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Randy Nations
Name Randy Nations
Gender Male
Country Tustin, CA, USA
Occupation Tustin Box Co. and Mr. Cluck's Manager
Episode(s) Walkabout, Everybody Hates Hugo, Tricia Tanaka Is Dead, The Beginning of the End
Played By Billy Ray Gallion

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Randy was Hurley’s boss at Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack. After reprimanding Hurley on eating on the job and giving the customers too many napkins, Hurley quits his job after realizing he does not need it as he’s won the lottery. After Hurley leaves, another employee Johnny tells Randy that he also quits. Later that night, Randy is visited by the two as they place dozens of gnomes on his front yard spelling out “Cluck You” and retreat when he catches them in the act. (Everybody Hates Hugo)

Hurley later bought the Mr. Cluck's which was located in Diamond Bar, CA; and gave Randy a position at the restaurant. While the two were being interview by Tricia Tanaka, Mr. Cluck's was hit and destroyed by a meteorite which also killed Tricia Tanaka, her cameraman, and the employees inside. (Tricia Tanaka Is Dead)

Some time after, Randy sought new employment and received a job at a box company in Tustin, CA (ironically later owned by Hurley). There, he became John Locke’s superior. Throughout his time at the company he would occasionally taunt Locke, flaunting his power over him, and crushing all his dreams that he had. Randy was eventually told off by Locke. (Walkabout)

Randy later videotapes Hurley on his video camera, after he crashed his car near a store where Randy appeared to be working. (The Beginning of the End)

In season 6's flash-sideways, Randy discovers that Locke's business trip to Australia was used for personal reasons instead, and rather than allow Locke to use his vacation days to make it up, he fires Locke on the spot. This leads to Locke meeting Hurley in the parking lot, who tells him that he also had a previous run-in with Randy and offers Locke a new job. (The Substitute)