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Richard Malkin
Richard Malkin
Name Richard Malkin
Gender Male
Country Australia
Occupation Psychic
Spouse Joyce Malkin
Child Charlotte Malkin
Episode(s) Raised By Another, ?
Played By Nick Jameson

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Richard Malkin is a psychic living in Australia. After being talking into a session by her friend Rachel, Claire Littleton decides to visit him for a reading. While performing the reading, Malkin reveals that he is aware Claire is pregnant, even though she only found out two days previous. When Richard opens his eyes, he appears frightened and informs Claire that he will not be proceeding with the reading, and instructs Rachel and Claire to leave.

One week later, after being left by her boyfriend Thomas, Claire returned to Mr. Malkin in the hopes that he would consider providing her with a reading. While performing the second reading, Malkin reveals that he knows that Thomas has left her; when Claire asks if that is the reason the reading was stopped the previous week, Malkin denied it saying he say something blurry in her reading, and that blurry was bad. Malkin informs Claire’s influence in raising her child is incredibly crucial; and that Thomas would not play a role in her child’s life nor her’s. Malkin told her that danger surrounds her baby, and that her nature, her spirit, her goodness must be an influence in the development of her child. When told by Claire that she was placing the child up for adoption, Malkin pleaded with Claire claiming that her child needed her protection.

Over the course of the next few months, Malkin would proceed to phone Claire at her house begging her to reconsider placing her child up for adoption. When Mr. Malkin reveals to Claire that he has a plan, she hangs up the phone. While visiting adoptive services, Claire attempts to sign the documents when two of the pens that she attempts to sign with fail. It was then that she returned to Malkin’s home and heard his plan. Malkin informs Claire that he had found a couple in Los Angeles who were eager to adopt and would serve as excellent parents for her child. He tells her that he would pay her $6000, and would receive and additional $6000 when she arrived in Los Angeles. Richard Malkin presents her with a particular Oceanic plane ticket, claiming that Flight 815 had to be the flight she would go on, and that the couple would be scheduled to meet her there when she arrived. Mr. Malkin was aware of the fate of Oceanic Flight 815 and booked her on the flight to ensure she would raise the child herself.