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Sarah Shephard
Sarah Shephard
Name Sarah Shephard
Gender Female
Country Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Teacher
Spouse Jack Shephard (Divorced)
Episode(s) Do No Harm, Man of Science, Man of Faith, The Hunting Party, A Tale of Two Cities, Through the Looking Glass
Played By Julie Bowen

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8 months before Sarah's scheduled wedding to her fiancée Kevin, she was going for a dress fitting and to look at tablecloths; while driving, she blew out a tire on her vehicle and jumped the center divider and went head on with an oncoming SUV. When the paramedics arrived on the scene, they found her with a piece of a steering column lodged in her chest. They rushed her to St. Sebastian Hospital, while on their way Sarah went into cardiac arrest twice. When she arrived to the hospital, her blood pressure began to drop; the doctor in the ER was Jack Shephard. While attending to Sarah, the other victim of the accident, Adam Rutherford, was rushed into the ER. Acting fast, Jack removed the piece of metal from her, and attempted to stabilize Sarah’s blood pressure by removing blood with a very large syringe, as Sarah returned to normal, Adam passed away in the process. As Jack tells the nurse to bring Sarah up to ICU, Sarah tells those around her that she wants to dance at her wedding.

When she awoke she was greeted by Jack who was filling out a chart in front of her. When Sarah asks Jack what happened to the older man she hit, Jack informs her that he died in the ER, to which Sarah becomes tearfully emotional. When she asks what has happened to her, Jack informs her that she has a fracture-dislocation of her thoracic lumbar spine with multiple crushed vertebrae, that her back is broken, and that her spleen is ruptured and bleeding into her abdomen. Jack informs her that he will perform surgery, but even the most optimistic results would put the likelihood of retaining mobility below her waist extremely unlikely.

While preparing for her surgery, Sarah informed Jack that she would not be dancing at her wedding and that she was perfectly fine with rolling around; she then extended Jack an invitation. Hearing this, Jack informed Sarah that he was going to fix her.

When Sarah awoke from surgery, she noticed Jack had a very strong smell to him, and he informed her that he was running a "tour de stade" before he arrived. When she asks if her fiancée is at the hospital, Jack informs her that he’s sure he’ll return. When Sarah inquires as to how the surgery went, Jack presents her with the bad news that the damage was just too great to repair and that she would be paralyzed from the waist down. Doubting his information, Sarah asks how that could be true if she could wiggle her toes. As Jack glances over to see her doing just that, he administers a series of pokes on her leg to see if the pain was registering, when she informs him that it was, she very excitedly realizes that the operation was a success and that Jack did in fact save her.

Over the course of 2 years after the accident, Jack and Sarah would become involved and would eventually be planning their marriage. While giving a toast at their rehearsal dinner, Sarah informs those present that Jack had saved her, that he was the most committed man she had ever known, and that because he fixed her, she would dance at their wedding.

While Jack was playing a piano in the hotel they were staying at, Sarah goes down to visit him while still in her pajamas. As they begin to play "Heart and Soul", Sarah informs Jack that he doesn’t have to write his vows if he doesn’t want to, however; Jack insists that he wants to and is going to. As Jack glances out to a taxi that had just pulled up, Sarah assures Jack that his father would arrive for their wedding. As Sarah kisses Jack, she informs him that she cannot wait to marry him.

While at their wedding, after delivering her vows, Sarah prepares to hear Jack deliver his, however; to her surprise he hadn't. He informs her that he had been trying for a month, but couldn't due to the fact that he wasn't good at letting go. Jack informs Sarah that her vows were incorrect when she mentioned that he fixed her, and that in actuality, she fixed him. Jack tells Sarah that he loves her and that he always will. The two kiss, and Sarah becomes Mrs. Jack Shephard.

Some time after her marriage to Jack, Sarah would find herself alone when Jack would work late nights, because of this Sarah began to have an affair behind his back. After Jack had completed the surgery that was to attempt repairing the damage to a man named Angelo, he informed her that he hadn’t been able to successfully complete the operation, and that when he informed the daughter of this, he confessed that she kissed him and that he kissed her back. It was at this moment that Jack vowed to work fewer hours in an effort to fix their crumbling marriage, Sarah then revealed that she was seeing someone else, and that she was leaving him. When she left, she informed him that he would always need something to fix.

Jack soon became obsessed with finding out who the man seeing Sarah was. So much that he called all the numbers on her cell phone to discover who the man was. When one of the numbers phoned his father, Jack began to suspect that he was the man he was looking for. So much that he followed him to an AA meeting and verbally and physically attacked him. Jack was arrested by the LAPD, and Sarah arrived to bail him out of prison. She was accompanied by her mystery man, when Jack questioned her as to who he was, she said that it didn't matter who he was, but rather who Jack was not.

Years after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Sarah visited Jack at the hospital as she was still listed as his emergency contact, and she appears very pregnant.