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Statue of Taweret
Broken Statue
Name Statue of Taweret
Introduced In "Live Together, Die Alone" (broken)
"LaFleur" (complete)

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The Statue of Taweret was discovered by Sayid, Jin, and Sun while sailing on the Elizabeth. The statue is of a four-toed left foot which is wearing a sandal. This statue originally was part of a larger colossal statue. Sayid wondered aloud what was, "more disquieting -- the fact that the rest of the statue is missing, or that it has four toes?" On the May 26th Lost Podcast, we are told the statue predates the arrival of the Dharma Initiative in the late '70s. It was guessed the statue is about 35–40 feet tall.


The full statue

It was revealed in the episode "LaFleur" that the statue was once complete. It was seen by Jin, Juliet, Miles and Sawyer from the well, and represented the Egyptian god of fertility, Tawaret. The symbols Tawaret is holding are two Egyptian ankh symbols, which represent "the key to life" or immortality. Only the back is seen and it is wearing a skirt.

In the episode "Ab Aeterno", Richard Alpert is a slave on board the Black Rock in 1867, and after setting sail the ship is caught in a massive storm. Another slave mistakes the statue for The Devil when he catches a glimpse of the statue through gaps in the hull. A massive tidal wave lifts the ship and hurls it inland, through the statue, to land in the midst of the jungle where it remained until it was destroyed by Hugo "Hurley" Reyes in 2007. When Richard later goes to kill "The Devil" at the foot of the statue, he's able to see the many shattered pieces strewn about the base.

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