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The sixth and final season of LOST began airing on February 2, 2010. The primary story line continues after the detonation of the hydrogen bomb with all the main characters returned to 2007 unharmed, but still on the Island. Locke, now revealed to be The Man in Black continues trying to gather all the remaining survivors - mostly drawn to the Island by Jacob for the purpose of selecting one of them to replace him as the protector of the Island.

This season introduces the concept of the "flash-sideways" which is later revealed to be an afterlife dream-state. It is a dreaming state which the castaways have created for themselves before "moving on" to a more permanent afterlife setting. The "flash-sideways" presents events as they would have happened if there were no crash and major events in their lives had happened differently. This "flash-sideways" timeline cannot be truly said to be a flash-sideways, a flashback or a flash-forward. It exists outside of time as we know it and serves as a limbo or temporal afterlife until the characters are ready to continue their journey together.

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Lost - Final Chapter
Lost - Final Chapter

The sixth season Lost special, which provided an insightful glimpse into the lives of the survivors of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 and the history of the island.


After the detonation of the hydrogen bomb, two timelines are revealed. The original timeline which has been the focus of the main story arc throughout the series, and an afterlife timeline which presents events as they may have occurred if there were no Island, and therefore no plane crash. In the original timeline, we follow Jack and his group to a temple in an attempt to save Sayid's life. Meanwhile, Ben and The Others reel at the increasing danger posed by The Man in Black posing as a resurrected John Locke. In the afterlife timeline, Oceanic Flight 815 lands safely in Los Angeles.

What Kate Does
What Kate Does
  • Original Air Date: February 9, 2010
  • Flash-Sideways: Kate Austen

Following Sayid's miraculous resurrection, Jack and company are left at the mercy of the Others at the Temple, and left clueless to the island inhabitants' true intentions. Meanwhile Kate pursues a grieving Sawyer. Jin finds Claire who is radically different than the last we saw her. In the afterlife timeline we follow Kate after she hijacked Claire's taxicab. Oddly the two form a bond of trust and they both end up helping each other.

The Substitute
The Substitute
  • Original Air Date: February 16, 2010
  • Flash-Sideways: John Locke

The Man in Black masquerading as John Locke continues his mysterious strategy following the death of Jacob, and attempts to incorporate both Richard Alpert and Sawyer into his plans. Meanwhile, Ben's group performs a funeral (of sorts) for the real John Locke. In the afterlife timeline, we follow John who accepts a job as a substitute teacher at the same school as Dr. Benjamin Linus, after some soul searching and acceptance of his paralysis.

  • Original Air Date: February 23, 2010
  • Flash-Sideways: Jack Shephard

The Others in the Temple are on high alert at the approach of the Man in Black. Jack and Hurley follow the instructions of Jacob to a lighthouse, in order to assist with the approach of an unknown visitor. In the afterlife timeline Jack is shown to have a strained relationship with his son which he wants to heal.

  • Original Air Date: March 2, 2010
  • Flash-Sideways: Sayid Jarrah

Ilana and her team arrive at The Temple and begin their search for candidates. The Man in Black issues a warning through Sayid to follow him or die. Those who don't follow are massacred at sunset. In the afterlife timeline, Sayid runs afoul of Martin Keamy who holds a debt over his brother Omer.

Dr. Linus

Ben, revealed to be Jacob's murderer, is forced to dig his own grave, and finds redemption. Hurley, Jack and Richard have an intense conversation at the Black Rock. In the afterlife timeline Dr. Benjamin Linus, a high-school European history teacher, makes a failed attempt at a power-grab against the principal of his school, but succeeds in helping his star pupil Alex Rousseau greatly.


Sawyer is sent to Hydra Island by the Man in Black to scout the area. "Anthony Cooper his followers busy and tries to maintain order. In the afterlife timeline, Detective James Ford continues his search for Anthony Cooper, and is fixed up on a date with Charlotte, by his partner Miles.

Ab Aeterno

Richard suffering a crisis in faith since the death of Jacob has become suicidal, and remembers his life before the island. This episode explains why Richard does not appear to age.

The Package

Sun is growing more impatient to find Jin. When approached by Locke, she flees and ends up with a head injury which causes her to lose her English. In the afterlife timeline, an unmarried Jin and Sun are sent to Los Angeles, ostenibly to deliver a package. The recipient of the package, however, is a hired killer who is targetting Jin.

Happily Ever After
  • Original Air Date: April 6, 2010
  • Flash-Sideways: Desmond Hume

Desmond is returned to the island by Charles Widmore. It is discovered that he has an unusual gift that will prove useful to any one of the factions left on the Island. In the afterlife timeline, Desmond is inadvertently shown the reality of his situation by a suicidal Charlie Pace. This notion becomes a full epiphany when he finds Penny.

Everybody Loves Hugo

Hurley tries to stop Richard who has decided that the Ajira plane must be destroyed. "Locke" tries to deal with Desmond who is retrieved from Hydra by Sayid. In the afterlife timeline, Hurley, in search of a girlfriend, accidentally meets an old friend who remembers him and tries to spark his memory.

The Last Recruit

The Candidates merge their groups with "Locke's" group. Then split up again. Widmore's group becomes aggressive. In the afterlife timeline, the various characters are being drawn together under seemingly unfortunate circumstances.

The Candidate

The Man in Black drives the candidates toward the Ajira Plane with the help of Jack and Sayid. When that proves too dangerous, they make for the submarine. The Man in Black betrays everyone by tricking them onto the submarine with a ticking bomb, which ends up killing several main characters. In the afterlife timeline Jack and Locke talk about John's paralysis. Jack believes he can heal Locke. Locke doesn't want to be healed.

Across the Sea

The origins, objectives and relationships of the Man in Black and Jacob are revealed. Several other long running mysteries of the island in the series are also revealed.

What They Died For
  • Original Air Date: May 18, 2010
  • Flash-Sideways: Various

The Man in Black regroups after the some of the Candidates survive the submarine explosion. Jack volunteers to be the protector of the Island. In the afterlife timeline, Desmond continues to manipulate events that draw the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 together. It is revealed that Hugo is assisting him.

The End
  • Original Air Date: May 23, 2010
  • Flash-Sideways: Various

The series draws to a conclusion with a battle between the Man in Black and Jack with the assistance of Desmond. Some survivors escape the Island, and other choose to remain. The afterlife timeline is explained and draws to a conclusion.

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