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Penelope Hume
Name Penelope Hume
Gender Female
Country Knightsbridge, Great Britain
Occupation Unknown
Father Charles Widmore
Spouse Desmond Hume
Episode(s) Live Together, Die Alone, Flashes Before Your Eyes, Catch-22, Through the Looking Glass, The Constant, There's No Place Like Home - Part 2, Because You Left, The Lie
Played By Sonya Walger

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Penelope Hume is the daughter of industrialist and philanthropist Charles Widmore, owner of the Widmore Corporation. She was formerly the lover of Desmond Hume, however, their relationship was cut short when Desmond was sent to a military prison for not following orders.

Penny wrote Desmond a letter prior to his leaving for prison, and placed it inside the front cover of his copy of Our Mutual Friend, the last book he planned to read before he died, and the one place he would turn in a moment of great desperation. The letter outlined words of encouragement and state wholeheartedly that she would always wait for him.

Penny was eventually "forsaken" by Desmond as she had come to believe that he had never written to her during his incarceration, however, it was actually Penelope's father that prevented his sentiments from ever being delivered to her. Penny soon would meet another man, begin a relationship with him, and agreed to marry him.

Desmond made his way to Los Angeles, and it was there that Penelope traveled in order to track him down using her wide variety of resources. When she inquired as to whether he had read his book yet, and in hearing that he had not, she gathered that he had not read her letter either. When Desmond inquired as to her wedding date, she replied that one was not yet set. Desmond informed her that he would be back in a year, as he needed to win her father's solo sailing race around the world in order to regain his honour, and return to Penelope. In "Live Together, Die Alone", Three years after Desmond has left for his solo sailing race, Penelope received a call from a man named Mathias who was stationed inside what appeared to be an Antarctic listening post which detected an "electromagnetic anomaly". The man referred to her as "Miss Widmore" (signaling she had yet to get married), she also had a photo of herself and Desmond on her nightstand. This phone call informed her that they believe they had found "it".

In "Through the Looking Glass", she transmits a message to The Looking Glass Hatch, which Charlie receives. She informs him that the parachutist Naomi wasn't sent by her. It's unknown why she was trying to contact the station.

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