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Stranger in a Strange Land
Season 3
Episode 9
Air Date February 21, 2007
Writer(s) Elizabeth Sarnoff
Christina M. Kim
Director Paris Barclay
Flashback Jack Shephard

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Kate, Sawyer, and Karl make their way back to the island, Jack is moved to the cages outside, and Juliet is put on trial for her execution of Pickett.


Sawyer and Kate are seen on Alex's canoe with an unconscious Karl, paddling away from the Hydra island. Kate suggests returning for Jack; however, Sawyer refuses. Tom handcuffs Jack and moves him out of his room. In the hallway, Tom and Jack pass a handcuffed Juliet and an older woman, who Tom reveals to be the 'sheriff' named Isabel. Tom also informs Jack that Juliet is in trouble.

Jack's life previous reveals that he was in Phuket, Thailand. While there he lived in a small house on the beach, and would frequently purchase soda from a boy who would say "Dr. Jack want soda?". While trying to put a kite together, Jack sees a woman smiling to him down the each, she comes over and assists him in building the kite. The two them successfully get the kite flying, and she introduces herself as Achara.

Kate and Sawyer land on the main island and question Karl about the Others. Karl reveals that "the Others" work on the Hydra island but live on the main island.

Jack is put into a bear cage. Juliet, while being overseen by guards, is released from the main building and walks up to Jack's cage. She shows Jack a picture of Ben's back, which is infected, and asks Jack to help Ben. Jack refuses.

Jack and Achara began to form a relationship and on one occasion went to dinner together at a restaurant where her brother, Chet, was a waiter. Chet was very friendly to Jack, and Achara said that he was liked. Achara was then given an envelope full of money by a man who suddenly left as quickly as he appeared. Achara explains that she had "a gift".

Isabel later arrives at Jack's cage and tells him that she admires his tattoos and questions him as to whether or not he knows what they say, to which Jack is adamant that he does. Jack is brought into a room with Tom, Isabel and Juliet. Isabel asks Jack whether Juliet told Jack to kill Ben. Jack denies the accusation.

Back in Thailand, while sleeping one night, Achara enters Jack's house and gets into bed with him. When the two begin to talk, Jack states that he doesn't know anything about Achara and would like to get to know her. Achara rolls him on to the floor and asks if he's having fun, to which he replies he is. Achara then says that they should have some fun, and the two engage in sexual intercourse.

Back in his cage, Jack is visited by Cindy and the previously kidnapped members of the tail-section. Cindy tells Jack that they are going to watch something. Emma asks Cindy to ask Jack how Ana-Lucia is doing, upon hearing this Jack angrily sends them away.

Meanwhile on the main island, Sawyer finds Karl crying in the jungle. Karl says that he is crying because he misses Alex. Sawyer asks Karl if he is in love, to which Karl affirms to be true. Sawyer tells him that love is worth the risks of getting caught by the Others and lets Karl go into the jungle on his own.

Alex notifies Jack that the other Others are planning to execute Juliet. Alex releases Jack from his cage and asks him why he saved Ben. Jack replies that he saved Ben because he said he would. Alex leads Jack to Ben in order for Ben to give the order to spare Juliet. Jack and Alex arrive at Ben, who is lying on a table. In exchange for Jack's promising to care for Ben, Ben writes a note to spare Juliet.

In Thailand, Jack follows Achara down the streets of Phuket to a tattoo parlor where he thinks he has her figured out. However, she explains that her gift is that she can see exactly who someone is and then marks them. When Jack asks her if she can tell who he is, she says that he is a leader, a great man, but that makes him lonely and frightened and angry. When Jack asks to be marked, Achara refuses stating that there will be consequences and that it goes against her people. However, this doesn't faze Jack and she proceeds with the markings. After she places the markings on him, Jack is severely beaten at the hands of Chet and his men and threatened to leave the country, Achara is present for this beating and cries at what she had witnessed.

Alex leads Jack to Juliet's hearing, and Alex hands Isabel Ben's note. Later, Jack is back in his cage, and Juliet visits him. She shows him that the Others branded her back. Jack suggests that he and she should work together in order to make sure Ben keeps his word and lets them off the island.

Sawyer reveals to Kate that he allowed Karl to escape because he was a target and that Ben would be looking for him. The Others, along with Jack, get on a boat and begin to travel back to the main island.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"See this glass house you're living in Jack? How about I get you some stones?"

- Tom

"If you've got something to watch, Cindy, go watch it!! Go!!"

- Jack

Background InformationEdit

  • It is revealed in this episode that the Tail Section survivors that were taken shortly after crashing on the island are still alive.
  • The writing on Jack's tattoos are revealed in this episode as: "He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us".

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