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Shannon Rutherford
Name Shannon Rutherford
Gender Female
Country Malibu, CA, USA
Occupation Ballet Teacher
Family Father - Adam Rutherford
Stepmother - Sabrina Carlyle
Stepbrother - Boone Carlyle
Flashback(s) Abandoned
Played By Maggie Grace

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Shannon Rutherford was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 after being “rescued” by her step-brother Boone in Australia. Shannon was previously employed as a Ballet Instructor, and was once offered a prestigious Dance Internship in New York.

Life Before Flight 815

When Shannon was 8 years old, her father Adam Rutherford married a woman named Sabrina Carlyle. Shannon's new step-brother was Boone Carlyle. (Hearts and Minds)

Shannon was employed as a ballet instructor at the time her father was killed in a car accident. While attending her father’s funeral, she was visited by Boone who had returned from New York to attend the funeral. It was around this time that Shannon was accepted for an internship at the Martha Graham Dance Company. Noticing that her cheques were bouncing, Shannon confronted her step-mother about the inheritance her father left her, only to realize that she would receive none due to the fact that Sabrina had obtained a living trust, and all of his money was left to her. When she requested some of the money to get started in New York, she was denied as Sabrina never expected Shannon to pay her back. Knowing Shannon would attempt to seek her brother’s help, Sabrina convinced Boone to move back to California to take a job at her company, and thus, leave New York, leaving Shannon with no one to help her. When Boone attempted to get the money from his mother, she denied him knowing Shannon put him up to it. When he offered Shannon money to get started and to get her funded when his trust fund kicked in, she refused confident she could make it on her own. (Abandoned)

Shannon on occasion would scam her brother out money she felt she was entitled to. She would often use the scam of abusive boyfriends, knowing Boone secretly loved her, and would do anything to save her. While in Sydney, Shannon began dating a man named Bryan who took part in her scam. When confronted by Boone, he offered him $50,000 to leave her alone. Instead of giving Shannon the money as per the original plan, he left and took the money. Shannon showed up at Boone’s hotel room drunk, and admitted to Boone that she always knew he loved her. When Shannon seduced Boone, he did not resist, and the two had sexual intercourse. Shannon decided that they wouldn’t acknowledge what happened and that everything would go back to the way it was before. (Hearts and Minds)

While at the Sydney Airport, Shannon and Boone failed to get into first class after Shannon apparently yelled at one of the gate agents. When a man asked if Shannon could watch his bag, she reported to an airport cop that an ”Arab Guy” set his bag down and walked away. (Exodus - Part 1) Shannon would later board Oceanic Flight 815 with her brother, and was in Seat 9F. (Exodus - Part 2)

On island life

Expose - Shannon

Shannon just after crashing

After the plane crashed on the island, Shannon was seen screaming, unable to find her brother Boone, but was soon reunited with him minutes later. Refusing to eat anything for fear of losing her figure, Shannon was highly optimistic about the survivor's chances of being rescued within the next few days, insisting to her brother, "The plane had a black box, idiot, they know exactly where we are and they're coming." (Pilot - Part 1)

At first Shannon seemed uncaring and unhelpful, even refusing to help Boone and the others remove luggage and debris from the plane and focused on her sun tan. Shannon later found out about Kate and Sayid trekking up the mountain to get a signal for the transceiver and added herself to the party just to spite Boone and his father-like protectiveness of her. Having developed an apparent interest in Shannon, Charlie tagged along, as did Sawyer and Boone.

When Sayid and the others reached higher ground and got a signal, they were perplexed by the inexplicable feedback coming through from a separate radio source nearby.

They heard the voice of the then-unidentified Danielle Rousseau, speaking in French. When asked if anyone spoke French, Boone pointed out that Shannon does, which she denied, despite Boone saying that she spent a year in Paris. According to Shannon, she spent the year "drinking, not studying." Shannon reluctantly agreed to translate the French woman's transmission, relating it to the others as: "It killed them, it killed them all. I'm alone on the island. Please come get me." Sayid calculated that the transmission had been repeating for 16 years, stunning everyone. (Pilot - Part 2)
Pilot 2 - ShannonTranslating

Shannon interpreting the french signal

Boone explained to Shannon that "the ocean won't take your Gold Card" when she insisted that she could take care of herself and that there were plenty of fish in the sea to eat. Determined to prove her brother otherwise, she enlisted the help of Charlie to catch a fish to eat, and he did so, thinking this might forge a connection between them. (Walkabout)

Sayid broke through to Shannon while attempting to decode French words on Rousseau's maps, and they began developing a romantic relationship. (Whatever the Case May Be) However, Shannon blamed John Locke for Boone's death, and when Sayid refused to kill Locke for her and interfered with her own attempt to kill Locke, their relationship took a turn for the worse. (The Greater Good) Young Walt gave her his dog when he leaves on the raft, so that she could talk to (and bond with) Vincent and work out her grief. Shannon and Sayid later rekindled their relationship. (Exodus - Part 1)

After the Others attacked the rafters and kidnapped Walt, Shannon saw a vision of the young boy dripping wet and speaking backwards, saying "Don't push the button. The button is bad." She soon explained to the other survivors what she saw; however, nobody believed her. (Man of Science, Man of Faith)

Later, she and Sayid had a romantic evening and slept with each other for the first time. When she was left alone briefly, Walt appeared to her a second time. She told Sayid, but he did not believe her and claimed that she had just experienced a nightmare. Their relationship became strained because of this. Shannon decided to track Walt down by getting Vincent to sniff through some of Walt's clothes. They went into the jungle and Sayid followed. Sayid's mind was changed when they both saw Walt. (Abandoned)

As Shannon ran toward the image of Walt, she burst in front of the tailies.
The Other 48 Days - Shannon

Shannon sees the Taillies

Ana-Lucia mistook her for one of the Others and shot her in the abdomen. She suffered the same fate as her step-brother and died. Her last breaths were taken in Sayid's arms, who in the coming weeks, grew a desire for revenge against The Others. (Abandoned) Shannon was buried on the beach next to her step-brother. (What Kate Did)

Shannon dies in Sayid's arms

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