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Something Nice Back Home
Something Nice Back Home
Season 4
Episode 10
Air Date May 1, 2008
Writer(s) Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Director Stephen Williams
Flashforward Jack Shephard

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Juliet diagnoses Jack with appendicitis and suggests an immediate surgery to remove his appendix. Meanwhile, Sawyer, Claire, and Miles continue their trek across the island to the beach camp.


Jack Shephard, who has been feeling ill, collapses after calming an argument between Bernard, Rose, Charlotte and Daniel. Juliet diagnoses Jack as having appendicitis with the possibility of his appendix rupturing. Juliet decides that she needs to perform an appendectomy and sends Sun to get medical supplies from the Staff DHARMA station. Sun, however, is unable to recognize the items on the list so Daniel, who claims to be familiar with medical instruments, and Charlotte volunteer to accompany her. Juliet sends Jin with them with orders to shoot Dan or Charlotte if they try to run away. After arriving at the Staff, Dan and Charlotte acquire the required materials while Sun expresses apprehension about her baby's future to Jin. Meanwhile, Jack convinces Juliet to allow him to remain awake during the surgery with Kate acting as a nurse. Jack has her hold a mirror, so he can see and help Juliet perform the surgery. Sun's group returns to the beach and Juliet begins to operate on Jack. However, Jack's being awake proves to be a detriment and Bernard knocks him out with chloroform that Dan and Charlotte found at the Staff. The surgery is a success and afterwards Juliet tells Kate that Jack really does love Kate and not Juliet. Jin also confronts Charlotte, who speaks Korean, and tells her that she must take Sun back to the freighter Kahana at all costs.

Sawyer, Miles, Claire and her infant son, Aaron, are traveling to the survivors' beach camp and Sawyer gives Miles a "restraining order" against Claire in order to protect her. After Miles discovers the partially-buried bodies of Danielle and Karl, they encounter Frank, who tells them that Keamy and the other mercenaries from the Kahana are nearby. Narrowly avoiding an encounter, the group moves on. At night, Claire wakes up to find Aaron in the arms of her father, Christian Shephard, who, unbeknownst to her, died before the plane crash. When Sawyer notices that Claire is missing the next morning, Miles tells him that Claire went off with someone she called "dad". Sawyer finds baby Aaron in the vines of a nearby tree and calls out for Claire with no response.

In flash-forwards, Jack has returned to work as a doctor since returning from the island. He is also living and having a relationship with Kate, who is raising Claire's son, Aaron. He receives a call to visit Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, who is at a mental hospital. Upon arrival, he learns that Hurley has not been taking his medication and Hurley gives him a message, allegedly from Charlie, that says: "You're not supposed to raise him." Hurley also says that, similar to his visions of Charlie, Jack will be receiving a visitor of his own. Soon after, Jack begins to see his deceased father, Christian Shephard, at the hospital. Sometime later, Jack proposes marriage to Kate and she accepts. Fearing for his mental well being, he has a colleague prescribe him the anti-anxiety drug Clonazepam. After overhearing a phone call, Jack becomes suspicious of Kate and waits for her one day after work. They have a bitter argument, in which she reveals that she was doing an errand for Sawyer, who chose to stay on the island. In a heated exchange, Jack blurts out in front of Aaron that Kate is not even related to Aaron.

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"Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle."

- Jack

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  • Jack reads "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" to Aaron, a book referenced in episodes White Rabbit, Through the Looking Glass and Lighthouse. White Rabbit is a common literary allusion to Alice in Wonderland as Alice follows the white rabbit falling down into Wonderland. "Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There" is Lewis Carroll's sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

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