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Season 6
Episode 8
Air Date March 16, 2010
Writer(s) Elizabeth Sarnoff & Jim Galasso
Director Jack Bender
Flash-Sideways Sawyer

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"Recon" is the eighth episode of Season 6 and the 111th episode overall. The episode aired on March 16, 2010 in the United States. The episode focuses on James "Sawyer" Ford, who is sent on a reconnaissance mission to The Hydra Island by Locke. In the alternate timeline, we follow Sawyer, a detective for the L.A.P.D. who is has a tense period with his partner Miles Straume.

Alternate Timeline - 2004Edit

James Ford is shown in bed with a woman named Ava, apparently at the pivotal moment of his favorite con, when he quickly grabs his briefcase in order to rush off to an important meeting. The briefcase "accidentally" falls open spilling money everywhere, when he informs her, "you weren't exactly supposed to see that." He hurriedly explains that the money is for an investement and that he won't be long. Ava does not fall for his ruse, draws a gun on him and indicates that she's insulted that he thinks she would fall for such an amateur ploy. James informs her that the entire situation is a set-up, he's a cop and they are surrounded by police. He also informs her that they are after her husband, and she can help herself by cooperating, and delivering the case to him. Ava expresses disbelief, and Ford reluctantly issues his safety word, "LaFleur". Suddenly a police squad, who had apparently been waiting their cue to barge in, enters and arrests Ava. Detective Miles Straume gives Ford his badge and indicates that Ford is his partner.

At the police station, Miles brings Ford some coffee, and Ford quickly ends a phone call in which he is apparently trying to reach someone by the name of Anthony Cooper. Miles asks him about it, and James casually answers Miles' query by saying Cooper is an old buddy. Miles brings up Ford's recent trip to Palms Springs, which was actually a cover story for Ford's trip to Australia, the end of which was shown in the episode "LA X". Miles tells Ford that he has set him up on a date with a friend of the family.

Ford meets his blind date in a bar. She is an archeologist named Charlotte. Over dinner she asks him why he became a police officer. He replies with a charming diversion, but Charlotte indicates that she wants to know the real reason, as she's not interested in polite banter. He explains that he reached a point in his life that he would either become a police officer, or a become a criminal, and he chose the former. The scene cuts to Ford's bedroom where the two are lying in bed together. She asks to borrow a t-shirt and he motions toward his bureau and goes to get a drink. In one of the drawers, Charlotte stumbles across a folder labelled "Sawyer" containing pictures of a young James Ford with his parents and related memorabilia. Ford returns and sees her with the folder and loses his temper, coldly throwing her out of his apartment despite her apologies.

Miles angrily confronts Ford first thing the next morning. Ford assumes that Miles is mad because he heard about the episode with Charlotte, but Miles reacts with no knowledge of that event. Rather he is furious because he discovered that Ford went to Australia by checking his credit card records. Ford returns the anger at the breach of privacy. Miles gives Ford another chance to explain why he was in Australia, and Ford responds by telling Miles that it's none of his damned business. Miles quits as Ford's partner and leaves.

At home that evening, while watching television Ford begins to feel lonely and regretful of the way he treated Charlotte. He goes to her apartment with a flower and a six-pack of beer, however Charlotte is unimpressed by the gesture. She tells him that he blew it, and closes the door in his face. Without argument, Ford leaves the flower at the door and goes.

In the morning, Ford talks Miles into getting in his car and finally offers him an explanation. Ford gives him the folder labelled "Sawyer" and explains that when he was 9 years old, his family was ruined by a man who called himself "Sawyer", leading his father to murder his mother and turn the gun on himself. He explains that he's been searching for Sawyer since he left the police acadamy, and he was following a lead in Australia that connected Sawyer to a man named Anthony Cooper. He also admitted that when he finds Cooper he plans to kill him. He explains that he never told Miles because he was sure that Miles would try to talk him out of it, which Miles immediately confirms.

At this point, an out of control vehicle careens into Miles and Ford's car. The driver exits the vehicle and runs away. Ford and Miles pursue the driver in their car briefly until Ford jumps out of the car and finishes the pursuit on foot. When Ford catches the perpetrator, he recognizes her from LAX where they had a brief encounter the previous week.

Original Timeline - 2007Edit

At Claire's hut, Sawyer and Jin discuss Locke. Jin does not like or want to help Locke, but Sawyer explains that he will do anything he can to get off the island. Jin indicates that he's not going anywhere without Sun and Sawyer promises that they won't leave without her. Locke returns to camp with his new followers, which he gathered from the Temple as shown in the episode Sundown. Sayid and Kate are among the followers.

Locke delivers a speech to his people explaining that he understands they have questions and he will answer them, however it's time to get moving. Cindy Chandler inquires about the people who stayed at the temple to which Locke answered that "the Black Smoke" killed them, neglecting to add that he is, in fact, the Black Smoke. Kate asks Sawyer if he is "with Locke". Sawyer answers that he's not with anybody. The group continues until Locke finds a clearing where they will make camp for a while. Sawyer, growing impatient joins Locke for a private conversation. During this conversation, Locke confides in Sawyer that he is "the black smoke". Sawyer responds by asking why he killed all those people. Locke answers that he gave them a chance to live and they didn't take it. He continues by explaining that it's "kill or be killed", and he doesn't want to be killed.

Hydra IslandEdit

Locke then sends Sawyer on a reconnaissance mission to the Hydra Island, informing him that the people over there wish to harm him and his people. Sawyer should venture over there, gain their trust and find out whatever he can. He adds that the ultimate goal of his errand is to get the airplane that's over there, in order to leave the island and never look back. Sawyer takes an outrigger to the Hydra and looks around.

On Hydra, Sawyer discovers the airplane, and catches the smell of putrescence. At this time, he encounters a frantic woman named Zoe who claims to be the only survivor from Ajira Flight 316. She tells Sawyer that she had been collecting wood, when heard screams. Following the screams, she returned to her camp only to discover that everyone in her camp was dead. She was unsure of what happened, but began burying the bodies anyway. Sawyer tells her that there are plenty of survivors in his camp, and offers to take her back to the main island with him. They start toward Sawyer's outrigger, but the probing questions that Zoe was asking (like if Sawyer's group has guns) alerted Sawyer to her deception. He asked her a few innocent seeming questions ("Where were you headed?"), but a slight hesitation in her answers confirmed his suspicion. He drew his gun on her and asked who she really was. With minimal convincing, Zoe abandoned her ruse Zoe and alerted her team that they'd been made. They emerge from nearby brush with their own rifles drawn. Sawyer, surrendering, asks to talk to the person in charge.

Sawyer is then lead to the submarine which was shown at the end of the episode Dr. Linus. As he is lead to the sub, he makes notes the pylons which resemble the sonic fence around The Barracks on the main island. Inside the submarine he further notes a locked door, and wonders aloud what is behind the padlocked door. Finally they arrive at a room where Charles Widmore is waiting. Sawyer recognizes him as the fellow who sent a freighter loaded with people sent to kill everybody. Sawyer bluntly offers Widmore a deal: He will return to the main island and tell Locke that the coast is clear, and that he didn't find anybody. Then he will deliver Locke to Widmore's doorstep to do with as he pleased. In exchange Sawyer wants safe passage off the island.

Widmore happily agrees, although both men acknowledge that they have no real way of trusting each other.

Main IslandEdit

Back on the main island, Kate, growing concerned about Sayid who is not acting like himself - or anybody - asks if he's OK. He responds with a bland "No", when suddenly Kate is attacked from behind by Claire who tries to stab Kate's neck. Sayid watches the struggle with complete apathy. Locke shows up and pulls Claire off Kate. When this does not settle Claire down, Locke soundly slaps her and scolds her for inappropriate behavior. He then places Claire in a "time out" until he has time to deal with her.

Distraught by what just happened Kate rushes off to be alone. Lock joins her and apologizes, indicating that it was his fault because he told Claire that The Others had taken her baby. He explains that he did that because Claire needed someone to hate to keep her going. He finishes by reminding Kate that he promised to keep everyone safe, and he was including Kate as well. Kate asks where Sawyer went, and Locke shows her Hydra Island. Locke then explained to Kate that his mother was crazy, and that if his mother hadn't been disturbed things could have been very different. He then points out that Aaron also has a mother who is crazy.

Back at camp Claire makes a teary apology to Kate who accepts her apology. Claire also thanks Kate for taking care of Aaron while she was unable to do so.

Sawyer arrives back at the beach and the Locke meets him. Without hesitating, Sawyer immediately tells him all the Ajira passengers are dead. He tells Locke everything about Charles Widmore and his crew, the submarine, the padlocked door on the submarine, the pylons, and finally about his deal with Charles Widmore.

The Man in Black expresses appreciation for Sawyer's loyalty.

Later, Sawyer explains to Kate that he plans to set Widmore and Locke against each other and slip out with Kate while their attention is focused on each other. He also indicates that he's not taking the plane, but that he's taking the submarine as an escape vehicle.

Memorable QuotesEdit

When I find the right one, I'm gonna kill him.
- James Ford
Sayid, are you alright?
- Kate and Sayid
Take me to your leader.
- James "Sawyer" Ford
We ain't takin' the plane, Freckles. We're takin' the sub!
-James "Sawyer" Ford

Background InformationEdit

Charlie's older brother appears in Sawyer's flash-sideways in the jail in which James Ford works in.

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Timeline DifferencesEdit

  • In the alternate timeline, Miles and Sawyer are police detectives for the L.A.P.D. They are partners, much as they were for the security team in the Dharma Initiative.
  • In the alternate timeline, Miles' father Pierre Chang works for a museum. This information is expanded upon in the episode "Everybody Loves Hugo", when Dr. Chang hosts an award banquet for Hurley who is a benefactor for the Golden State Natural History Museum providing funds for a paleontology wing.
  • Sawyer mentions that his parents died when he was 9 years old. In the original timeline, they are said to have died when he was 8.
  • Charlotte identifies herself as an archeologist. In the original timeline she is a cultural anthopologist.

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