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Name Regina
Gender Female
Country Unknown
Occupation Communications Officer aboard the Kahana
Episode(s) Confirmed Dead. The Economist, Eggtown, Ji Yeon
Played By Zoë Bell

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Season Four (Days 91-100)Edit

Regina took over as Communications Officer on the Kahana, after George Minkowski fell ill. Regina was contacted by Miles who requested to speak with George, however, Regina informed him that George could not come to the phone. (Confirmed Dead)

Regina is called by Daniel to lock onto a signal for an experiment that he is conducting. Regina fires a rocket from the ship containing a timer, which arrives on the island thirty-one minutes after it should have. (The Economist)

The following day, she is called from the emergency line by Charlotte and claims to have done so because Makalski wasn't answering. Charlotte inquires as to what happened to the helicopter that arrived on the freighter, only to be revealed that she hasn't heard from the helicopter. (Eggtown)

Regina was on guard duty at the sickbay where Sayid and Desmond were being held. Appearing to be distant, Frank informed her that the book she was "reading" was upside-down. She allowed Frank access inside to deliver a package to Desmond and Sayid. Regina later commits suicide by wrapping herself in chains and throwing herself overboard. Desmond attempts to summon help to rescue her, however, the crew is ordered to disobey Desmond's wishes by Captain Gault. (Ji Yeon)

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