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Roger Linus
Roger Linus
Name Roger Linus
Gender Male
Country Oregon, USA
Occupation DHARMA Initiative Work Man
Spouse Emily Linus
Child Benjamin Linus
Episode(s) Tricia Tanaka Is Dead, The Man Behind the Curtain
Played By Jon Gries

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Roger was married to Emily Linus and had conceived a child with her. Emily gave birth to their child while it was still two months premature. After giving birth in an Oregon forest, they made their way to a road, where a man named Horace pulled over to assist in getting them to the hospital. Shortly before they left, Emily requested that Roger name their child Benjamin. Emily passed away due to complications during the birth.

After having trouble finding work, Horace offered Roger a position with the DHARMA Initiative working as a "Work Man" or janitor on the island. While he deeply resented the position, Roger stuck with it for many years. Roger blamed his son for the death of his wife, and constantly forgot his son's birthday.

When his son had reached adulthood, Roger had still not managed to remember his son's birthday, but offered to make it up to Ben by spending some quality father-son time together. After driving to a secluded location, Benjamin explained that he missed his mother just as much as Roger did, and stated that for his entire life he's had to put up with Roger, which required a lot of patience. Benjamin then placed a gas mask on, and released a canister of a toxic gas into the van, killing Roger.

Roger was later found dead in his Volkswagen van in the jungle by Hurley and Jin. Roger wore a DHARMA jumpsuit bearing the logo of The Swan Station. In the back of his van was a map which showed a road that the DHARMA Initiative may have been working on, also in the back were several cases of DHARMA Beer. Roger's body was removed from the van by Hurley and Jin, however his head snapped off in the process. It was later placed back on his body, and Sawyer drank a beer next to his body and referred to him as "Skeletor".

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