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Ryan Pryce
Ryan Pryce
Name Ryan Pryce
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation One of "The Others"
Episode(s) The Man from Tallahassee, Greatest Hits, Through the Looking Glass
Played By Brian Goodman

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When Kate had entered Jack's house inside the Barracks, she was confronted by Ryan who entered and held her at gunpoint. Sayid was brought into the room several seconds later, and Ryan demanded Kate to tell him who else was with them, but she stated that it was just the two of them.

Ryan kept guard of Sayid who was handcuffed to a swing set, when Alex arrived to retrieve Sayid's pack at the insistence of Locke, Sayid stated that she resembled her mother, to which Alex stated that her mother was dead. After Alex left, Ryan struck Sayid in his back and told him to shut his mouth.

Ryan and Locke would later meet up on the dock leading up to The Galaga. When Ryan ordered Locke on his knees and to raise his arms, the submarine detonated behind them after Locke had placed the C-4 inside.

Ryan later took a case full of supplies to the Flight 815 survivor's camp and hid them near a tree, which Ethan had marked and used as a drop point while he had been infiltrating the survivors. He placed the case there for Juliet, so that she could claim they were Ethan's when she cured Claire of her affliction when the implant inside her was activated.

When Ben decided to speed up the operation to kidnap the pregnant women from the survivors camp, Ben placed Pryce in charge asking how soon he could be ready. Pryce replied by saying he would go along with a team of his ten best men. Ben later instructed to abduct all of the women, and they would sort of the pregnant ones later.

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