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Name Richard
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Episode(s) Pilot - Part 1, Pilot - Part 2, Tabula Rasa, Walkabout, White Rabbit, House of the Rising Sun, Confidence Man, Solitary, Raised By Another, All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues, Whatever the Case May Be, Homecoming, Outlaws, ...In Translation, Deus Ex Machina, Do No Harm, The Greater Good, Born to Run, Exodus - Part 1, Exodus - Part 2, Man of Science, Man of Faith, Orientation, Everybody Hates Hugo, Abandoned, What Kate Did, The 23rd Psalm, The Hunting Party, Fire + Water, The Long Con, Maternity Leave, The Whole Truth, Dave, S.O.S., Two for the Road, Live Together, Die Alone, Further Instructions, The Cost of Living, Tricia Tanaka Is Dead, Enter 77, Par Avion, Exposé, Left Behind, One of Us, D.O.C.
Played By Bryan Sato

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Richard was one of the many survivors on Oceanic Flight 815.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Prior to boarding Flight 815, Richard was waiting in the same line when Jack asked one of the flight ticketing agent Chrissy to allow him to bring his father's body aboard.


Richard was one of the many survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. After the crash, he was on the beach and was being helped by another survivor as he appeared to be injured. Richard spent that night awaiting rescue with his fellow survivors and witnessed the trees in the jungle shaking and heared the sounds of the Monster emanating from within. Richard was present for many of the occurrences on the island.

He witnessed Michael deliver a beating to Jin after the first raft burned. When Boone died , Richard attended his funeral with the rest of the camp, and then witnessed the return of Locke who claimed responsibility for the accident, and was attacked by Jack.

Richard listened to Arzt told the people working on the second raft that they needed to launch immediately due to the approaching monsoon season. Because of this, the launching of the raft was sped up, and Richard joined his fellow survivors in helping Michael to get the raft on the water. However, complications arose when the mast suddenly broke. Immediately after, the group gathered and witnessed a giant pillar of black smoke forming across the island.

Richard was present for the official launching of the raft, and headed to the caves when Danielle Rousseau told them that the black smoke meant that the "Others" were coming. While there, Richard listened Jack inform the group about the hatch and and assure them that they were going to be safe if they all stuck together for the night.

When Bernard set out to construct his S.O.S. sign, Richard was speaking with Craig and Jerome, and all three of them were asked by Bernard to help. He was among the very few who stuck with it the longest, but he, too, eventually dropped out with his fellow survivors, when Bernard became too much of a hassle.

When Desmond's sailboat showed up at the survivors' beach during Libby and Ana-Lucia's funeral, Richard along with several other survivors aked Kate to see whose he man with was and where he came from. Later, when Desmond turned the key in the hatch, Richard, who happened to be standing next to Claire and Bernard, saw the sky purple and had to cover his ears due to the painfully loud noise.

Two days later, Richard noticed Charlie and Locke carrying Eko, who had been hurt by a polar bear, back to the beach, and he listened to Locke promise the rest of the survivors that he was going to save Jack, Kate and Sawyer.

Richard was one of many survivors who rushed to welcome back Kate and Sawyer when they arrived back on the beach after escaping from the Others' encampment. When challenged Hurley to a game of ping pong for the return of his stash, Richard watched as watched with amusement as Hurley defeated him soundly.

When Sawyer was cooking the boar, Richard was having a great time eating with the rest of the fellow survivors on the beach. Next day later, when Sawyer saw Jack, Sayid, & Kate returning to the camp from escaping from the "Others", Richard was there to greet them and to see if they are alright and safe. He and the rest of the survivors were shock to see Juliet coming to their camp and sleeping in their tents

At night time, when Jack was talking to the survivors on getting rescued, Richard was there to help Charlie and Claire to their bed tent. Richard was last seen when he noticed Jack and Juliet walked up to the pantry at night to discuss what's on the video recorder tape.

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