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Starsky & Hutch
Name Starsky & Hutch
Mentioned In Everybody Hates Hugo
Genre Police Drama
Created by William Binn
Seasons 4
Episodes 90
Running Time 60 minutes
Channel ABC
Original Run 1975-1979
Starring David Soul
Paul Michael Glaser
Antonio Fargas
Bernie Hamilton

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Starsky & Hutch was an American police drama that ran from April 30, 1975 to May 15, 1979. In total, 92 60-minute episodes were produced, along with one 90-minute pilot. Starsky and Hutch was created by William Binn and was originally broadcast on ABC.


Starsky & Hutch revolved around two protagonists, policemen David Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser), who was a streetwise detective with childlike moods, and Kenneth "Hutch" Hutchinson (David Soul), the more reserved and book-smart of the pair. The two were known for tearing through the streets of Bay City in Starsky's two-door Ford Torino. The car itself became well-known due to its distinctive red colour and white vector stripe.

While attempting to work undercover, or learn more about the criminal underworld of Bay City, Starsky and Hutch went to their main contact, the extravagantly dressed Huggy Bear. Huggy Bear (Antonio Fargas) ran his own bar, which catered to many of the city's criminal elements, and allowed him to be in close contact with the latest news of criminal activity. Starsky and Hutch's boss within the police ranks was Captain Harold Dobey (Bernie Hamilton), a gruff, no-nonsense leader.

The show itself became renowned with fans for it's gritty and often violent storylines, and the simultaneous comic banter and general friendship that existed between the show's protagonists. Starsky and Hutch presented a different view on televised policemen then typical expected, as the two were open in showing signs of affection or trust to one another. This aspect of the series helped develop the strong sense of trust and respect that existed between the two main characters. This caused the pair of Starsky and Hutch to be synonymous with teamwork and cooperation, long after the show was taken off the air.


In Everybody Hates Hugo, Hurley's friend Johnny refers to Hurley as "Huggy Bear", referencing the popular side character from Starsky & Hutch.

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