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Rose Nadler
Name Rose Nadler
Gender Female
Country Bronx, NY, USA
Occupation Unknown
Family Husband - Bernard Nadler
Flashback(s) S.O.S.
Played By L. Scott Caldwell

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Rose Nadler (nee Henderson) was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 while returning from her honeymoon in Australia to see the faith healer Isaac. She was flying with her husband, Bernard Nadler.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Rose Nadler met her future husband, Bernard Nadler, when he helped her get her car out of the snow. When Bernard proposed, Rose confesses that she is sick and has less than a year to live. However, this does not deter Bernard, and she says yes. During their honeymoon in Australia, Bernard convinced Rose to see a faith healer named Isaac in an effort to cure her terminal cancer. The healer tells her that he cannot help her, Rose decides to let Bernard think that he did. Before the flight, Rose held on to Bernard's ring because his fingers swell when he flies because of the altitude. She drops some of the pills she takes for the cancer, and John Locke picks them up for her. When he does this, we can see that he is still in his wheelchair. (S.O.S.)

While aboard Oceanic Flight 815, Rose was seated at 23D, and when turbulence hit, she began to strike up a conversation with Jack. She explained to him that her husband believed planes wanted to be in the air. She informed him that her husband was currently in the bathroom; when the plane ripped apart, she was separated from her husband who was in the tail section of the plane. (Pilot - Part 1)

On-Island LifeEdit

Season One (Days 1-44)Edit

Upon impact, Rose lies unconscious on the beach. She is seen to by Boone, but he fails to properly perform CPR on her even though he is a licensed lifeguard. Jack relieves him and after Boone suggests performing a tracheotomy, Jack sends him looking for a pen to keep him occupied. Rose eventually comes around. (Pilot - Part 1)

During the first few days on the island, Rose is in a state of shock, and keeps herself away from the other survivors, attracting the attention of Jack. While Jack believes that Bernard is dead, Rose is adamant that he is still alive. Rose's illness had reentered remission, and had disappeared entirely since the crash, but neglects to inform anyone of her previous condition. (Walkabout)

Rose is a level-headed, compassionate woman with a strong religious faith. She finds Charlie sitting alone on the beach, and asks him to help her move some of the wreckage before it drifts away. That night, she comforts Charlie by encouraging him to not lose hope, sensing that he is still distraught over the kidnapping of Claire. As he breaks down in tears, Rose begins praying for him. (Whatever the Case May Be)

Season 2 (Days 44-67)Edit

Much later, she is approached by Hurley, who takes her into the hatch since she is the only one uninterested about it. Rose helps him keep stock of the food pantry's inventory, and also talks him out of blowing up the food altogether. Since then, Rose refuses to reenter the hatch, yet does not give a reason why. (Everybody Hates Hugo)

Later, Rose is finally reunited with Bernard when he returns with the tail-section survivors, as well as Jin, Michael and Sawyer. Bernard and Rose later attend the funeral of Shannon. (Collision) / (What Kate Did)

Later, Rose is upset that Bernard forgot her birthday when they assist Sun. (The Whole Truth)

When Bernard concocts a plan to create a giant S.O.S. sign on the beach, Rose discourages him from spreading false hope among the survivors, and refuses to take part. He then blames her for his lack of success when motivating other willing survivors, but points out his flaws in management. After boosting Locke's faith, she confronts Bernard and apologizes to him for lying about being cured in Australia, and explains that she fears her illness with return should she leave the island. The two reconcile, and Bernard abandons his S.O.S. sign. (S.O.S.)

Season 3 (Days 68-91)Edit

After Jack announces his plan to deter the Others from executing their plan to kidnap all pregnant women, Rose and Bernard assist in rigging the targeted shelters with wire from the wreckage; while Bernard struggles with knotting, Rose manages perfectly fine. However, when Karl arrives to inform them of the Others' sudden imminent arrival, Rose grows concerned when Bernard volunteers to stay behind and detonate the dynamite. (Greatest Hits)

Rose reluctantly allows him to take part, but grows angry at Jack when the plan backfires later that night. Regardless, she presses on with the remaining survivors to the radio tower, and watches as Jack contacts Naomi's freighter. (Through the Looking Glass)

Season 4 (Days 91-100)Edit

After this event, Rose and the rest of the survivors reunite at the cockpit in the jungle. When Locke proposes to migrate to the barracks, Rose refuses to accompany him, instead staying with Jack, saying about Locke "I'm not going anywhere with that man". (The Beginning of the End)

Later, Rose and Bernard argue with Charlotte and Daniel regarding the Morse code message, but is interrupted when Jack collapses after breaking it up. (The Shape of Things to Come)

She later helps in preparing a table for Jack's operation, where she comments that people aren't supposed to "get sick" on the island. (Something Nice Back Home)

Season 5 (Throughout Time)Edit

After Ben turned the frozen donkey wheel, moving the island through time, Rose was at church during the event, and found herself separated from Bernard. The two reunited on the beach with Juliet and Sawyer. Bernard led them back to the beach camp only to reveal that it has disappeared. Daniel arrived shortly thereafter to reveal that the camp was not gone, but that it hadn't been built yet. (Because You Left)

While the survivors remained confused as to what was causing the skips through time, Rose and Bernard remained productive trying to start a fire on the beach, receiving remarks from Neil while doing so. Bernard finally started a fire with the sticks he was rubbing together, but blew out the fire trying to fan the flame. Frustrated, Neil decided to vent his anger on Bernard, and then turned his attention to Sawyer. During this, the camp came under attack by the island's Hostiles from 1954. Neil was killed as a result of this, and Rose and Bernard made their escape into the jungle. (The Lie)

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