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Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute
Dr Curtis
Name Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute
Country California
Introduced In Numbers
Type Mental Health Facility

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The Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute is located in California and acts as an asylum for mentally disturbed individuals.

Hugo ReyesEdit

Hurley was institutionalized at Santa Rosa after an accident occurred which caused the deaths of two people. Hurley had walked onto a deck meant to hold 8 people, but was at the time holding 23, when Hurley stepped onto the deck, it collapsed. Hurley blamed the incident on himself and went into a catatonic state, and punished himself by eating. He was committed by his mother, Carmen.

During his time at Santa Rosa, he met and became friends with a man named Dave, who Hurley was unaware was imaginary. Hurley's doctor, Dr. Brooks, had told Hurley on several occasions that he believed Dave was a negative influence on Hurley. When Dr. Brooks took a photograph of the two of them together for the bulletin board, he later presented it to Hurley as proof that Dave was imaginary. That night, as Dave tried to get Hurley to escape, he left Dave behind and admitted that Dave wasn't real. This was his breakthrough and he eventually became better and was released.

Leonard SimmsEdit

Leonard Simms was institutionalized at the institute for his deep psychological issues pertaining to the “Numbers”, he would often play Connect Four, and would constantly repeat the numbers to himself. Lenny heard the numbers from Sam Toomey who was an old Navy friend of his, who had heard the numbers come in through a transmission of a voice repeating the numbers from the South Pacific. Sam used the numbers to guess the number of beans at a fair in Kalgoorlie, and after that he had nothing but bad luck. The situation drove Lenny to his state, and his asylum.

During the time Hurley was institutionalized at the facility, he had observed Lenny enough to memorize the numbers for himself, which he later used to play the lottery with. When Hurley was struck with the same apparent bad luck, he returned to the institute in the attempts of learning the truth of the numbers from Lenny himself. However, Lenny became very distraught and irate when learning Hurley used the numbers to play the lottery, and informed him that he had “opened the box” and that he had to get far away from the numbers. Lenny was dragged off by an orderly, and before he was taken, Lenny provided Hurley with Sam’s name, and Hurley set off once more to discover the vast meaning.


It is unknown why Libby was originally institutionalized at Santa Rosa, but while she was there, she was on medication. She was eventually released, but it is unknown if she was to continue taking medication once she left.

In the alternate timeline of Season 6, Libby remains a patient there under the care of Dr. Brooks. She is there voluntarily, believing that various memories from the original timeline are delusions and hallucinations.

Emily LockeEdit

Emily Locke was institutionalized at the institute due to her issues with schizophrenia, however, if she stays on the medication she is issued, she is fine.


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Numbers triviaEdit

One of many links to the numbers Hurley used to win the lottery is also in the name of the institution itself. If you were to take each letter of the alphabet as it's number chronologically (a=1, b=2 etc.) the letters from 'Santa Rosa' add up to 108; which is also the total of the lottery numbers used.