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Richard Alpert
Name Richard Alpert
Alias(es) Ricardo, Richardus
Gender Male
Country Spain
Occupation Agent of Jacob
Spouse Isabella
Flashback(s) Follow The Leader, Ab Aeterno
Introduced In Not in Portland
Played By Nestor Carbonell

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Richard Alpert is a member of The Others, the native inhabitants of the island, living on it before the DHARMA Initiative came. The group he belongs to is dubbed the 'hostiles' by the DHARMA Initiative. Richard is Jacob's representative on the Island, conveying information and directives issued by Jacob to the people whom he has brought to the Island

Life Before the Island


In 1867, Richard (then called Ricardo), is a farmer. His wife, Isabella, is shown to be dying from tuberculosis. He leaves on a stormy night to find a doctor who would help her. He finds the doctor and offers to pay him for an expensive medicine with their meager savings, and a necklace. The doctor refuses to supply the medicine, stating that there's not enough money and the necklace is worthless. Richard begs for mercy but the doctor continues to refuse. Ricardo tries to take the medicine by force, and after a brief struggle, Ricardo accidentally kills the doctor. He takes the medicine and flees.

As Ricardo returns to his house, he discovers that he has not arrived in time to save his wife. As he weeps beside her bed, the authorities arrive and take Ricardo to prision. There he is convicted, and sentenced to be hanged. Waiting for execution he visited by a preist who hears his confession. The priest claims to be unable to grant absolution, as God's forgiveness requires penance, and penance requires time, which Ricardo does not have. The priest, noting that Ricardo has taught himself English manages to sell Ricardo into slavery to a group of corsairs, leaving on a boat called The Black Rock bound for the New World. On a stormy night, the slaves see the Statue of Taweret on the island, and they believe that it is the devil. On a massive wave, the boat crashes into the statue, destroying it, leaving only the pedistal and part of a leg. Eventually the Black Rock comes to rest far inland on the Island.

Island Life


Ricardo awakens alone in the ruined boat and watches as his fellow slaves are killed by the boat's Commander in an effort to prevent the slaves from turning on him. Just before he can kill Ricardo , he is himself killed by the "Black Smoke". Ricardo is then left to die alone, chained in the galley. Days pass and eventually Isabella appears running away from something. She tells Ricardo that they are in hell. Something approaches, and Ricardo begs his wife to run away so that he is not forced to watch her die again, leaving him frustrated and miserable. However, he is released by an unknown man who states that is a friend and intends to escape from hell with him. Ricardo tells him that his wife was captured by the "devil" which he identifies as "Black Smoke". The man then offers a him dagger and explains that in order for him to escape, Ricardo must kill the devil.

Ricardo agrees to the carry out the murder, based on the man's promise that if he kills Jacob (whom he has told Ricardo is the devil) that he will be reunited with his wife. Near the entrance to The Temple on the beach, Ricardo attempts to kill Jacob who easilly overcomes Ricardo and then convinces him that he's not dead, nor in hell and he has been lied to by the Man in Black. After a conversation about Jacob's purpose, he offers Ricardo a "job" as his intermediary between himself and people whom he brings to the Island. Ricardo asks about compensation for this task. When Jacob asks what he wants, Ricardo tells him that he wants his wife back. Jacob indicates that he is unable to provide that. Ricardo then asks for atonement for his sins, and Jacob indicates that he is also unable to provide that. Confronted with an eternity in hell without his wife, Ricardo tells Jacob that he does not want to die. Jacob touches his shoulder, granting his request, and gives Ricardo a white stone to give to the Man in Black as a sign of his choice.

Ricardo gives the stone to the Man in Black, who is unsurprised by the decision, saying that Jacob is very persuasive. He tells Ricardo that if he ever changes his mind, the offer still remains, and gives him Isabella's cross necklace. Ricardo buries the necklace on the island. (Ab Aeterno)


In the 1950's Richard is shown to be leading some of the Others at this time period, claiming he answered to someone else without specifying whom that was, when a US military detachment of 18 soldiers landed on the island looking for a lost hydrogen bomb. Richard asks the troops to leave the island peacefully; when they refuse, Alpert is "forced" to kill them. Upon being asked by Daniel Faraday who told him to kill the troops, Richard merely indicated that someone higher in his chain of command gave the order. The Others capture Faraday, Miles and Charlotte in the jungle after the third "skip" through time to 1954.

Richard is under the mistaken impression that the three were sent by the military to retrieve the bomb, a misconception Faraday goes along with in order to gain access to the bomb and repair a crack in the casing. Richard reluctantly allows Faraday to see the bomb after Daniel professes his love for Charlotte as a way of proving he does not intend to detonate it. A short time later, a member of the Others who had encountered Juliet, Sawyer and Locke in the jungle arrives and informs Richard of their presence.

Locke enters the camp shortly afterward and asks to speak to Richard to continue a conversation the two will have in the future. Richard is initially distrustful of Locke until Locke claims that Jacob, the Others' leader, sent him, and gives Richard a compass that Richard himself gave Locke in the future. Richard then unknowingly reveals to Locke that the name of the young Other is Charles Widmore, the man who will send a freighter with violent mercenaries to the island in 50 years, but Locke keeps quiet about this knowledge and asks for information on how to leave the island. He tells a reluctant Richard that if he is suspicious of Locke's claims of time travel, Richard should visit Locke's birthplace in two years for proof. The island then jumps through time again before Richard can tell Locke how to leave the island. (Jughead)

1956 - 1972

Richard Alpert is seen by John Locke's grandmother on the first day that John is allowed to be removed from the incubator. Richard and John meet 5 years later, with Richard claiming to represent a school for children deemed to be "special". He administers a test to John, presenting him with several items, asking him which of the items already belonged to him. John chooses the compass, but also "incorrectly" chose the knife, and Richard hurriedly rushed out the door, saying that John wasn't ready for his school yet. Eleven years later, Alpert once again attempted to recruit John, contacting his high school science teacher, Mr. Gellert, and informing him of a Mittelos BioScience summer camp; however, Locke refused the offer. (Cabin Fever)

1973 - 1977

In the 1973, Richard encounters a young Benjamin Linus as a child in the jungle. In this appearance, Richard was wearing dirty clothes with long, unkempt hair. Ben expressed a desire to run away from his father, a member of the scientific research group called the DHARMA Initiative, and join the Others. Alpert realizes Ben was special when Ben said he saw his deceased mother in the jungle. Alpert said that Ben could eventually join him, but it would take patience. (The Man Behind the Curtain)

In 1974, Richard would enter the DHARMA Initiative's barracks facility and demand from Horace Goodspeed the whereabouts of two members of the Hostiles that he believed were killed by the DHARMA Initiative. Richard at first is very aggressive in his demeanor, but that changes after he talks with Sawyer who semi-bluffs Richard with the previous encounter he had with Locke back in the 1950's. (LaFleur)


As an adult on December 19, 1992, Ben sabotages the Initiative, allowing the native inhabitants to attack by shutting down the ultrasonic fence surrounding the Barracks. After Ben kills his father, he heads back to the Barracks, where Richard and the other natives have arrived, as all of the true members of the DHARMA Initiative lay dead from a poison gas attack. (The Man Behind the Curtain)


Richard later appears as a recruiter for Mittelos BioScience, a fertility research facility in Portland, Oregon, attempting to recruit Juliet Burke. Alpert attempts to convince Juliet to take a position at Mittelos, but she refuses, joking that she could only accept his offer if her ex-husband Edmund were "hit by a bus." Soon after, Edmund is fatally struck by a bus, and mere seconds after Juliet has identified Edmund's body, Alpert appears in the morgue with Ethan Rom to press his case yet again. Alpert denies responsibility for Edmund's death, but admits that his company's facility is "not exactly in Portland." (Not in Portland)

Post Flight 815

80 days after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Ben asks Richard to "fetch the man from Tallahassee" for Locke to see. He is present when Locke is shown the imprisoned man, who turns out to be Locke's father Anthony Cooper. (The Man from Tallahassee)

After Locke refuses to kill his father at Ben's request, Richard approaches Locke and explains to him that Ben knew he would not kill his father, and was just trying to embarrass him in front of the Others. Alpert claims that Ben is jealous of Locke because of Locke's recovery from paralysis and questions Ben's leadership, saying that Ben is wasting time with his work on pregnant women and that Locke's healing is an example of other, more important reasons they are working on the island. He tells Locke his father has to go and suggests Locke get Sawyer to do it, since Sawyer also has a connection to Cooper. Alpert gives Locke a file on Sawyer, which reveals Cooper to be the man who conned Sawyer's mother, precipitating his parents' murder-suicide. (The Brig)

Richard's discontent with Ben festers, as he warns Ben that the Others are suspicious of him and could misconstrue his departure to meet with Jack's coalition of refugees. Ben orders Richard to escort the remaining members left to the Temple. Though his conversations with Mikhail and Tom were not shown in any particular detail, both characters shared a similar skepticism of Ben and his motives, although Mikhail ultimately remained loyal and carried out Ben's orders to kill Charlie, Greta, and Bonnie in the Looking Glass station. (Greatest Hits) (Through the Looking Glass)

Richard, and the remaining members of the Others traveling with him, encounter Kate and Sayid in the jungle, confiscate their weapons, and take them prisoner. (There's No Place Like Home - Part 1)

Richard next reappears to "capture" Kate and Sayid while the two were in the jungle looking for Jack and Sawyer. However, their capture was really part of a plan to rescue Ben from Martin Keamy, which was successful. Richard shot Keamy several times in the ensuing rescue, but Keamy survived due to a bulletproof vest. Ben then ventured to a DHARMA station called the Orchid and "moved" the island by turning a large wheel; this action caused the island to begin skipping through time like a broken record. (There's No Place Like Home - Part 2)

In 2007, Richard found a wounded Locke in the jungle and treated him, giving Locke the compass that Locke would give Richard himself in 1954, and telling Locke that the only way to save the island was to get the Oceanic Six, the six survivors who left the island, to return. When Locke asked how he could do this, Richard responded that Locke would have to die. (Because You Left)

At the Others' camp, Sun-Hwa Kwon (Yunjin Kim) asks Richard if he remembers the survivors trapped in the past. He confirms that he does, and says that he watched them die.

Upon Ajira Flight 316's landing on the Hydra island, The Man in Black takes Locke's physical form and infiltrates the Others, assuming leadership. Immediately, the Man in Black (posing as Locke) continues to ask Richard to take him to Jacob. Since Locke is considered to be the leader of the Others at this point, Richard reluctantly obeys him and takes Locke to see Jacob.(Follow The Leader)

Meanwhile, Ilana's team from the Ajira flight is looking to find Jacob so they can protect him from Locke. They encounter Richard who refuses to let anyone enter the statue to see Jacob. Ilana addresses Richard as "Ricardus" and asks him, "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" He replies, "Ille qui nos omnes servabit" (Latin for "He who will save us all.") The team shows Richard the real John Locke's body and at that point, Richard becomes very on-edge. (The Incident)

Richard is still not allowing Ilana and gang inside the statue when all of a sudden, Ben comes out with blood on his shirt. Richard wonders what has happened, and Ben tells him to go inside and find out. Richard shows Ben Locke's actual body then Bram (from Ilana's team) and a few of their men force Ben inside the statue. Locke eventually walks out of the statue. Locke approaches Richard and says, "It's good to see you out of those chains", recalling their first meeting. At this statement, Richard realizes whom he has been following, but before he can react, "Locke" knocks Richard unconscious, picks him up, and walks away. (LA X)

Deep in the Jungle, the Man in Black traps Richard in a tarp sack as while he attends to other matters. When he returns, he offers Richard a chance to join him, which Richard declines. When the Man in Black became distracted, he flees toward the Temple. Later he encounters Sawyer in the jungle and offers to take Sawyer with him to safety. After Sawyer refuses, Richard flees, again, into the jungle. Upon arriving at the temple, he finds it destroyed and he learns that Jacob has died. Richard decides that he now wants to die because he has lost his purpose and feels like the last 150 years of his life were wasted. He encounters Hugo and Jack and prevents them from going back to the temple (albeit Hugo knew it was dangerous and wanted to prevent Jack from going anyway) taking them instead to the Black Rock where he tries to talk Jack into killing him by igniting dynamite. Richard explains to Jack that he has lost his purpose, and his faith he has chosen to die. Jack demonstrates to him there is a destiny and they must accomplish certain task, Richard amazes himself by seeing that the dynamite Jack activates doesn't blow up. He chooses to go with Jack. (Dr. Linus)

Back on the beach, where Hugo, Jack and Richard reunite with Ilana, Sun, Ben, Miles and Lapidus, the group catches up on the latest events. Ilana states that Jacob told her that Richard would know what to do in such situation. Richard, no longer suicidal, but still distraught, states he doesn't know what to do, and in frustration goes off to find Locke.

Hurley follows Richard and just before Richard can rejoins the Man in Black, Hurley communes with Richard's dead wife Isabella, with whom Hurley had previously been speaking. Hurley conveyed to Richard that Isabella still loves him and, although she misses him, she was meant to die. Renewed, Richard thanked Hurley and put Isabella's necklace around his own neck. Hurley then added that had told him that Richard must stop the Man in Black from leaving the Island, or else they would "all go to hell". (Ab Aeterno)

After his return Richard tells the group that aslong since Locke wishes to escape the island by plane, they must get there first and destroy it, so the party chooses to look for the dynamite in the Black Rock, however Hugo states that its not right and that they must find another way, to wich Ilana packing the dynamite into her bagpack detonates the explosive and dies. After this event the group grow uneasy to weather or not use the dynamite, and as Hugo and Richard points of view oposses one another, the the group splits to wich Richard, Miles and Ben choose to go find more dynamite in the Dharma Barracks leaving the others behind. (Everybody Loves Hugo)

Upon arriving at the barracks, Richard's group encountered Charles Widmore and Widmore's number two, Zoe, who informed them that they were there by Jacob's invitation. At this point, the Man in Black arrives. Richard assumed that the Man in Black was there for him, and he went out to talk to him. Without a word, the Man in Black slams into Richard sending him flying into the jungle.(What They Died For)

Miles finds him later, and discovers Rochard still alive. Richard indicates that the plan has not changed, and he still intends to return to Hydra Island and destroy the Ajira plane. Miles joins him, and the two prepare to embark toward Hydra Island. At this point, Miles notices a gray hair on Richard. After nearly 150 years Richard shows his first sign of age. Presumably as a result of Jacob's influence being removed. Richard laughs at the gray hair and indicates to Miles that he just realized that he does want to live after all. As the two travel toward Hydra Island, they find Frank Lapidus, presumed dead, still alive between the two Islands. Frank proposes that flying the plane away will have the same result - preventing the escape of The Man in Black from the Island - as blowing it up.

Richard helps Miles and Frank make repairs to the Ajira plane. As the Island begins to fall apart and rumble, due to events happening elsewhere, they succeed in getting the plane to start, and Richard, along with Miles, Frank, Kate, Claire and Sawyer fly away from the Island for good.

AA After Lost

After leaving the island Richard returns to the Canary Islands where he spends the rest of his days and gives his wife a proper funeral.

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