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Seth Norris
Name Seth Norris
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Oceanic Airline Pilot
Episode(s) Pilot - Part 1
Played By Greg Grunberg

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Seth Norris was the replacement of Frank Lapidus as pilot of Oceanic Flight 815 flying from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Seth Norris was employed by Oceanic Airlines and was the Pilot of Flight 815. Seth was married to his high school girlfriend and never took off his wedding ring. (Confirmed Dead)

When Seth lost communication with the ground 6 hours into the flight, they realized they were invisible to radar, and turned around to head to Fiji to make an emergency landing. They were 1000 miles off course of where they were suspected of being, when the plane began to experience turbulence, Seth switched on the fasten seat belts sign, and the plane was suddenly ripped into three separate pieces and made its spontaneous descent. (Pilot - Part 1)

On-Island LifeEdit

Season One (Days 1-44)Edit

Sixteen hours after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Jack, Kate, and Charlie arrived at the cockpit to retrieve the transceiver, and they uncovered Seth alive. He informed them of exactly what happened, and why the rescue parties have not yet arrived. After the "Monster" made it's presence known, he gazed out of the shattered windshield to catch a glance and was ripped from the cockpit, and left a smear of blood on the window. Seth was later found perched in the trees in a bloody and mangled mess. (Pilot - Part 1)

Charlie later dedicated a song to him and would sing it to Claire and Aaron Littleton. (Born to Run)