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These characters were at one time or another on the island before the Crash of Oceanic Flight 815.


The Black Rock
The Black Rock

The Black Rock was a ship that had crashed onto the island around 1881. Peculiarly, it was found in the middle of the jungle, with no sign or indication of how it arrived there. The ship was believed to be en route to a mining colony and contained slaves. Also, found inside were several crates of dynamite. Locke suggested that the ship may have left from the Eastern Coast of Africa, specifically Mozambique.

Man in Caves
Adam and Eve

Named "Adam and Eve" by Locke, they were a man and woman found to exist long before the crash; Jack estimated approximately 40–50 years based on the decay of the clothing they were wearing. Jack was incorrect though, they are at least 130 years old. They were laid to rest in the caves. A pouch was found inside the pocket of the male, containing one black stone and one white stone. In "Across the Sea" they were revealed to be the Man in Black and his "step mother."

The DHARMA Initiative

The DHARMA Initiative arrived on the island sometime in the 1970s, and was constructed several stations on and around the island that were used to conduct scientific experiments. Several scientists and other personnel were brought to the island to assist in these projects.

Danielle Rousseau
The Science Team

16 years ago on the island a Science Expedition was 3 days out of Tahiti, when they picked up a transmission repeating the "Numbers". The crew of Danielle Rousseau, her lover Robert, Brennan, Montand, Nadine and Lacombe followed to the transmission to the island, and were suddenly shipwrecked.

Joe Inman
Kelvin Inman

After leaving the army because "men followed his orders", Kelvin joined the DHARMA Initiative and was stationed inside the Swan Station alongside a man named Radzinsky, who would later commit suicide by placing a shotgun in his mouth when Kelvin was asleep. Kelvin would later bury him in the jungle. When Desmond washed up onto the shore, Kelvin had found a new partner to join him inside the station.

Drug Smuggler -1
The Nigerian Drug Smugglers

After being mistaken for one of the smugglers and shot by a member of the Nigerian Army, Goldie and Yemi fled Nigeria in a Catholic Missionary Beechcraft with their cargo of Heroin hidden away in Virgin Mary Statues, the two made their way to the South Pacific where their plane malfunctioned and began to descend on the island.

Desmond 2
Desmond Hume

Desmond travels to America to compete in a race around the world, hoping to win it to regain his honor. During the race, Desmond's racing ship crashed on the island, and a man named Kelvin Inman emerged from the jungle and took him back to the hatch. Desmond watched as Kelvin input the numbers into a computer. When Desmond asked, "What was all that about?" Kelvin responded, "Just saving the world."

Henry Gale Real
Henry Gale

Henry Gale was a man who had arrived on the island an unspecified amount of time ago, and was buried underneath the balloon in which he had traveled. It is unknown how Henry died, but he wrote a letter to a woman named Jenny on a $20 bill stating that he was heading to the beach to begin a signal fire. He later passed away, and his identity was stolen by Benjamin Linus, who claimed himself to be "Henry Gale".

The Others

"The Others" is the nickname for the people who appeared to have been born or lived on the island before Desmond, Kelvin, Rousseau and the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815. The term was coined by Danielle Rousseau, and the survivors of Flight 815 have adopted it to describe anyone on the island they have not previously met.