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Rousseau's Shelter
Rousseaus Shelter
Name Rousseau's Shelter
Introduced In Solitary
Last Seen In Numbers

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This shelter was dug out 16 years before the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 by the 6 members of the Science Team after their ship crashed onto the island after following message they had heard.

"Temporary" ShelterEdit

The shelter was originally designed to be temporary, however; when rescue did not seem apparent, it became a permanent shelter for two months. After Rousseau’s team contracted the “sickness”, she murdered them, and changed the distress call that they had heard. Danielle used the shelter for 16 years, and would not see or speak to another person until capturing Sayid, believing him to be one of “The Others”. When she brought him inside, she strapped him to a bed, and administered a series of electrical shocks when he did not answer her questions. The shelter has some sort of power source of unknown origin. When Danielle and Sayid parted ways, Danielle rigged her camp with explosives, and it was destroyed when Jack accidentally tripped a wire while looking for her with Sayid.

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