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Name Starla
Gender Female
Country Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Record Store Employee
Episode(s) Everybody Hates Hugo
Played By Marguerite Moreau

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Starla was an employee at a record store in Los Angeles, CA. She was friends with Hurley and Johnny who would often visit her at the store. After discovering Hurley has quit his job, she is shocked as Hurley was her “rock” and she never would have expected him to do anything like that. After allowing Hurley to test some headphones, she was asked if she wanted to see "The Hold Steady" play at the Troubadour that Friday, she informs him that she had to work, and she then informs him that she is available to attend on Saturday. It is unclear as to whether or not the two attended due to Hurley’s recent lottery winnings which were reported on the news later that day. However, when being interviewed by Tricia Tanaka, Hurley mentions that Starla ran off with Johnny at some point after he won the lottery.

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