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Steve Jenkins
Steve Jenkins
(Pictured Right)
Name Steve Jenkins
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Episode(s) The Moth, Solitary, Raised By Another, All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues, Whatever the Case May Be, Homecoming, Exodus - Part 1
Played By Christian Bowman

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Steve was one of the many survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

It is unknown why Steve was aboard Flight 815, or what he did in the real world. Before the flight, Steve was staying in the same hotel as Michael and Walt and when he heard the two arguing in the hall around 5:25am, he inquired as to what the problem was.

On-Island LifeEdit

Steve survived Flight 815 and was often mistaken for Scott. When news of a cave-in arrived at the beach, Steve left to the caves in the hopes of helping to save Jack.

Steve and Scott formed a friendship of sorts on the island, which was most likely what led to people mistaking them for each other; they were together when Charlie rushed up for help when Jack was trapped in the caves, they were seen talking to each other when the camp gathered at the newly built golf course, and when Hurley conducted his survey.

After Claire was attacked at the caves, a search party consisting of himself, Scott and Hurley is formed. Steve was eventually murdered and found on the beach; Steve's neck was broken, as well as his arms and all the bones in his fingers, he was buried later that day. He was allegedly murdered by Ethan Rom. At his funeral, Hurley still managed to mistake him for Scott.

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