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Name Paulo
Gender Male
Country Brazil
Occupation Chef/Con Artist
Family Lover - Nikki Fernandez
Flashback(s) Exposé
Played By Rodrigo Santoro

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Paulo was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 returning to Los Angeles from Sydney after killing the director of the television series Exposé, and conning him out of $8 million dollars in diamonds.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Paulo was a con artist working with his girlfriend Nikki. Just before the crash, they murdered a wealthy television director named Howard L. Zukerman, and stole his diamonds, which were worth $8 million. Four days later, while at the Sydney Airport, Paulo read Nikki Zukerman's obituary, and they met Boone and Shannon and witnessed an argument between the two. After the encounter, Paulo promised Nikki that they would never end up like them. (Exposé)

On-Island LifeEdit

In "Exposé," Paulo and Nikki frequently searched for the bag containing the diamonds. On the sixth night on the island while they were having an argument over their lack of success at finding the bag, they were approached by Ethan, who offered to share some extra clothes with them if they had lost their luggage. Nikki explained that they were actually looking for Paulo's nicotine gum, which happened to also be in the bag with the diamonds. Ethan suggested that they look inland, as a lot of luggage likely wound up in the jungle when the plane broke apart over the island. Their conversation is soon interupted by Dr. Arzt who informs them that it was discovered that Boone had taken the last of the group's water. Paulo, Nikki, and Ethan all follow Arzt to Jack's tent, where Boone had been caught. They arrived just in time to listen to Jack give a speech urging the group to learn to live together and that, otherwise, they would all die alone.

Several weeks later, Paulo watched from a distance as Nikki enlisted Arzt's advice regarding trajectories, hoping that his knowledge could help them find their missing bag. Much to Paulo's discontent, Nikki showed no qualms about blatantly flirting with Arzt to get the information that she wanted. Later, when the two of them were following Arzt's map, Paulo questioned the wisdom of following the advice of a high school science teacher, suggesting that Ethan would have been more helpful. During the discussion, Nikki noticed his jealousy and joked that she slept with Arzt to get the map. Paulo countered that he would not be surprised, considering the fact that she slept with Zukerman. He attempted to apologize, but Nikki cut him off when she spotted a plane stuck in the canopy. Even though Nikki urged him to climb up and check to see there was a radio, he refused, convinced that his weight would cause the plane to fall and kill him. Moments later, as they were walking away, Paulo walked across a hollow-sounding metallic object. They quickly uncovered it and discovered that it was a man-made hatch that led down into the earth. Paulo wished to explore, but Nikki, still upset with him, refused and stormed off.

A little over a week later, Paulo and Nikki came across Arzt and Shannon arguing with Kate over the fact that she, Jack, and Sawyer had found a case of guns and kept it to themselves. After Shannon and Arzt leave angry at the way the three had handled the situation, Nikki asked Kate where they had found the case. A short time later, Nikki and Paulo arrived at the waterfall where the case had been found, and Nikki told Paulo to dive into the water to look for the bag. Paulo, however, was hesitant, worrying that she was only still with him, because she needed him to help her get the bag, but she was insistent, and he dove in to look for the bag. While underwater, Paulo located the bag, but, when he surfaced, he told Nikki that he found nothing. Nikki left, upset, and he dove back under to retrieve the bag.

After another couple of weeks, Paulo decided to bury the diamonds from the bag on the beach, hidden in a set of Russian matryoshka dolls. Just as he was about to start, however, Locke, showed up and asked him what he was doing. Paulo insisted that he was doing nothing, but Locke noted the obvious, that Paulo was trying to bury something. Locke then advised him that nothing on the island stayed buried for long, and that the tide would be rising over the next few weeks, and warned him to make sure that he found a place that would not wash away to hide whatever it was he was hiding. Paulo took his advice and headed out to the hatch he and Nikki had found earlier. He climbed down the ladder and looked for a place to hide the diamonds. He decided to hide them in the toilet tank. While in the washroom, Paulo overheard two people approaching. Ben and Juliet entered the room and switched on a video feed from the Swan and discussed plans for the captures of Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Michael. After they left, he discovered a walkie talkie that they had left behind. However he kept this information and the radio to himself. (Exposé)

When Locke and Charlie and Desmond returned to the camp with a badly injured and unconscious Eko, Paulo and Nikki questioned as to what had happened to Jack. It was then that Locke then proceeded to give a speech stating that he was going to get the survivors back and asked Nikki and Paulo to help take care of Eko. (Further Instructions)

The next day, Paulo was practicing his golf swing, when Desmond asked if he could take one of the clubs. Paulo assumed Desmond was preparing for some adventure in the jungle and told him to take the five iron, which he never used, so that he would not miss it when Desmond got himself killed. Little did he know that Desmond was actually planning on using it in the construction of a make-shift lightning rod. (Every Man for Himself)

When Locke offered the survivors to venture back to the Pearl station, Nikki volunteered to go, much to the surprise of Paulo, who accompanied her after she said that he was always complaining about being left out. While in the Pearl station, Paulo went into the washroom to retrieve the diamonds, being very careful not to make too much noise, he extracted the pouch of diamonds from the dolls, he stuffed the pouch into his pants and put the pieces of the dolls back into the tank, put the lid back on, flushed the toilet and headed back out into the main area of the station. Seemingly embarrassed by everyone staring at him, he joked, "The toilet still works." When Sayid managed to connect the Pearl's monitors to one of the other stations, Paulo sarcastically pointed out that they had found the computers they were looking for and could now leave the Pearl, just before a man wearing an eyepatch stepped into view and severed the connection. After he exited the Pearl station with everyone else, he witnessed Mr. Eko die. (The Cost of Living) Paulo along with the others that traveled to the Pearl, buried Eko in a grave in the jungle. (I Do)

When Hurley came to the group on the beach to enlist aid in restarting the car he found, Paulo expressed doubt in the necessity of doing so, and he chose not to help. (Tricia Tanaka Is Dead) While several other survivors were busy setting up the ping-pong table on the beach, Sawyer caught Paulo walking by with one of his magazines. Sawyer asked him where he got it from, to which he replied that he got it from the magazine stack, and that the survivors shared things, now. Sawyer proceeded to get angry with Paulo, at which point Paulo told him that if the magazine was that important to him, he could have it back. Sawyer then saw that Paulo was also carrying a role of DHARMA toilet paper and angrily told Paulo to keep the magazine. Later, when Sawyer challenged the other survivors to a game of ping pong, Paulo seemed to be very annoyed with the dismissive way Sawyer spoke to Nikki, but he enjoyed watching Hurley beat Sawyer at the game. (Enter 77)

Four days later, while sitting on the beach with Nikki, Paulo told her that he thought it was a good thing that they did not find the diamonds after all, as they could easily have torn them apart. She agreed with him, and he left to go find them some breakfast. However, he accidentally dropped some of the nicotine gum he had retrieved from the bag, tipping Nikki off to the fact that he had lied to her about the diamonds. Later, she took him out into the jungle and told him that she had found the diamonds. When he asked where, she told him "right here." She confronted him for keeping it from her and threw a Medusa spider at him. It bit him, and he began to descend into an eight-hour, death-like paralysis. Before the venom took full effect Nikki searched him and retrieved the diamonds. He explained to her that the reason he had not told her about them was that he was afraid of losing her. The pheromones from the spider attracted several male spiders from nearby. Paulo tried to get Nikki's attention, but he lacked the strength to warn her before she, herself was bitten. Not long afterward, Sawyer, Hurley, and Jin discovered him while investigating Nikki's mysterious collapse. Assuming the two to be dead, the survivors held a funeral service for them, and buried them alive in a double grave, killing them both, exactly eight hours after they had been bitten, just as the venom was beginning to wear off. (Exposé)

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