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Par Avion
Par Avion
Season 3
Episode 12
Air Date March 14, 2007
Writer(s) Christina M. Kim
Jordan Rosenberg
Director Paul Edwards
Flashback Claire Littleton

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Claire suspects something between Desmond and Charlie when her plans to get them rescued are interrupted. Meanwhile, Sayid, Locke, Kate, Mikhail and Rousseau continue to head to the Barracks.


Claire wakes up to a perfect day on the island, begun by a picnic set up by Charlie. As the two arrive at the picnic site, Desmond arrives and suggests that Charlie go boar hunting, which he says would be a better way to spend the day. Claire is initially upset, but she looks up and sees a glint in a flock of sea birds. Claire realizes that the birds migrate, and that they may be tagged. She decides to capture a bird, write a note about the crash of Flight 815 and the survivors, hoping that someone will read it.

Sayid, Kate, Locke, Rousseau and the captive Mikhail Bakunin trek through the jungle. Kate asks Mikhail why the Others stay on the Island if they have a way off of it. Mikhail says they wouldn't understand because they are flawed. They aren't on the "list" because they are angry, weak and frightened. The list was made by the man who brought all the Others there. When Kate tells Mikhail that Ben isn’t all that great, Mikhail replies that the leader isn't Ben. Mikhail also reveals he knows their full names and begins to reveal his knowledge of Locke’s paralytic condition when Rousseau interrupts him when she spots an endless ring of cement pylons that disappear into the jungle as far as the eye can see. Sayid believes that this is a security perimeter. Kate starts to walk through, but Sayid stops her, as he believes the sensors would be triggered. Mikhail claims the fence hasn't worked for years, just like everything else on the island, but Locke simply grabs Mikhail and shoves him between two of the pylons. Strangely, Mikhail thanks Locke and an odd, electronic sound rings out. Mikhail begins twitching, blood trickles out of his ear and saliva foams at the corners of his mouth. He falls over and spasms violently, clearly dead.

After explaining her plan, Jin and Sun help Claire try to capture one of the birds when gun shots ring out and scare the birds away. Desmond emerges from the jungle, stating he was on the trail of a boar. Claire is incensed and immediately suspicious; she knows it somehow involves Charlie. She confronts Charlie about his and Desmond's behavior. Although Charlie appears to struggle whether to tell Claire about Desmond's prediction, he instead he says her plan is a crazy scheme and says he won’t support it because he doesn't want to advocate false hope. Claire is angry that he won’t stand by her and asks Charlie to leave her alone.

In her flashbacks, Claire discovers her mother has a familiar visitor, Dr. Christian Shephard. However, Claire doesn't know him, and is about to ask who he is when Lindsey walks in. Lindsey and Christian immediately start arguing. Lindsey doesn't want him there and tells him to leave. Christian says Claire deserves to know the truth, but Lindsey won't hear of it. Claire shouts for them to stop arguing. She realizes he's the one paying the hospital bills, and asks who he is. Reluctantly, Christian admits that he is her father, meaning Jack and Claire are half-siblings.

While Claire works at her tattoo parlor, Christian comes in and asks that as he is leaving that day, he wants to have coffee and talk with her. Over coffee, he explains that he had a fling with her mother which resulted in Claire’s birth. Christian visited a couple times when he could, brought her toys and sang to her. However, Lindsey did not like him and they both didn't like that he had another family and told him to stay away. He reveals that the reason he wanted to talk with her is because her mother's alive but not living and he wants Claire to think about taking her off life support. Christian pleads for Claire not to keep her alive for the wrong reasons. Claire gets angry, believing that Christian is there to “correct a mistake” he made by having Claire with her mother. She tells him paying the bill doesn't make him noble and leaves.

On the island, Sayid angrily confronts Locke about pushing Bakunin through the pylons. Locke replies that he had no way of knowing that the Others had a “sonic weapon fence.” They argue about Locke’s decision to enter 7-7 resulting in the destruction of the Flame station. Locke retorts that he might not have done it if Sayid had bothered to mention that the entire station was rigged with C-4. Kate intervenes, as the argument is getting nowhere, and asks for the axe so they can climb a tree and avoid the sonic trigger. Sayid gets the axe out of Locke's bag and discovers inside a brick of C-4 from the Flame station. Sayid immediately questions Locke's motives; asking if he really came to rescue Jack. Locke states he is there only to rescue Jack. They finish the tree bridge and Kate volunteers to climb up first. She climbs over the Pylon and reaches the other side safely. She checks Mikhail, and confirms he is dead.

Back in Sydney, a once again blonde and pregnant Claire visits her mother, who is still in a persistent vegetative state. Although still in a coma, Claire reveals to her mother she's pregnant but giving away the baby (It is unknown exactly when this occurs, but it appears to be after her boyfriend Thomas left her, but before she agreed to take the flight to Los Angeles) . She tearfully apologizes for the accident and for all the terrible things she said to her in the car before it happened.

On the island, after watching Desmond argue with Charlie about something, Claire decides to follow Desmond and find out what's going on. Desmond goes to a rocky enclave on the ocean and finds one of the birds trapped, and simply picks the bird up. Claire confronts him and asks him how knew the bird was there. Desmond relents and tells her about his visions. He then points out a spot on the cliffs where he foresaw that Charlie would fall off the cliffs and die. Claire takes the rescued bird back to Charlie. She tells him Desmond explained everything to her and asks him to release the bird with her.

Charlie reads Claire's note which says that they are survivors of the crash but that they haven't given up hope of rescue. They attach it to the bird and release it and watch as it joins the flock and flies away.

Kate, Sayid, Locke and Rousseau reach the Others' barracks and immediately they see Jack running towards them. Kate is about to call out to him, but Sayid stops her. Jack suddenly stops, turns, and catches a football that was thrown by Tom, previously known as Mr. Friendly. Kate looks horrified as Jack smiles, spikes the football and goes off to continue socializing with the others.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Remind me why we're keeping him alive?
What do you suggest? We shoot him like a dog?
No. I like dogs.
- Locke and Sayid
You are not on the list because you are flawed, because you are angry, and weak and frightened.
- Mikhail
Pardon me for not knowing that they had uh...uh...uh...uh...sonic weapon fence. I didn't know he was gonna die. How would I know that?
- Locke

Background InformationEdit

  • Sawyer is seen reading Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead while on the beach.
  • Claire's dashboard in her flashback includes the number 108.
  • This episode reveals that Jack and Claire have the same father, Christian Shephard, which makes them half-siblings.

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