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Stuart Radzinsky
Name Stuart Radzinsky
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation DHARMA Initiative Head of Research
Episode(s) Namaste, He's Our You, Some Like It Hoth,, The Variable, Follow The Leader, The Incident
Played By Eric Lange

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Stuart Radzinsky was the brilliant, but ill-tempered Head of Research for the DHARMA Initiative, and he designed and help build the Swan Station, where he subsequently resided with Kelvin Inman, executing the numeric sequence every 108 minutes. Radzinsky had an eidetic memory and from that drew a map on the Blast Doors of the Swan Station, which was found later by John Locke during a lockdown sequence. Radzinsky ended his own life inside the Swan Station with a shotgun.

On IslandEdit

Nothing about his life before the island is known, but it is mentioned in The Incident that he began working on the Swan Station in 1971.


Radzinsky was first seen designing the Swan at The Flame Station where Jin inquires after a plane in an effort to locate Sun. Radzinsky contacted the other stations around the Island asking after the plane, but nobody had seen or heard anything. Immediately after this, an alarm sounds alerting Radzinsky of a hostile within the perimeter. It turns out the intruder was not a hostile, but was instead Sayid. Radzinsky finds Jin in custody of Sayid and they detain him back at the Flame until the head of security, Sawyer - known to Radzinsky and the rest of the DHARMA Initiative as "LaFleur" - shows up. Fearing espionage by the hostiles, Radzinsky is extremely worried that Sayid may have seen the design plans for the Swan. His suspicious were seemingly confirmed after Sayid demonstrated detailed information about the Swan's interior (having been there often in 2004), Radzinsky was campaigning hard to have Sayid executed, after which a vote was taken and it was agreed upon, despite Sawyer's protests.

Some time later, Radzinsky engaged in a fire-fight against Jack, Kate and Daniel when he caught them collecting weapons. He ended up getting wounded in the arm. After this shootout, he went to Sawyer's house angry that this situation was not being dealt with by Security. Inside Sawyer's house, another DHARMA member, Phil was found tied up and Radzinsky turned his gun against Sawyer and Juliet. He interrogated the two demanding to know where Kate was, and when Horace Goodspeed tried to put a stop to it, Radzinsky pulled rank and relieved Horace, indicating that Horace was incapable of doing what needed to be done to protect their work. After further interrogation, Pierre Chang arrived and having received information from Daniel, Hurley and Miles, orders Radzinsky to stop drilling at the Swan, and begin an evacuation of the Island's non-essential personnel. In exchange for Sawyer's knowledge, including a map to The Hostile's camp, he agrees to evacuate.

The last we see of Radzinsky was at the site of the Swan Station when Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet converged on that area with a nuclear bomb, as shown in the episode "The Incident" Radzinsky was insistant upon drilling into the site, despite the insistance and orders of Dr. Chang to cease and desist. Radzinsky, making reference to the invention of the light bulb, continued drilling. After an extended gun-fight at the Swan site, Radzinsky and his people were defeated and held at gunpoint as Jack dropped a nuclear bomb into the drilled cavern just as the electromagnetism began to have an effect on the objects in the immediate area. It is unknown what happened to Radzinsky in the aftermath of the detonation.


Some time after the events depicted in the "The Incident", Radzinsky is known to have taken up residence in The Swan Station, where he maintained the protocol of entering the numbers and pressing the execute button. He and Kelvin Inman maintained this protocol until Radzinsky committed suicide by firing a shotgun into his mouth. The residue from this suicide is later shown to Desmond Hume by Inman as a stain on the ceiling of the Swan. During the time he was living in the Swan, he began working on a map which he drew from memory, using Dharma Initiative laundry detergent. As the designer of the Swan, Radzinsky knew how to simulate a lockdown incident which lowered the blast doors. He taught this technique to Inman, who later taught it to Desmond, to allow John Locke to study the map.

For unknown reasons Radzinsky removed portions of the Swan Orientation film and placed the cut parts within a hollowed out bible which he then placed in The Arrow Station. This odd behavior and his suicide suggest that Radzinsky had suffered a serious breakdown after the Incident.

Notable QuotationsEdit

If Edison was only worried about the consequences, we'd all still be sitting in the dark.

Background InformationEdit

  • The exact date of Radzinsky's suicide is never given, but it is known that it happened after Inman joined DHARMA in 1991 or 1992, and before Desmond arrived in 2001.
  • Radzinsky's position of Head of Research placed him as Second in Command of DHARMA, behind Dr. Pierre Chang.
  • Nothing of Radzinsky is known in the season 6 alternate timeline.
  • Kelvin Inman buried Radzinsky. Due to the protocol that requires entering the numeric sequence in The Swan, the burial was performed in under 108 minutes.
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