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Sayid Hassan Jarrah
Name Sayid Hassan Jarrah
Gender Male
Country Tikrit, Iraq
Occupation Former Republican Guard Communications Officer
Family Father - Mr. Jarrah
Mother - Mrs. Jarrah
Wife - Noor Abed Jazeem
Flashback(s) Solitary, The Greater Good, One of Them, Enter 77
Flashforward(s) The Economist
Played By Naveen Andrews (adult)
Anthony Keyvan (child)

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Sayid Jarrah was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 because he was traveling to Irvine, California to meet his former love Nadia with whom he'd been estranged for many years. Sayid was formerly a Military Communications officer for the Republican Guard and had served in the Gulf War.

Life Before Flight 815

Born in 1968, Sayid served as a communications officer in the Iraqi Republican Guard. During the Gulf War (when Sayid was 23), Sayid's base is captured by the Americans. As the only Iraqi among his squad who speaks English, the Americans use Sayid to ask his superior officer, Tariq, about a missing US pilot. After meeting with DIA Agent Kelvin Inman, Sayid learned that Tariq ordered a Sarin gas attack on his village, Sayid is given a box filled with torture tools given to him by Kelvin, which he uses to successfully interrogate Tariq about the location of the pilot. When the Gulf War ends with Saddam still in power, Sayid is released by the US and goes back into the Iraqi Republican Guard. He swears he will never torture again.

Sayid continues his military service using his knowledge of torture. However, his loyalty is shattered when he is ordered to torture his childhood friend, Nadia. When she is set to be executed, Sayid helps her to escape by killing his commanding officer and shooting himself in the leg to make it look like she escaped on her own.

Sometime after the Gulf War, Sayid leaves the Republican Guard and decides to track down Nadia. He moves to Paris and works as a chef under the assumed name Najif and tells people that he is Syrian, in an effort to hide his past as a torturer. Sayid is offered a position with higher pay at another restaurant by a fellow Iraqi named Sami, but when he arrives, he is taken prisoner by Sami and locked in a pantry. It turns out that Sayid was recognized - he once tortured Sami's wife, Amira, by pouring boiling oil on her arms. Sami beats Sayid to get him to confess what he did, but Sayid denies ever seeing Amira before. The next day, Amira meets with Sayid alone, explaining how he so negatively effected her life. Sayid finally admits torturing her and tearfully apologizes, but she forgives him, explaining that all people are capable of doing what he did, but she will never torture or witness torture after being put through it herself. She tells Sami that Sayid was not the man who tortured her and Sayid is presumably let go soon after.

Sayid continues to attempt to track down Nadia. He is picked up in England by members of ASIS and the CIA who have been following his movements. They offer him a deal: if Sayid can infiltrate a terrorist cell in Sydney whose members he is familiar with, and uncover 300 pounds (136 kg) of stolen C-4, then the intelligence agency will tell him where Nadia is.

Sayid is tasked with convincing Essam, his college roommate from Cairo University, to go through with being a suicide bomber so the intelligence officers can take possession of the missing explosives. Sayid warns Essam at the last moment to give him time to escape, but Essam becomes distraught that his supposed friend has deceived him over a woman, and kills himself. Sayid is released with a plane ticket to Los Angeles to look for Nadia, who they tell him is living in Irvine, but he asks for a flight for the next day, so that he can arrange a proper Muslim burial for Essam's body. He's then given a ticket on Oceanic flight 815.

On-Island Life

Season 1

In the evening after the crash Sayid takes the initiative and lights a signal fire. Charlie helps him. The next day Sayid is accused by Sawyer of being a terrorist who crashed the plane. He proves himself instrumental by repairing the transceiver recovered from the cockpit and receiving the looped distress signal recorded by Rousseau. Sayid comes close to triangulating the signal, but Locke knocks Sayid out before he is successful. Sayid tortures Sawyer for information on Shannon's asthma medicine. During a struggle he stabs Sawyer with a knife. Sayid feels guilty and leaves to explore the island. Shortly afterward, he is captured by Rousseau.

Sayid grows closer to Shannon when she helps him translate Rousseau's notes. After Boone's death, Shannon asks Sayid to kill Locke. Locke takes Sayid to the remains of the Beechcraft and gives him the gun from the Nigerian priest to try to gain his trust, but Sayid is still suspicious. Locke manages to convince Sayid that Boone's death was an accident, and Sayid also stops Shannon from using one of Jack's guns to kill Locke. This leads to an apparent cooling of their relationship. Eventually, Sayid and Shannon reconcile and consummate their relationship. Sayid convinces Locke to reveal the truth about the hatch.

Season 2

Shortly after, Shannon is accidentally shot and killed by Ana-Lucia, who proceeds to tie him to a tree. She later lets him go after Sayid sympathizes with her. Sayid digs Shannon's grave and attends her funeral, which he leaves early. Hurley asks Sayid to fix the tail-sectioners' radio. He does and it picks up the song "Moonlight Serenade" by Glenn Miller.

Rousseau captures a man calling himself "Henry Gale" and gives him to Sayid, claiming he is an Other. Sayid interrogates him, and "Henry" constantly denies it. Unconvinced, Sayid begins beating him. Jack stops the interrogation, but Sayid still believes that "Henry" is an Other. Along with Charlie he joins Ana-Lucia in her search for their prisoner's balloon. He is eager to find out if it even exists, because he blames the Others for Shannon's death and wants to take his vengeance out on "Henry". The three discover the balloon, as well as a grave, presumably of "Henry's" wife, but Sayid is still unconvinced. He digs up the grave and discovers a dead man inside. An ID card on the man reveals him to actually be the true Henry Gale, suggesting that the "Henry Gale" in the hatch is indeed an Other, using the dead man's name as a temporary alias when he was caught by Rousseau. After this revelation, in a heated exchange with "Henry," Sayid almost shoots him, but Ana-Lucia hits his arm so the bullet misses.

When Michael returns in "Three Minutes", Sayid is enlisted by Sawyer to join the attack on the Others' camp. However, Michael adamantly and angrily refuses Sayid's help, and later privately asks Sayid not to intervene. Sayid appears to understand Michael's standpoint and backs out graciously, but has become suspicious as to why Michael does not want a former soldier like Sayid joining the attack. He tells Jack that Michael has been "compromised" and that he is luring them into a trap, possibly as a deal to get Walt back. He keeps this a secret between him and Jack, not wanting Michael to think that anyone suspects him.

In "Live Together, Die Alone", Sayid plots with Jack to sail ahead to the Others' camp (along with Jin and Sun) and help fight by using Desmond's sailboat. On the way there, they sail past a giant foot of a destroyed statue, which Sayid notices only has four toes.

Sayid arrives at the Others' camp and no one is there. He discovers what appears to be a hatch, but it is just doors on the side of the rocks; the entire camp is a decoy. He sets off a signal fire for Jack to know his location anyway (as per the plan) but Michael has not led Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley to the decoy camp. They are quickly taken by the Others and never meet Sayid.

Season 3

He regroups with Sun and Jin after the white light in "The Glass Ballerina". They discover the Pala Ferry dock, where Sayid makes a plan to light a fire to attract the Others, capture two, and kill the rest. Initially, he lies to Sun and Jin about this. His plan fails, however, when the Others arrive not at the fire but on the sailboat, which they steal. Sayid apologizes to Jin and Sun afterwards for putting their lives in danger. They return to camp in "The Cost of Living," where Sayid joins Locke, Desmond, Nikki, and Paulo on their journey to The Pearl, another hatch, in order to find a way to possibly communicate with the Others. Sayid rewires a monitor, which turns on and reveals the inside of yet another hatch. A man with an eye-patch who is inside spots the camera and turns it off. The "monster" is then heard outside, and when everyone rushes out, they see Eko - who was outside - lying mortally wounded and then die. Sayid was the first to understand that Locke was lying in "I Do" about the cause of Eko's death. He later, along with Locke, Desmond, Paulo and Nikki, attended to Eko's funeral.

In "Flashes Before Your Eyes", he and Locke send Desmond to retrieve Charlie and Hurley. Once gathered, Locke informs them of Eko's demise. However, the secretive group meeting is interrupted when Desmond runs off. Sayid follows him, alongside the rest of the group, and discovers that Claire had been drowning, and that Desmond was already in the water trying to rescue her.

In "Enter 77", Locke, Rousseau, Kate and Sayid find the eye-patched man in a small house in the middle of the jungle, which is really another DHARMA station called "The Flame." Rousseau decides to leave while Kate, Sayid and Locke investigate. The man shoots Sayid in the shoulder, but Sayid is not seriously hurt. Everyone lays down their arms when it's decided they are not enemies and the eye-patched man treats Sayid's wound. He explains that his name is Mikhail Bakunin and he is the last remaining member of the DHARMA Initiative. Sayid suspects otherwise and Mikhail gives up the ruse and attacks them. Sayid subdues Mikhail and ties him up. He then discovers a secret door in the floor underneath a mat. Sayid and Kate go underground to discover The Flame is rigged with numerous C-4 explosives all over the walls, but they do not know why. Kate is then attacked by Bea Klugh, but Sayid captures her. However, when they emerge from the hatch, they find Mikhail has escaped and is keeping Locke hostage outside. In Russian, Bea asks Mikhail to kill her which he regretfully does. Sayid holds a gun to Mikhail's head but decides to keep him alive. Sayid, Kate, Locke, Rousseau and their prisoner Mikhail leave The Flame, but to their shock, it blows up behind them. Locke reveals that the computer inside told him that if "the hostiles" took over the station, he needed to press "77," but it turns out that it activated the C-4 in order to self-destruct the station. Although angry at Locke's actions - the communication systems in The Flame had the capability to contact the outside world - Sayid still managed to bring along a map from the hatch, which listed wiring routes throughout the island, and pinpointed the location of The Others' village.

In the episode "Par Avion" the group encounters a strange row of pylons that surround the Others' territory. Locke pushes Mikhail past them, which activates a sonar frequency that causes Mikhail to have a brain hemorrhage and die. Kate, Sayid, Locke and Rousseau then put a branch up against a pylon of the security system and over the other side of it and all four climb over successfully without getting killed. The four then encounter Jack playing football with Tom. Sayid stops Kate from approaching the changed Jack. Later, in "The Man from Tallahassee", Sayid is captured by the Others, and chained to a swingset. When Alex comes to get his pack, he tells her that she looks just like her mother, who she believed was dead. Alex becomes troubled, and Sayid is beaten into silence. The next day, in "Left Behind", Sayid is still tied up in the garden, and is released by Juliet. When Jack decides to return to the beach, Sayid is adamant not to allow Juliet to come along. However, his opinion is overruled, and the four of them begin to head back.

On their way back, in "One of Us", Sayid attempts to interrogate Juliet, but Jack intervenes and forbids him from asking her until she is ready. The day after they arrive back on the beach, Sayid and Sawyer follow Juliet as she retrieves the medical stash. He again attempts to interrogate her, but Juliet persuades him to reconsider his actions. He and Sawyer let her return to camp to help Claire.

In "The Brig", Hurley approaches Sayid with the news of Naomi's arrival, and he enters the tent to speak to her. As she begins to explain herself, Sayid grows weary of her story and immediately asks Desmond if he saw her helicopter. However, Sayid is dumbfounded when Naomi gives him her satellite phone. Sayid and Hurley repair the phone, but the static alerts a nearby Kate. Sayid has no choice but to inform Kate about Naomi, but tells her not to tell anyone else.

In "The Man Behind the Curtain", Sawyer returns to camp and immediately speaks to Sayid, telling him of Locke's status. He then plays Sayid the tape, revealing Juliet's true motives. They approach her tent, only to be told by Kate that they left after telling them about Naomi. Sayid asks why he told him, and she explains that she is injured and Jack is a doctor, to which Sayid requests Sawyer play the tape to Kate. That night, Sayid and Sawyer lead a group discussion where Naomi explains the situation from her perspective. During this debate, the recorder is played just as Jack and Juliet return to camp. Sayid begins questioning Jack as to why he didn't tell them about Juliet's dilemma, to which he responds that he wasn't sure what to do at the time.

They take Sayid and the rest of the group into the jungle, where they learn of a plan to rid themselves of the Others permanently. Sayid spots Karl running towards them, and he warns the beach of the Others' arrival that night. Realizing the dynamite isn't properly rigged to the tents yet, Sayid suggests staying behind and shooting it, along with Jin and Bernard ("Greatest Hits"). That night, Sayid and Bernard detonate their dynamite, but Jin's inaccuracy results in their kidnapping. As they are about to be killed the next day, they are rescued by Hurley, Sawyer and Juliet. ("Through the Looking Glass").

Season 4

Sayid advises against Sawyer contacting Jack about the true identity of the mercenaries on the freighter Kahana, sent by Charles Widmore to reclaim the island and kill Ben Linus. He later is with the group that finds Frank Lapidus, and Sayid inspects the helicopter and determines it is safe to fly. He then offers to take Miles and Kate to retrieve Charlotte from Locke ("The Economist"). After Kate decides to join with Locke's party, Sayid trades Miles for Charlotte, and convinces Frank to fly him to the freighter along with Desmond, since he doesn't trust Ben's spy. A flashforward from the same episode reveals that after being one of the Oceanic 6 survivors, Sayid is working as an assassin and taking orders from Ben. Desmond's mind begins flashing from 2004 to 1996 while on the trek to the freighter, and Sayid calls Jack to get instructions from Daniel on how to help him.

Later, Sayid and Desmond speak with the captain of the freighter, and meet Michael, who is Ben's spy under the name "Kevin Johnson", and they help blow his cover when they discover his mission is to blow up the freighter and everyone on board. The flashforward in "The Shape of Things to Come" shows how Ben recruited Sayid as an assassin, by giving him the chance to kill the man who murdered Nadia, and threatening to kill Charles Widmore's daughter Penny in retaliation for Alex being killed.

Keamy tries to kill Michael for being the spy, but his gun jams, and Sayid convinces the captain to let him use the motorized raft to return to the island, leaving Desmond behind. He is captured by Richard and the Others, while Daniel uses the raft to begin ferrying passengers to safety ("There's No Place Like Home - Part 1"). He joins the Others in taking out the mercenaries on the freighter, although Keamy survives and goes after Ben. After Ben kills Keamy, causing the freighter to explode, he activates the frozen wheel which moves the island. Sayid, Jack, Kate and Hurley leave the island along with Desmond, Sun, and Aaron via Frank's helicopter just before the freighter explodes, while Sawyer voluntarily jumps out to lighten their load. After the chopper runs out of fuel and crashes into the ocean, they are rescued by Penny Widmore's boat and returned to society and hailed as the "Oceanic Six" survivors of the crash, making up a story about the crash to protect those left on the island. Flashforwards of everyone's life after the "rescue" show Sayid freeing Hurley from the Santa Rosa Mental Hospital to take him to a safe location ("There's No Place Like Home - Part 2").

Season 5

In 2007, Sayid attempts to protect Hurley at a safehouse, killing two intruders but succumbing to the effects of a tranquilizing dart. While hallucinating about Ana-Lucia, Hurley takes the unconscious Sayid to his parents' house, and eventually to Jack who revives him. Hurley turns himself in to the police to avoid returning to the island. Sayid fends off an attack at a hospital by an assailant who is also after Kate and Jack, and learns that the attorney representing Hurley is also hired by Ben to force Kate to take a maternity test for Aaron.

Sayid is with Kate, Jack, and Desmond when Ben takes them to meet with Eloise Hawking, who has pinpointed the island's location for the survivors to return. After Locke pushes the frozen wheel, the events of "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" detail Locke's attempts (funded by Charles Widmore) to gather the Oceanic Six together. He is subsequently murdered by Ben, who makes it look like a suicide. Sayid is brought onboard the Ajira Airways Flight 316 by Ilana to meet the other survivors and make the return trip to the island.

After Flight 316 crashes back on the island in 1977, Jack, Kate, and Hurley meet up with Sawyer, who has infiltrated the DHARMA Initiative as "LaFleur", their head of security. He introduces them as new recruits to cover their identities and tells Jack that he is in charge. Sometime after, Jin (who has also pretended to join DHARMA) encounters Sayid wandering in the jungle, but is forced to claim that Sayid is a "Hostile" in order to maintain his cover. Sawyer has Sayid placed into custody in the Barracks to stall for time, where Sayid encounters a 12-year old Ben Linus, who brings him food and is beaten by his father for showing mercy to a "Hostile". In "He's Our You", Sawyer tries to get Sayid to make a false confession of being a defector from the Others, and is taken to an interrogator named Oldham. Although Sayid tells everything he knows under the influence of a truth serum, the fact that he claims he is from the future causes them to disbelieve his story. The DHARMA group vote to execute him, and Sayid refuses Sawyer's offer to help him escape, claiming he now has a purpose on the island. A flashback reveals Sayid's time as an assassin, and shows how he was seduced and taken into custody by Ilana as revenge by the family of a man he killed.

While Sawyer confronts Kate about his relationship with Juliet, a flaming van crashes into the Barracks, and the younger Ben uses the distraction to free Sayid so that he can join the Others. However Sayid knocks out Jin and takes his gun, shooting the younger Ben in the chest before fleeing into the jungle.

He is not seen again until "Follow The Leader", in which he joins with Jack and the Others with a plan to detonate the hydrogen bomb found in "Jughead" to destroy the energy source at the DHARMA station and prevent the events that originally caused Flight 815's crash from ever happening. He and Jack dismantle the core from the bomb with Richard and Eloise, but Richard knocks Eloise unconscious to keep her safe since she is pregnant with Daniel. A flashback in "The Incident" reveals that like many other characters, prior to being on Flight 815 Sayid encountered the mysterious Jacob, who distracted him by asking for directions when his wife Nadia is struck and killed by a speeding car. Sayid puts on a DHARMA jumpsuit to escape the Barracks in the DHARMA van, but Roger Linus recognizes him and shoots him in the stomach before Hurley drives the van away. Jack attempts to treat Sayid's wound, but is interrupted by a returning Sawyer, Kate, and Juliet, who had been previously banished from the island when their true identities were discovered.

Jack and Sawyer get into a fistfight over the plan to detonate the bomb, until Juliet breaks them up and sides with Jack about the plan. After a gunfight with Dr. Chang and the DHARMA security team, Juliet is dragged into the bottom of the shaft with the bomb during an electromagnetic disturbance; she detonates the bomb into the energy pocket with a blinding flash of light.

Season 6

The detonation of the bomb creates 2 distinct timelines: one in which Flight 815 never crashed on the island, and one in which it failed and the survivors are returned to 2007, still on the island.

In the current timeline, Sayid is still suffering from his gunshot wound sustained in 1977. Hurley is visited by Jacob, who tells him that to save Sayid he must take him to a temple of the Others, and that Jin will know the location from his days with the French expedition. Everyone except Sawyer and Miles go to the temple, where they are confronted by a group of Others led by a Japanese man named Dogen. They are nearly executed until Hurley reveals they were sent by Jacob, and gives Dogen a list of names concealed in an ankh sculpture in the guitar case Hurley has been carrying. Dogen's translator remarks that they must save Sayid from his injuries to prevent grave consequences.

Sayid is taken to a room in the temple and submerged in a large pool of water, being held under as an hourglass counts down. They do not allow him surface even as he struggles and Sayid appears to die, despite Jack's attempts at CPR. Upon learning that Jacob has been killed by Ben, Dogen fires off warning flares, and orders the temple to prepare defenses against the Monster. While Jack argues with the translator, Sayid sits up, seemingly resurrected ("LA X").

Jack fights with Dogen about questioning Sayid in private, and Sawyer steals a gun and forces his way out of the temple. While Kate and Jin track him, Dogen takes Sayid to a private room, straps to an examining table, and begins a number of torture methods on him. The translator apologizes for Sayid having to take this "test" but claims that he passes it; Dogen confirms with the translator after Sayid leaves that he in fact failed. Jack protests Sayid's treatment, but Dogen claims that Sayid is possessed by the same "sickness" mentioned by Danielle Rousseau and gives Jack a pill which he claims will help cure him. After conferring with Sayid, Jack returns to Dogen and takes the pill himself, forcing Dogen to make him spit it out and revealing that it was poison designed to kill Sayid. Dogen informs Jack that a "darkness" is now growing in Sayid, and if it spreads to his heart, he will be "claimed" and lose all traces of the man he once was; he also reveals that it happened once before to another.

In "The Substitute", the entity posing as Locke brings Sawyer to a cave in a cliffside, where he finds a scale with a white and a black stone, and a list of names scratched into the cave wall, revealing the numbers paired with names of the survivors, and certain names crossed out. Sayid's number is revealed to be 16.

After killing Dogen, Sayid spends most of his time as Locke's right hand man, always obeying his wishes and remaining silent when others such as Kate or James intend to speak to him even to the point to standing still when Claire intended to kill Kate in front of him. Later on, he explains to Locke that he can no longer feel joy, sorrow or pain.

After the arrival of Widmore to the island, Sayid is sent to sneak in and find out what they brought, taking Desmond with him, to wich Desmond reveals no struggle.

Sayid begins to have second thoughts about his path when he meets Desmond trapped in the well where Locke threw him, and asks him if meeting his dead wife would feel right after all the atrocities he has done. Later on he meets Locke prior to the intended arrival to the plane, and the later occupation of the submarine Sayid stays away from the group only following orders until the time the group chooses to abandon Locke on the island.

However as long since Locke placed the plane C4 on Jack's bagpack to kill them all, Sayid aknowledged that the bomb could be disarmed if the wires were disconected properly but never got to do so, aslong since Jack and James discused a solution, however after James failed to disarm it Sayid told jack about Desmond whereaobuts recognized him as the definitive candidate and took the bomb to save his friends, blowing himself up and opening a fissure on the sub.

Sayid's death.

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