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The Birth of the Storyline (Scott - middle, Steve - right)

Scott and Steve is a minor storyline, the premise for which includes the other survivors mixing the two of them up. Scott Jackson and Steve Jenkins were introduced in The Moth after Jack was caught in a cave-in, Michael gathered volunteers and pointed to Steve as said "Hey...uh...Scott!", to which Steve replied "I'm Steve", which was followed by Scott saying "I'm Scott". In Homecoming, one of the characters was murdered (presumably by Ethan Rom) and the body found on the beach, was that of the individual who had previously identified himself as Steve in The Moth.

The storyline is a running joke that has led to the confusion over which individual was killed–confusion by both the survivors and the viewers. The joke being that the survivors could not tell the two apart, and even weeks after one of them was murdered, they still manage to mistake them.

Appearances and Mix-UpsEdit

Scott Jackson and Steve Jenkins were often mistaken for each other due to the fact that their names are very similar, and because they are similar in appearance.

Original Occurrence - The MothEdit

MICHAEL: Hey, uh, uh, Scott?
STEVE: I'm Steve.
SCOTT: I'm Scott.

The first instance was in The Moth. After Jack was caught in a cave-in, Charlie rushed to the beach to inform those present. As Michael gathered volunteers, he pointed to Steve and said "Hey...uh...Scott!", to which Steve replied "I'm Steve", which was followed by Scott saying "I'm Scott".

Attack at the Caves - Raised By AnotherEdit

After Claire was attacked at the caves, Jack and Hurley caught up with each other while searching for her attacker. Hurley first draws attention to the fact that he does not know who Scott and Steve are.

JACK: Nobody saw or heard anything?
HURLEY: Uh-uh, nada. Everyone was asleep. So, I had an idea. I'm out here looking for some psycho with Scott and Steve, right? And I'm realizing who the hell are Scott and Steve?


Steve found murdered on the Beach

The Death of Steve - HomecomingEdit

The death of Steve has become one of the most confusing and debated events on Lost. This is mainly due to the fact that nobody noticed that it was Steve who died. When Steve was found on the beach, Sawyer was correct in saying "Guess old Steve drew the short straw", he was then told incorrectly by Hurley that it was Scott.

SAWYER: Guess old Steve drew the short straw.
HURLEY: Dude, that was Scott.

Most of the survivors (and fans too) believed Scott to be dead, because of Hurley's incorrect funeral speech. Hurley gives the eulogy for Scott Jackson, but it is actually Steve who is buried in front of them. The confusion only grows more after Hurley says his final words of "Sorry I kept calling you Steve, man", even though it is Steve.

HURLEY: Scott Jackson worked for an internet company in Santa Cruz. He won a sales prize: two week Australian vacation, all expenses paid. He was a good guy. Sorry I kept calling you Steve, man. Um, amen, I guess. I don't know how to end these.

Steve and the Polar Bear - Born to RunEdit

After trying to locate the culprit who poisoned Michael, Hurley suggests that Kate may have done it, having been a fugitive. Locke appears to be shocked at the revelation, and Hurley receives annoyed facial expressions from Jack for this. As a result, Hurley also reveals that Steve didn't know about the polar bear.

LOCKE: Why would Kate poison Michael?
HURLEY: Well, you know, the whole fugitive thing. He doesn't know? Well how am I supposed to keep straight who knows what around here? I mean, Steve didn't even know about the polar bear.

The Hotel and The Beach - Exodus - Part 1Edit

Scott and Steve - Exodus Comparison

Scott on the Beach, Steve in the Hotel

In Exodus - Part 1, both Scott and Steve are seen in the same episode. Steve appears at the beginning of the episode attempting to intervene in Michael and Walt's bickering in the hotel.

MICHAEL: I don't like this either, but you're getting on that plane.
WALT: No, I'm not.
STEVE: What's going on?
MICHAEL: It's okay, I'm his father.

Scott appears on the beach, during Jack's speech about heading to the caves to seek safety. The crucial factor in their appearances comes from the fact that Christian Bowman appears as Steve in Walt's flashback, and Dustin Watchman appears on the island as Scott, adding to the evidence that it really was Steve who died. Christian Bowman was also credited as "Steve" as he was in The Moth. This was also Christian's first and final appearance since Homecoming, and Dustin continued to appear on-island.

On the Raft - Exodus - Part 2Edit

While on the raft in Exodus - Part 2, Sawyer begins to read the letters that the survivors had written and placed in the message bottle. When Walt comments that the letters are private, Sawyer proceeds to read them aloud. One in particular was from a survivor named Tracey who writes about her husband and two kids in Fresno, and Sawyer comments that she is sleeping next to Scott. Walt steps in and says "That's Steve, Scott's dead".

SAWYER: Yep. I, for one, never knew how much Tracey missed her hubby and two kids back in Fresno. Yet she's sleeping next to good old Scott to keep her warm at night.
WALT: That's Steve. Scott's dead.
SAWYER: Whatever.

Hurley and Rose - Everybody Hates HugoEdit

While inventorying the food inside the hatch in Everybody Hates Hugo, Hurley comments to Rose that all of the food is going to mess everything up. He gives the example of Charlie and Steve both wanting a bag of potato chips, and it would be he who would have to choose between them on who would get it, and then the one that didn't would resent him. Hurley has yet to discover that it was in fact Steve who died.

HURLEY: Let me tell you something, Rose. We were all fine before we had any - potato chips. But now we've got these potato chips and everybody's going to want them. So Steve gets them, and Charlie's pissed..but he's not pissed at Steve, he's pissed at me.

Jack and Ana-Lucia - The Long ConEdit

While walking the beach in The Long Con, Jack is informed by Ana-Lucia that she has two more people interested in joining the army: "The big guy that lives behind Sayid, and Scott". Jack then says to her her "You mean Steve, Scott's dead." It would be unlikely for Ana-Lucia to have mixed them up, as she had never met Steve, and most likely would have spoken to Scott directly.

ANA-LUCIA: Uh, the big guy who lives behind Sayid, and Scott.
JACK: You mean Steve, Scott's dead.
ANA-LUCIA: Scott... Steve, the point is: after what happened people are finally willing to do something.

Bernard and the S.O.S.Edit

After coming up with the idea of creating an S.O.S. sign on the beach, Bernard approaches Hurley, and tells him to enlist the help of Libby, Jin, Sun, Neil, Craig and Jenkins.

BERNARD: Hurley, what are you doing, right now?
HURLEY: Talking to your wife.
BERNARD: Good. Can you get Libby and meet me at the edge of the tree line in 5 minutes? Oh, and if you can get Jin and Sun, Jenkins and that Frogurt guy, the guy who used to make frozen yogurt?

The Airport - ExposéEdit

Scott Jackson - Expose Comparison

A comparison between Tabula Rasa and Exposé

In Exposé, Scott could be seen walking through the Sydney Airport, passing by Nikki, Paulo, Boone and Shannon. It is interesting to note is that Scott is wearing the burgundy polo shirt that he was wearing during the first few days on the island. This lends further evidence that Steve was the individual that had died, as the producers had the foresight to dress Dustin Watchman in the same clothing that he was wearing in the first few episodes. Had they believed Steve was still alive (and further that Dustin had been playing Steve for three seasons), they may have incorrectly placed Dustin in Steve's clothing. However, this does hinder to the producers knowledge of who Scott and Steve are, and which one is currently alive.

The Water Trough - Left BehindEdit

In Left Behind, Hurley convinces Sawyer that if he doesn't change his ways, that the other survivors are going to banish him from the beach. In doing so, Hurley references Steve bringing water to the trough every morning.

HURLEY: Might wanna ask yourself, about all the good stuff that comes from being a part of this, society. I mean you can't even feed yourself. You use our latrine, drink the water that Steve brings every morning to the trough.

Deleted Scene - Raised By AnotherEdit

Note: Information from deleted scenes and omitted scenes from scripts are NOT considered canon, it is listed here for informational and reference purposes.

ON HURLEY in census-taking mode, jotting stuff down as he converses with SCOTT and STEVE, on the move.
HURLEY: Okay, so it’s Scott Jenkins...
SCOTT: Jackson.
STEVE: I’m Jenkins. Steve.
HURLEY: Right. Steve... Jenkins. (then) And you dudes were on vacation in Australia. Just the two of you... Together.
HURLEY: So... Safe to assume... I mean, I guess you’re, uh... I mean, you two are... y’know... (gay) ...Married... Or something?
Scott and Steve share a look.
SCOTT: Nah. We’re both single. (re: Steve) And my buddy’s got serious commitment issues.
STEVE: No, I don’t. (back to Hurley) Just haven’t found the right person yet.
ON HURLEY, somewhat uncomfortable as Steve looks at him. The ambiguity of these two guys’ relationship still ambiguous. Gratefully, Hurley then notices HIS POV - LOCKE, laying out boar pelts to dry in the hot sun.
HURLEY: Excuse me, guys.
Hurley crosses to Locke, as Steve and Scott move off.

Popular perception that Scott is deadEdit

The Fuselage's VIP BoardsEdit

The Fuselage is the Official Site of the Creative Team Behind ABC's Award Winning TV Show "LOST". Located within is a "VIP" section, in which fans can submit their questions to LOST cast and crew members in the hopes of gaining a response. On several occasions Christian Bowman and Dustin Watchman have replied to questions on the subject of Scott and Steve.

Originally found at The Fuselage
MOWOHLEEHEY: Christian, Uh, the show said it was Scott, but wasn't that you on the beach???? Ok, stay confused now Who wen make (die)?
CHRISTIAN: That was me dead as dirt...of course, I don't know who me is now...Stay mo' confused den you, brah...

Originally found at The Fuselage
LOSTFANFOREVER: Christian, Uh, the show said it was Scott, but wasn't that you on the beach???? Ok, stay confused now Who wen make (die)?
DUSTIN: Thanks for clearing that up for me, but im confused...Christian said...HE died, and he plays steve, why on the show did they say scott? hahaha im so confused still, so confused!
LOSTFANFOREVER: So its definetly steve "who drew the short straw" (lol) and ill have to keep a sharp eye out for u in future episodes! ;-)
DUSTIN: i used to bodyboard huge waves onthe north shore of oahu like 6-8 occasional 10 which translates to a 12-18 face wave.its fun but very scar though.and yes steve drew the short straw

E! Online InterviewEdit

An E! Online interview conducted by Jennifer Godwin with Adam Horowitz and Carlton Cuse express their opinion with the Scott and Steve debacle.

JENNIFER: Okay, here's a big question: Scott was eulogized, but rumor has it that it was actually Steve that was killed, even though Hurley apologized for calling Scott Steve. Which one is really alive?
CARLTON: I have no idea.
JENNIFER: That's your official executive producer answer? You have no idea?
ADAM: We actually have a notecard on the board in the room that says "Scott is dead, Steve is alive."
ADAM: We'd lost track.
CARLTON: Scott's dead, Steve's alive.

The Official Lost PodcastEdit

In the October 30, 2006 podcast, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse admitted that they had lost track of which actor played which character, and they are uncertain which character actually died.

CARLTON: "Supposedly, the character Scott died in the episode, "Homecoming". However, closer inspection reveals that it was actually Steve's body that was found, and Scott still appeared on the series in Season 2. Why do all the survivors except Sawyer and Ana-Lucia still think it was Scott who died, and will this have some payoff later, or is it just an extension of the gag?"
DAMON: The latter. It's just an extension of the gag. In fact, I think Scott is dead and Steve is alive. But for some reason, that part of your brain that just cannot wrap your brain around something, just, I cannot remember.
CARLTON: In fact, there was actually some confusion, because when the two actors who played Scott and Steve were informed that one of them was dying, they each claimed to be portraying the actor that was living.
DAMON: Right, in the script, for example, they find Steve's body, and both of them said "I'm Scott!" Because we had never named them.
CARLTON: And we were struggling, we actually thought we knew who was Scott and who was Steve, but we really didn't, and in fact, then we got into a huge thing, we got the dailies back, and it was still hard to determine who was Scott and who was Steve.
DAMON: Then we gave each actor a rock, and then we said, "Whoever is left standing gets to be Scott."
CARLTON: That's right. So one of them died, but we don't know which one!
DAMON: We don't know which one. So, that's the true story.

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