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So It Begins
Missing Pieces - So It Begins
Season Missing Pieces
Episode 13
Air Date January 28, 2008 (Verizon)
February 4, 2008 (
Writer(s) Drew Goddard
Director Jack Bender
Flashback Vincent

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Vincent scours the jungle moments after the crash and is called by Christian Shephard and told to find Jack.


A low-camera pan is seen through the jungle, which moves around some luggage that it strewn about in the jungle, the point-of-view is of Vincent. Christian is then seen who calls Vincent over to him. Christian says that he needs Vincent to go find his son, who is unconscious in the bamboo forest, and that he needs to wake him up, because he has work to do.

Jack awakens in the jungle, terribly disoriented, battered and bruised. He sees Vincent, slow down and stop near him, and then begin running through the bamboo.

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"He has work to do."

- Christian

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