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Name Sami
Gender Male
Country Paris, France
Occupation Restaurateur
Spouse Amira
Episode(s) Enter 77
Played By Shaun Toub

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Sami and his wife Amira were passing by a restaurant in Paris, when Amira spotted Sayid and was positive that he was the man who had tortured her when she was captured by the Republican Guard. Sami returned to the restaurant, and offered Sayid (who was going by the alias of "Najeev") a job based on the one meal, and stated that it was because they were outsiders, and because his had chef just quit.

His ruse was successful, and Sayid was apprehended and locked inside the basement of the restaurant where Sami attempted to force Sayid to admit that he did in fact torture her, however, Sayid refused to admit to something he claims not to have done.

Sayid later admitted to Amira that he did in fact torture her years ago,and she agreed to inform Sami that she had made a mistake so that Sami would free him.