boat. When the "Others" arrive onto the boat, a woman named Colleen finds her in the cabin. Sun points her gun at her and Colleen says she knows Sun would not kill her. Sun repeatedly threatens to shoot, but Colleen advances and Sun shoots her,fatally. Sun escapes the boat, dodging Tom's gunfire. She is reunited with Jin in the ocean and they come back to Sayid to travel back to their camp by foot for the sailboat has been taken.

In "Flashes Before Your Eyes", Claire leaves Aaron in her care while she goes for a swim. When Desmond arrives to rescue her, Sun is oblivious to the fact that Claire is actually drowning, and thinks nothing of it when Charlie asks of her whereabouts, saying that she "only went for a walk."

In the episode "Enter 77" Sawyer wants the items that he initially ransacked from the wreckage returned to him. To win them back, Sawyer offers to play ping-pong against the best player on the beach. Sun and Jin converse in Korean, and Sun states that if Sawyer loses, he must refrain from calling people by any nicknames. Hurley beats Sawyer, thus Sun's call was met. In "Par Avion", Claire enlists Sun and Jin with helping her catch a bird. Just when the three of them are about to capture one, Desmond fires his gun, frightening the bird away. After Charlie refuses to help Claire, Sun comforts her before spotting Charlie and Desmond arguing, encouraging Claire to investigate.

Later, in "Exposé", Sun, Charlie, Sawyer and Hurley begin to investigate the apparent "deaths" of Nikki and Paulo. Sun immediately suspects the Others, referring back to her attempted kidnapping. Later, when digging the graves, Sawyer reveals that Nikki and Paulo had a gun and a radio in their possession. When Sun and Charlie are alone, Charlie confesses to Sun about how he and Sawyer are responsible for her attempted kidnapping. Distraught, Sun storms off. Later, they meet up again, where Sawyer hands Sun the bag of diamonds that Nikki had previously buried. Later that day, Sun approached Sawyer, who is alone and finishing the graves. She consults him over the kidnapping stunt, and threatens that, should she tell Jin, then the next grave will be his. Returning the diamonds, claiming that they are worthless on the island, she slaps Sawyer before leaving. She is happy when Jack, Kate and Sayid return in "One of Us", but gives Juliet the cold shoulder when she asks of Claire's status. When Juliet explains the situation with pregnant women on the island, Kate suddenly looks at Sun, whom is currently pregnant.

Sun is approached by Jack in "D.O.C.", who asks her about her pregnancy. Curious, Sun asks Kate about it, who tries to shrug it off, but mentions Juliet's explanation for Claire. Enraged, Sun questions Juliet about pregnant women on the island, only to be told that they die. That night, Sun is visited by Juliet, who takes her to the Staff Station. There, Juliet uses the medical equipment to examine Sun's baby, and determines that Sun conceived while on the island,so Jin is the father. At first, Sun is tearful, but quickly accepts her fate. She is told she has two months left to live, and Juliet promises Sun that she will do everything she can to help her.

In "The Man Behind the Curtain", Naomi speaks to the camp and explains their situation from her perspective. Sun and Claire are outraged that they are presumed dead. When Sayid questions their trust in Jack, Sun believes that Jack wouldn't put them in harm's way and that Juliet is a good person. However, Sawyer asks her why Juliet took her to the Staff station, and plays the recorder to her, and the rest of the camp. Jack and Juliet then arrive and begin offering an explanation.

Jack and Juliet lead Sun and the rest of the camp into the jungle, where they reveal their intentions to destroy the Others before their planned arrival. Jin confronts her over Juliet's message on the recorder, allowing Sun to tell him that he is a father. However, she decides not to tell him about her fate. Sun grows concerned when Jin offers to stay behind and detonate the dynamite, along with Sayid and Bernard, while she heads off to the radio tower with the rest of the camp ("Greatest Hits"). That night, the camp witness two of the three explosions, and Sun and Rose fear the worst, but press on regardless. The next day, just before reaching the radio tower, Hurley radios Jack and informs them of Jin's safety, which relieves a worried Sun. They arrive at the tower, where Sun and the others witness Naomi's murder and Jack's success in communicating with her boat ("Through the Looking Glass").

Back on the IslandEdit

When the group return to the island, Sun is the only member of the Oceanic Flight who doesn't travel in time; instead she stays with the passengers of the Ajira Flight. Leaving with Frank Lapidus to find Jin, they reach the Dharma Initiative Headquarters and find Mr. Shepard, who reveals that Jin and the rest of the group are in the mid 70's for reasons unknown.

Sun then meets Ben, and later is shocked when she learns John Locke is alive. He swears that he will find a way to bring her and Jin together and later the four of them leave in search for Richard, demanding to go see Jacob, then all of them go to the temple where Jacob resides.

Locke enters with Ben when Ilana and Lapidus arrive with her men and the large box, Sun then witness as the Ilana's henchmen open the box that reveals the corpse of John Locke.

After John Locke knocks out Richard states that he is disappointed of them all, also looking at Sun, before leaving with Richard. Sun then spends most of her time with Lapidus and Ilana who explains her about Jacob and their destination and how she managed to get to the island and that she was supposed to protect her and her husband, Sun acompanies Ilana on the attack on the temple where they join with Miles but are unable to find Jin (who by that time was traped by Claire). Sun's frustation grows and yells at Jack about their "Destiny", "Fate" or "Purpose", staying alone she is confronted by Locke who asks her to go with him to meet Jin (a lie considering that by that time Jin was with Widmore), Sun runs away and hits her head, and momentarily forgets how to speak English making her more frustrated but is eased when Jack promises her to get her to see Jin.

After James overthrew Locke's plan and escaped with with the team to Hydra Island, Jin and Sun were finally reunited and shared their experiences and their love for their daughter, promising to stay together no matter what from then on.

When the group had to reunite with Locke to leave in the submarine, Jin and Sun entered and watched as Jack and James choose over what to do. Later Sayid sacrifices his life to find an exit, however the explosion deformed several internal conducts that trapped Sun and blocked her reach by a large desk, leaving Jin to try to save her. Jack and James intended to do so but as they took away the desk she was still trapped by the conducts. Later when James was unconscious and the room flooded, Jin and Sun asked them to leave, Sun even beg for Jin to save himself but he promised to stay with her. The two hug and hold hands as the submarine fell deeper into the ocean.



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