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Pierre Chang
Name Pierre Chang
Alias(es) Marvin Candle
Mark Wickmund
Edgar Halliwax
Gender Male
Country Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Occupation Theoretical Astrophysicist
Family Wife - Lara Chang
Son - Miles Straume
Episode(s) Orientation, What Kate Did, ?, Live Together, Die Alone, The Cost of Living, Enter 77, The Man Behind the Curtain, There's No Place Like Home - Part 2, Because You Left
Played By François Chau

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Pierre Chang, who also goes by the aliases of "Marvin Candle", "Mark Wickmund" and "Edgar Halliwax" is the host of the DHARMA Initiative's orientation films and was a theoretical astrophysicist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Season 5 (The 1970s/1980s)Edit

At some point during the initial construction of the DHARMA Initiative, Chang was living at the Barracks with his wife and son. Chang awakes on one particular day at 8:15am and attends to his son, before heading off to film the orientation film for Station 2: The Arrow. During the filming, Chang is interrupted by a DHARMA construction worker who requests Chang to accompany him to Orchid station. Once there, the foreman presents Chang with a sonar readout of an open chamber which reveals the frozen donkey wheel. When the worker presents the solution of blasting through, Chang informed him that there is an amount of limitless energy behind the wall, which once harnessed would allow them to manipulate time. Chang informs the foreman to ignore the situation and do nothing. While exiting the Orchid, he bumps into Daniel Faraday. (Because You Left)

Season 2 (1980)Edit

"Dr. Marvin Candle" was the narrator and host of the DHARMA Initiative’s orientation film for the Swan, and the Arrow, the override video for the Flame and the welcome video for the Barracks.

The Swan Orientation film he appeared in was created by The Hanso Foundation in 1980. It was designed to inform those employed by DHARMA what the station was for, who the people behind the film were, and other information they may need. Chang does not appear to move his left arm during the Swan Orientation film, this is due to the fact that his left arm is a prosthetic. (Orientation)

Chang began by outlining how the DHARMA Initiative came to be by explaining its history. He makes references to Gerald and Karen DeGroot who were the visionaries behind the project, as well as Alvar Hanso who was the financial backer responsible for funding the project.

Chang educating viewers on the Swan

Chang explains that the DHARMA Initiative’s initial function was to provide a large scale communal research compound where scientists and free thinkers from around the globe could pursue research in meteorology, psychology, parapsychology, zoology, electromagnetism, and utopian social experiments. (Orientation)

Chang informs the dwellers that Station 3 was originally constructed as a laboratory where scientists could work to understand the unique electromagnetic fluctuations emanating from their sector of the island, and that they would be located in that station for 540 days, at which time replacements would be dispatched for them. Chang speaks of an “incident” that had occurred at the station which resulted in the implementation of a microcomputer that requires a code to be entered and a button that must be pushed every 108 minutes. He goes on to add that they should not make attempts to use the computer for any purpose other than entering the code, and that attempts to use the computer to contact the outside world may lead to another “incident.” (What Kate Did)

"Dr. Mark Wickmund" was the narrator and host of the DHARMA Initiative’s orientation film for Station 5: The Pearl. The film was created by The Hanso Foundation in 1980, it was designed to inform those employed by DHARMA what the station was for, how they were to document their findings and other information they may need. (?)

Mark Wickmund

"Mark" as he appears in the film

Pierre began by outlining how the nature of the project is to monitor and record the activities of participants in other DHARMA Initiative projects. Two-person teams, working eight hour shifts over a three week period, are to monitor psychological experiments on the TV screens and record their observations. He explains that a series of experiments is taking place in the other hatches; team members in other hatches have been conditioned to believe their work is of grave importance. Every action, regardless of how seemingly insignificant, is to be recorded into notebooks by The Pearl's team members, both for posterity and ongoing refinement of the Initiative. He demonstrates that a completed notebook should be inserted into a cylinder and fed into the pneumatic tube delivery system. The man affirms that the notebooks will be "transported directly to us." (?)

Near the end of the video, he tells the team members that, at the end of their eight hour shift "you are to proceed to the Pala Ferry, which will take you back to the barracks to prepare for your next - - -" at this point the video became garbled. At the end of the video a copyright by the Hanso Foundation in the year of 1980 is shown. (?)

Season 3 (Approx. 1980)Edit

Chang also appeared in the orientation film for the Barracks, stating that the sonar fence that surrounds the Barracks was to protect the personnel from the island's diverse wildlife. (The Man Behind the Curtain)

Chang appears in the override video for the Flame which was accessed after John Locke successfully defeated the chess game. The video takes requests from the user, such as: pallet drop, station uplink, and mainland communication. Chang then inquires as to whether an incursion by the hostiles has occurred and if so, to enter "7-7" into the computer. The end result being the destruction of the station. (Enter 77)

Season 4 (1980)Edit


Pierre explaining the Orchid

"Edgar Halliwax" was the host for the orientation film for The Orchid, and explains that, contrary to DHARMA's statements that the station was for botanical research, the station is used for researching a "Casimir effect" exhibited by the Island. Chang appears in the video with a rabbit, which has the number 15 painted on it. During the video, a second rabbit, also with a 15 painted on it appears, which Pierre and his assistant are fearful of, and they attempt to keep the two rabbits away from each other. After the filming stops, they re-shoot the intro once again as if nothing ever happened. (Lost - The Complete Third Season)

Ben instructs Locke to view the orientation film, in which Pierre describes the purpose of the station as being related to the Casimir effect. During the video, Pierre places a rabbit into the chamber, and suddenly the film begins inexplicably rewinding. Ben then turns on the Orchid mechanism, containing metal, which he was advised not to do by Chang, resulting in an explosion in the chamber, which exposes a frozen room below. Ben dons Pierre's parka bearing the name "Halliwax," and heads below to turn a frozen donkey wheel to assist in the moving of the island. (There's No Place Like Home - Part 2)

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