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Peter Avellino
Mr Avellino
Name Peter Avellino
Gender Male
Country Italy
Occupation Unknown
Episode(s) The Economist
Played By Armando Pucci

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Peter Avellino visited Sayid on a golf course, and stated that he was the first person he had seen on the course that day. Sayid responded by saying that they had paid a premium for that sort of privacy. While Sayid was preparing to make his next shot, Avellino suggested that Sayid use the five iron, over his original choice of a seven iron, going as far to bet him fifty Euros that he could land his ball closer to the pin with the five iron. Sayid accepts the wager, and ups the bet to one hundred.

When Sayid is asked what he did for a living, he responds by saying he does nothing, and that he received a large settlement from the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, and that he is one of the Oceanic Six. Upon hearing this, Mr. Avellino becomes visibly nervous, and makes small talk by saying that he remembers reading about it. After successfully making the shot, Avellino rejects Sayid's money and states that it was all in good fun, and prepares to leave. However, Sayid refers to Avellino by name, causing him to turn back to see Sayid has drawn his gun, and shoots Avellino, killing him. (The Economist)

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