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Name Rosie
Gender Femle
Country Unknown
Occupation Member of the DHARMA Initiative
Episode(s) LaFleur, He's Our You, Whatever Happened, Happened, Follow The Leader
Played By Molly McGivern

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Rosie was a member of the DHARMA Initiative, and resided with the group on the island. Some time in 1977, Rosie appeared to have entered, or was about to enter, into a romantic relationship with fellow DHARMA member Jerry. During Jerry's appointed shift at the security building within the DHARMA barracks, Rosie visited him with a plate of brownies. The two then began to dance, which caused Jerry to lose focus on the security monitors he was assigned to monitor. Fellow security officer Phil then arrived at the building, and scolded Jerry for abandoning his post. The two men then began to argue, while Rosie noticed Horace on one of the security feeds behaving erratically. Calling the two men over, the three then observed Horace detonate a stick of dynamite at the base of a tree near the sonic fence. Alarmed, the two men left the security building to inform security chief Jim LaFleur of these recent events, leaving Rosie alone. (LaFleur)

Rosie was later present at the meeting of DHARMA officials to decide the fate of the recently captured prisoner, Sayid Jarrah. Rosie, like all other members present, voted to execute the suspected hostile. (He's Our You)

That same night, after a burning DHARMA van crashed into a residence within the barracks, Rosie was among the throng of DHARMA workers who observed the damaged property after the blaze had been extinguished. (Whatever Happened, Happened)

Out of fear for what calamitous event might occur due to the drilling at the Swan site, Dr. Pierre Chang ordered the evacuation of all women and children from the island. Rosie, along with all other women and children, left the island on board the submarine. (Follow The Leader)

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