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Polar Bears
Name Polar Bears
Introduced In Pilot - Part 2
Last Seen In Further Instructions

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Major AppearancesEdit

Trek to Higher GroundEdit

While hiking through the jungle on the day after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Sayid, Charlie, Boone, Shannon, and Kate begin to flee for their lives after hearing a noise off in the distance. Sawyer remains behind, and draws a gun (which he had lifted off of the body of the Marshal) and fired toward the object approaching him - which turned out to be a polar bear. As the group gathers around, they begin to ponder why there is a polar bear on an island so far south.


The Bear Attacking

After Walt took off into the jungle looking for Vincent, Michael and Locke followed his trail through the jungle to find him. When they arrived, they found Walt hiding in a gathering of trees, being attacked by a polar bear. Michael drops a knife to Walt to protect himself from it, Walt takes advantage of this and stabs the polar bear in the paw. When Walt is brought to safety, Michael takes control of the knife and stabs the bear underneath its chin, and retreats back into the jungle.

The bear may or may not have had a DHARMA Initiative logo branded onto its fur. The DHARMA Initiative's Hydra Project used to house bears on the Hydra Island.

Locke & EkoEdit

After the implosion of the hatch, Eko was taken by one of the polar bears to a cave. Locke and Charlie followed the trail and Locke entered the cave with a torch and a can of hairspray. Once inside, Locke located Eko and attempted to rescue him, however, the bear fought back by pulling Eko. Locke sprayed the torch to burn the bear, and the bear retreated. Locke had rescued Eko and the three walked back to camp.

Minor AppearancesEdit

The Comic BookEdit

Polar Bear Comic

Polar Bear Comic

While traveling on Oceanic Flight 815, Hurley brought a copy of Green Lantern/Flash: Faster Friends #1 with him, and in the comic, it features a polar bear. Walt later finds the comic book on the island and begins reading it, it is not until Michael burns it that he loses possession.


In the DHARMA Initiative Orientation film for The Swan, while Pierre Chang is explaining the history of the DHARMA Initiative, he states that one of the areas of research is "Zoology", when he says this, two polar bears appear on screen.

Stuffed Polar BearEdit

When Michael and Walt part ways when Walt is just a child in "Adrift", Michael gives Walt a gift of a stuffed polar bear.

Butties DiapersEdit

In Fire + Water, in an advertisement for Butties Diapers, the band members of Drive Shaft appear in diapers inside a giant crib, inside the crib are stuffed polar bears.

Mentions of the Polar BearEdit

  • While introducing the golf course, Hurley makes his case for why they need the golf course and says that their lives suck, they're lost on an island "running from boars, and monsters.....freakin' polar bears!", to which Michael questions the comment about the polar bears, and is responded to by Charlie with the statement: "..You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
  • In "Solitary", after Rousseau and Sayid hear ominous noises coming from the jungle, Rousseau grabs a rifle and proclaims: "If we're lucky, it's one of the bears." To this, the bewildered Sayid responds: "If we're lucky?" Rousseau was probably concerned that the noise was being made by the Monster or by the Others.
  • After Michael was poisoned in "Born to Run", questions began to surface about who might have been the culprit, Hurley brings up the possibility that Kate might have done it. When Locke hears this he questions why he thinks this, and Hurley informs him that Kate is a fugitive. When Hurley hears that Locke was unaware of this, he says that he can't remember who knows what, and that Steve didn't know about the polar bear.
  • In the episode "Dave", when Hurley is chasing Dave through the jungle, he comes to a clearing to find Charlie and Mr. Eko. Hurley asks if they saw a man run by in a bathrobe holding a coconut. Charlie states that he hasn't, but says he saw a Polar Bear on roller blades with a mango.
  • In "I Do", to cover up Eko's death, Locke says that he was probably killed by an animal, possibly a bear.
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