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Pala Ferry Dock
Name Pala Ferry Dock
Introduced In Live Together, Die Alone
Last Seen In The Glass Ballerina

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The Pala Ferry Dock was the location of Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer's first real encounter with the Others after their capture. It was also the point of departure for Michael and Walt. The Pala Ferry was also mentioned in the orientation video for the Pearl Station when Eko and Locke first found it in the episode "?".

In the Pearl's orientation film, Pierre Chang states that "at the end of your eight hour shift, proceed to the Pala Ferry which will take you back to the barracks".

After delivering Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley to the Others, Ben lived up to his end of the agreement and returned Walt to Michael. Hurley was also let go under the condition that he let his friends know that they can never come there.

While sailing in the Elizabeth with Jin and Sun in the episode "The Glass Ballerina", Sayid spotted the dock and thought it would be the perfect ambush point to trap the Others. Sayid lied to Sun and said that the dock has been in a state of dis-use. Sayid's plan was to ambush and kill all but two of the others, and then interrogate them, using one to make the other co-operate. However, it backfired when the Other's did not approach from the jungle, but rather the sea, and made off with the Elizabeth.

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