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Raised By Another
Season 1
Episode 10
Air Date December 1, 2004
Writer(s) Lynne E. Litt
Director Marita Grabiak
Flashback Claire Littleton

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Claire begins to have nightmares and a decision is made to complete a census of the survivors. However, it is discovered that one among them, is not who they appear.


Claire wakes to the sound of a baby crying, opens her eyes and looks down to find that she's no longer pregnant. She follows the cries to find Locke, sitting at a desk in the middle of the jungle. He relays a cryptic message to Claire—"He was your responsibility, but you gave him away. Everyone pays the price now." Then he looks up and Claire sees that one eye is light, the other dark. She runs away and stumbles upon a baby's crib, above which hangs a mobile with miniature Oceanic planes spinning in a circle. Claire reaches down to pick up the crying baby—but the crib is empty. She peels back the white blankets to discover her hands are covered in blood. Claire screams. A hand falls on her shoulder—she turns and wakes again to find Charlie, who tells her that she's having a nightmare. But his concern grows when he sees blood on her hands…

Charlie brings Claire to see Jack, who explains that she was sleepwalking and that the blood was a result of digging her fingernails into her palms. He questions her about her pregnancy—specifically about the date when she found out she was pregnant—which leads to—

A FLASHBACK—of Claire with her boyfriend Thomas. Both are panicked over the positive results of a home pregnancy test. Claire is hesitant to accept the truth. But Thomas tells her that he loves her and convinces her that it could be a good thing for them to raise this baby together.

Back on the island, Charlie brings Claire some tea and offers to be her friend. But Claire is clearly hesitant again, unwilling to get close to him. Meanwhile, Kate tells Jack she is worried about Sayid, who has been gone for days.

Another FLASHBACK reveals Claire with a friend on a visit to see a psychic. The psychic seems legitimate when he asks Claire about her pregnancy. However, he refuses to go on with the reading when he sees something blurry in her future. With a look of panic on his face, he gives back the money and asks Claire to leave.

Back at the caves, Claire is sound asleep when someone sneaks up and covers her mouth. Charlie and Jack wake to her screams again and rush to her side. Though she appears to be alone, she claims that someone was trying to hurt her baby and stabbed her with some sort of needle. Charlie and Hurley immediately set out on the hunt while Jack tries to calm Claire. Hurley suggests they start to canvass, or at the very least, compile a list of names of each survivor on the island. In the meantime, Charlie volunteers to stay with Claire and look out for her.

Another FLASHBACK shows Claire and Thomas in the process of fixing up their apartment for the baby. But something is clearly wrong with Thomas, who's beginning to get cold feet and fears the responsibility of a baby. He goes as far as to suggest that Claire trapped him and walks out on her.

Back at the beach, Jack and Charlie talk to Kate. Jack expresses doubt that something actually happened to Claire -she was sleepwalking and woke up two nights in a row, screaming—her symptoms are textbook anxiety. Why would someone try to hurt her baby anyway? Jack is concerned that her stress level could trigger an early labor. He goes to Claire and offers her a sedative, suggesting that she may have been imagining things due to all the anxiety, to which Claire takes offense and packs up for the beach.

Hurley continues his census with a guy named Ethan Rom, while Claire walks toward the beach. We FLASHBACK to Claire re-visiting the psychic, offering him more money and requesting that he continue her reading -she needs to know the future now that Thomas is gone because she intends on giving up the baby for adoption. But the psychic tells her that it's crucial she raise this child herself, warning her that great danger will befall her if she gives it up. Claire runs out. But the psychic is persistent and calls her on the phone. He begins to offer an alternative solution, but Claire hangs up before he can finish.

On the island, Hurley gets registry info from Shannon & Boone. Boone suggests it might be easier if Hurley got the plane manifest from Sawyer. Hurley goes to Sawyer and doesn't even bother negotiating -he just comes out and asks. And, surprisingly, Sawyer gives it up.

Meanwhile, Charlie catches up with Claire on her way to the beach. Claire claims that the only reason Charlie wants to help her is because of his need to rescue the pregnant girl. As she tells him she doesn't need rescuing, she has a contraction. Charlie reluctantly runs to get Jack as we go into—

A FLASHBACK—to a lawyer's office, where Claire is about to sign papers giving up rights to her baby. But the lawyer's pen runs out of ink when she tries to sign. A second pen also fails. The third pen is provided by the adoptive mother, at which time Claire realizes that she can't bring herself to do it. She leaves and revisits the psychic, ready to take him up on his offer.

Charlie runs into Ethan and sends him to get Jack while he returns to Claire, whose contractions have stopped. Claire tells Charlie about the psychic as we—

FLASHBACK to the events she retells, where the psychic offers her money and a plane ticket to Los Angeles to meet a couple with whom the baby will be safe. But the ticket is for an Oceanic flight—and Charlie deduces that the psychic may have known about the plane crash all along and was consciously sending her and her baby to their death.

Meanwhile, Sayid returns to the camp with news of the French Woman, (a callback to the very first episode, when the survivors heard the French Transmission) announcing that they're not alone on the island. Hurley confirms this information with news that one of the survivors names wasn't on the manifest. And while returning to the caves, Claire and Charlie run into that survivor—Ethan Rom. Off of their terrified expressions, we cut to black.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Right on, love Canada, great uhhh...well that should do it, thanks for your time dude."

- Hurley

"You want my information. Name: Shannon Rutherford, Age: 20, Address: Craphole Island."

- Shannon

Background InformationEdit

  • Claire requests that Arlene and Joseph sing "Catch a Falling Star" to their child. This is a reference to the Perry Como song.
  • The three pens in Claire's attempt to sign the adoption paperwork are analogous to the three times that Locke told Charlie that he'd have to ask for the drug stash back.

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